Replay review – Jul. 21, 2017

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Source: Zeven


  1. First…. 🙂

  2. Great video as always

  3. Thanks for this one, zeven. I have the “Rhoomba” and it’s been a struggle (for me), so far. Slow tank with weak armor. My play style with my TDs is more sniper than brawler (unless it’s an AT or big German), which should fit this tank. I think your comments will be a help.

    I don’t have the top gun on this tank. So, you’re saying keep the smaller stock gun on this tank if you’re going to play it as a sniper? Also, should one just double tap that old 2 key right off? I’ve had problems penning targets with standard rounds using the smaller stock gun. I was hoping that mounting the big gun would alleviate that. But now, after your comments, I’m not sure.

    Going to look and see if you have a replay posted of you driving this tank. I think your replays of YOU in the tank are the best ones. For example, the one of you in a med on Prok totally turned my play on that map around for the best.

    Thanks, once again. You’re tops on my list of WoT YT-ers.

    OMZ (Old Man Zhymm)

  4. Question for you, Zeven: On Lakes sometimes the entire team rushes the valley. Under that circumstance, there is little reason to go city alone (or with one or two tanks) for obvious reasons. What are the options for that circumstance? (And in general, what to do when the Lemming Train goes the “wrong” way?) Thanks for your insight!

  5. Its a 7 years old game and ppl still hating arty. Seriously people? I suggest go play minecraft instead.

  6. crackle on you mic at 39:40 ??

  7. I always enjoy watching your replay reviews, they are great and very helpful indeed 🙂

  8. Zeven you have easily the best WoT content out there. Really appreciate all the effort you put into these replay reviews. Clubbing with the Type 64 is the most fun you can have in this game 🙂

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