Replay review – May 27, 2016

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Source: Zeven


  1. Conqueror is so skilled with full gold loadout, good revoew though!

  2. Thanks for the upload, always solid info to listen to

  3. Butcher_ Bird_44

    Seems like the first match you didn’t really say bully when he could have,
    he was more sitting back and sniping when especially against a m46 he
    needed a lower front plate shot ,and he was just sitting in front of him up
    in elevation, just begging to be shot in the lfp. He also could have done
    that with the IS-6 to prevent him from pushing around and getting a back
    shot on the e75 he was protecting.
    Very little bully in a top tier heavy there.
    I really like how well you cover the arty thoughts, and that end game
    thing. I would have not have thought of going low there to defend.
    Though it does look like the arty was toward the center, not sure how he
    could avoided getting shot by arty there, but the hull down would have been
    perfect against the is-3.
    (Ok on to second one…)

  4. lol that stupid conquerer. running food and spamming full gold won’t make
    worthless greens like you into unicum.

  5. Zeven rocks!

  6. My apologies in advance, I did not have the 9.14 client at the time, so the
    capture bars are invisible (due to changes in 9.15)… :)

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