Replay review – Jan. 19, 2018

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Source: Zeven


  1. I have the IS-7 and I’m not good in it at all. I know that is silly since its an easy tank for most to play. But id like to ask how could he have played against the Super Conq in the first game.

  2. The first game, they have given the north the same clear view into the city to give them shots on enemy tanks entering from the south.

  3. God I hate it when a top tier HT goes valley. Even more so if they push for cap after town is lost. Then again the first one just shows, it’s not how much damage you do that counts. It’s how and where you do it. Even more so when most of it is “too little too late”

  4. Empty damage.

  5. This is what happens when people are more concerned about WN8 vs winning

  6. Would be cool if you did some Progetto 46 replay reviews.

  7. you have patience…..

  8. We know what the game sounds like. Please turn them down and your commentary up.

  9. Wn8 isn’t everything, and we need a better metric than wn8.

  10. Top-tier HT going Valley got entirely useless damage. He might as well have driven straight from the spawn into the lake. I have more sympathy with the Strv 74 as he appeared to be a relatively inexperienced player. He didn’t understand the game well enough to know that an enemy behind a ridge (and later, a rock) is only going to poke out far enough to see his first enemy, not far enough to give the Strv a shot. And he didn’t understand what “screening” is either. Thanks to submitting his replay, he’s hopefully gained some understanding of these two game concepts.
    Also, Zeven, good to see you back on YouTube.

  11. Teletha 'Tessa' Testarossa

    Oh my stars, Zeven senpai is alive, kicking and so is his channel! I am so happy! One step closer to stop being an utter potato <3

  12. That T92 in the first video is a rich man that got no clue of light playing….lol Btw with all respect to that Super Conq guy: This is a masterpiece of a typical match where people tend to say aftermatch: But I made my damage! Team failed…but so much led by wrong decisions all the time….

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