Replay review – Jun. 28, 2015

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Source: Zeven

WoT 9.8


  1. Oh WOW… that first game 😀 If I had been that Hellcat APCR would have
    been real…

  2. Learning a lot watching these Zeven, thanks for doing them!

  3. I won the 1st game (coopanator). Don msg’d me after the game to say I was
    lucky. I told him I hit him 3 times with HE at the end before finally
    killing him. He agreed we were both lucky then. Nice guy. He played very
    well and deserved the win, except for the error at the end. I on the other
    had a crap game. Kept missing. Thanks RNG.

  4. where did the reviews of your own replays go 😀 none uploaded recently.

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