Replay review – Oct. 2, 2015

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Source: Zeven


  1. had no idea so many players auto aim every damn shot

  2. mark lewis (cowsgom00)

    On the T34-85 game – why didn’t the friendly arty move? They could see that
    the east was clear and the west was going to be pushed. If they relocated
    to the east they would have still been in play and able to help win the
    game. Why do the majority of arty players have 0 situational awareness and
    then blame the team when they die? Oh yeah, because they are brain dead
    scum that insist that clicking the mouse is skill.

  3. Regarding shooting in 3rd person, I find it really useful when you are
    shooting through walls (east side of ruinberg is a prime example). If you
    autoaim you’ll hit the ground or a building and if you snipe you cannot see
    the tank. So you can aim in 3rd person until their silouette is lit up.

    @Todd D try watching it when it has actually uploaded…

  4. 360p ?? looks blurry

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