Replay review – Jan. 22, 2016

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Source: Zeven


  1. mark lewis (cowsgom00)

    It amazes me how you don’t have more subscribers Zeven. I have told my clan
    about your videos and really these replay reviews should be compulsory
    watching for anyone who wants to improve in the game

  2. I really enjoy watching your videos. This has fast become my favourite
    WoT-content channel. Just wanna say ‘thank you’ for doing what you do :)

  3. Hi Zeven can you do video with some tips about completing lt-15 mission for
    t55a+ ? I’m losing hope here. Thanks for uploads always very informative ;)

  4. SirRippingtonEsquire

    Hey Zeven! Just want to say thanks for uploading these here. These videos
    helped me get my first 3MoE and I really appreciate what you do.

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