Replay review – Jul. 22, 2016

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Source: Zeven


  1. Dude, if i could have someone like you near me when I play wot, that would
    be awesome!

  2. he is packing double repair kits.. might be an idea for my t50.. bloody

  3. thnx Zeven for the commentary.. nice to see your thoughts on stuff like

  4. I only own the CDC so i don’t really use prem ammo, but I really don’t
    understand loading only gold in a premium tank which is mostly used for
    making credits, I found the replay on wotreplays and even with all the
    kills and bounces he still lost 8k.

    I guess he could just be playing for fun but it just don’t feel right. Or,
    thinking about it, he might be training crew, now that makes sense. So this
    comment is pointless, but i will still post it, cuz I’ve heard its good for
    a video ti have more comments :)

  5. i like what superpershing did….. fuck 170 penetration…..apcr for the
    win :D

  6. This is by far the best YouTube Chanel about WOT I have ever come across.
    Most of the others are all about bragging with their crazy dmg or 12 kills,
    but this is just so damn useful, I am so glad YouTube recommended one of
    your videos to me.

    I also love your aggressive style it just clicks with me, its so annoying
    to see some “EXPERT” just stay in the back always, and use his team as a
    meat shield. I don’t care how easier it is to farm XP or even win the game,
    I just cant stand it.

    Thank you for uploading great videos like this, I feel my brain growing
    just by watching :)

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