Replay review – Jun. 30, 2017

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Source: Zeven


  1. butterflyspinart

    I don’t think any tier 8 can damage the front of the pz 7

  2. You’re the best!!

  3. Do you ever replay arty?

  4. I really like how you drill it in to light tank players heads on how they should be played, i for one has learnt an awful lot on my light tank play due to watching you do these reviews and how you go on about how they should be played and so my performance on these types has gotten a lot better since, thank you 🙂

  5. Na I would let arty die every day of the week

  6. Zeven could you please switch team list so it shows tanks names and not the players names, I just can’t see anything on the tank icons on my screen. And the minimap is too small.

  7. looks like the last RU is using a touchpad to aim. It’s just painful to watch him aim.

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