Replay review – Oct. 27, 2017

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Source: Zeven


  1. You’re back <3

  2. that first battle was account that someone both. Guy with 2000 wn8 is not playing like that….

    • As in he played bad for 2000 wn8 or good for 2000 wn8?

    • there isnt really a particular way for a wn8 player to play. I doubt it was bought which is what im guessing you meant with the someone both comment meant bought as they at least were a bit competent in terms of their own play and damage even if too passive at times and in a high tier tank too where you would certainly expect a bought account player to struggle.

      wn8 doesnt always translate to teamwork and team play and such which is what i assume you mean by saying a player of his wn8 wouldnt play like that but you expect them to try and impact the game a bit more and trying to win but that isnt always the case because someone can only care about their own damage and wn8 farming and to do that they are willing to sacrifice the team.

      Yes it was kinda passive play and ultimately cost them the game but thats not uncommon for those who care more about their own wn8 stats and damage farming then winning for the team.

    • Or maybe he was uncomfortable with this tank. It seems that it doesn’t fit his playstyle
      Who knows

  3. that obj 907 is so op..smh

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