Replay review – May 19, 2017

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Source: Zeven


  1. butterflyspinart

    Any suggestions for the Skoda?

  2. Butcher_ Bird_44

    Thanks Zeven, great stuff!
    Since coming back after a break from WOT it appears I need to re-watch all your stuff again, because I have been slipping.
    Cheers buddy!

  3. Nice review, however I will dare to have a suggestion / request. Can you please stop repeating a single word that many times? Words are loosing value, if you repeat them 5 times and it’s annoying too. Also, at some point if the enemy is in cover it is often far more effective to just sneak up from an unexpected direction and unload from close range, rather than waste a lot of time trying to find a sniping shot that may not hit, nor pen.

  4. hellcat would never have won, he would have ran out of shells…

    I love these reviews though.. I try to think when I play… what would Zeven say or do now… recently had a total crap game where I was totally like “I don’t know what Zeven would do”

  5. Quick Q Zeven, What mod is that to get card info on tanks ??
    Respect to ALL, Cheers 🙂

  6. I like that Hellcat though. Gets lit up, sits behind his buddy. What are friends for, eh? 😛

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