Replay review – Jul. 3, 2015

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Source: Zeven

9.8 replay


  1. TheSilver Chord

    sweet baby jesus that PTA was dumb

  2. I wonder what led to the juvenile flame war in chat throughout that third
    game on Airfield? It was very distracting… Excellent observations and
    commentary as always Zeven! I am definitely going to try that initial
    spotting position you pointed out on Overlord next time.

  3. Thanks Zeven, I admire your calm!

  4. Thanks Zeven.
    other people’s replay always show the do’s & don’ts. Credits to you for
    staying calm when commenting on the plays.
    I prefer your own replays with comments as it is more of a do it right/how
    to play it.
    love both posts tho


  5. LOL the E5 game was kinda like my game with the IS3 on the same map 😛
    seems like everyone makes similar mistakes

  6. good masterclass.

  7. How you dont pull your hair out while reviewing these is beyond me.

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