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  1. Face book was deleted years ago and it stays that way.

  2. FACEBOOK STEALS MONEY FROM YOU PHLY! If you publish content there it risks taking away from your YouTube. I will always support your channel via YouTube.

  3. I’m conflicted. On the one hand, fuck you for using the r3, but on the other hand, you’re doing the lord’s work.

  4. Its at 6.9k like now

  5. Dude love the vids but plz stop with the cringy Thumbnails

  6. 7:35 made me feel such a great sense of justice. Hahaha I love this

  7. This vehicle gave me cancer

  8. Just look where we are, fighting Baguette Launchers with Pizza Cars….

  9. R3 and EBR :))

  10. yeah very satisfying for me. all that ebr revenge of me. i dont play their br except missions.

  11. Omfg when will gaijin put the ebr on a higher BR these things are so fucking annoying to face

  12. in this video you will see how cancer is fighting with another cancer

  13. One Time When I Was In A Match There Was A team Almost full of EBR’s

  14. Tank: farts 3 Km away
    Phly: its Russian…KV1s, half a fuel tank, only loaded with anti cement shells.

  15. 7:40 So that’s how babies are made huh?

  16. Is it me or everytime Phly says something, something always happens, like, “if we get killed by a panther im gonna get so….. DAMMIT” he got killed then, litteraly hes timing is so perfect everytime

  17. our tanks in italy sucks, exept this

  18. Play the French, tier II, BR 3.0, M4A3 (105)

  19. no helicopters are unbelievable you fly you die. No longer seems to be any point

  20. I wanna say that when i was a KV2 that fucking tank keeps fucking destroying my KV2, T-34 (1942)

  21. Ah yes the EBR, only cancer can kill cancer

  22. Toby the third 569

    fk the E.B.R all my homies uses the r3

  23. R3 is just the ferrari sf1000, not the glorious enzo ferrari

  24. pls some one tell me how did he get in first pirson

  25. Meta vs meta lmao

  26. Man I hate ebr, the only way to defeat it is to play the demon r3

  27. 12:16 i just realized that i was that guy in is 2 after watching the demo preview of the match

  28. Ever play the ZSD63?

  29. E.B.R gaijin cheat machine

  30. Long time watcher, don’t chat that often. Wondering if you could help out with some videos specifically about ground and air tactics in the lower BR stuff? Like around BR 3-6 as I dont think too many people focus on these things for these BRs. Also, from a dad of a 1.5 year old girl, congrats on the boy.

  31. Today on phlyology we learn about how one cancer cell destroys another cancer cell

  32. 7:34 Pure Satisfaction, Absolute Cancer

  33. Ah yes PhlyDaddy

  34. I like the implementation of Arctic Monkeys – That’s where you’re wrong at 10:36

  35. Still think the R3 should be at least 6.0

  36. u have to play the M50 its cursed lol :>

  37. in case of another titanic its women and children first and R3 players last

  38. PhlyDaily 6 months ago ” i like to play in 3rth Person”
    max lvl 50 Crew with perfect spotting stats
    Everyone else: Face on Pc Monitor, Binos out and tries to find him on 100m

  39. KILL THE E.B.R.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. 19:51
    If only irl was the same

  41. Take my like on that Kv-1’s call! I was like wowza.

  42. PhlyDaily: ”Thats an KV1-S, oooh snap.. thats weird.”
    Also PhlyDaily: *sniff* yeah thats an Panther.”
    I say he can tell the difference between tanks by smelling them like a Shark. He smells tank Fluids on the Battlefield.

  43. I remember when the r3 was 3.3. Crazy times

  44. elon musk really went all in on this cybertruck model

  45. War Thunder is less fun than world of tanks blitz nowadays, and it’s says a lot.

  46. Hey Phly, could you update your Playlists?

  47. Dumbest tank ever

  48. I’m glad us WOT players aren’t the only ones suffering because of the EBR scourge

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