Replay review – Mar. 3, 2017 (part 2)

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Source: Zeven


  1. Hey man, love your vids, really informative for a 500 wn8 pleb like me XD. Just a suggestion, would you mind putting the tank names in the titles of your replay reviews? Might really help me sort out the vids for the tanks I want to learn more about.

  2. I really enjoy watching these videos mate, helps a lot with what i want in the game and that is improvement…. In some replays i have noticed that when its at times a 1 vs 1 or 2 enemy tanks and whilst not spotted, they knock down trees which could also ruin their approach for sneak attacks because any good player will look out for that if tank is not spotted and could be very helpful in preparing your self, should maybe warm players of that as well for awareness, no?

  3. how can i post my replays for review?

  4. I don’t think people take criticism too personally or they wouldn’t put up replays. Your replay reviews are the best thing for learning the game that there is. Wish you did more of them.

  5. Just doing damage is not enough. Doing damage that helps your team win is key. Great E25 review.

  6. Another great review! Thanks.

  7. As a suggestion- maybe run a few replays on how to read the enemy positions on the mini-map, visualize what their trying to do and how to counter as an individual. I think this aspect is often overlooked.

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