Return of The BRRRT BOYS! (War Thunder)

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Source: DOLLARplays

War Thunder, legendary A-10 gameplay , together with LAV-AD, and m163 anti-airs with rotary cannons.



Intro: Midnight Run 80s – Gerardo Garcia Jr

Background: Show Me The Funk – Jon Presstone
Juicy.exe – Lupus Nocte
Risian – Good Foot

Outro: On the Way Home – Steven Davies

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  1. I’m not a massive CAS enjoyer (as you guys know already), but A-10 is an exception. I love it.

    Btw is it a historical nerf for A-10 and LAV?

  2. It’s been 60 something pen for a while. When I got the LAV-AD I was planning on only playing it as it looks sick and it’s SPAA and fun gun. Absolute joke of a tank. You only run into Soviet MBTs and it is impossible to kill them. I’m just lighting them up and you do no damage.

  3. The BRRRT is the only CAS playstyle I accept.


  5. America never really remove the machine gun culture, it’s just evolved

  6. DOLLAR, how did you know my favourite cheese is Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrie?

  7. All the nerfs, br changes and bad design choices have really ruined the game. I play only like once a week now and every update things only get worse.

  8. A- 10 has been nerf repetitively but u have not heard SU-25 nerf or any other sons of gaijin vehicles and aircrafts nerf, what are gaijin aims, that all the player should be ruski

  9. i only watch your videos for the outro. 18:51 for connoisseurs

  10. So the Rocket maybe come Back With Sturmtiger and Raketenjagdpanzer? maybe….? Please?😊

  11. voice in my mind when you kill mi4: “BOSS YOU KILL A CHILD!”

  12. Dont forget to angle my friends.

  13. Are you my Brrrrtrr?

  14. Perfecto)) i like bRRRRR

  15. Much love for your videos dude! Can u make a video about chieftains?

  16. just goes to show how op russia is at that br

  17. Yes just picked up did you angle today decal Hopefully it gives me good luck

  18. BEAST -mode activated with the A-10’s! Lovelly.

  19. Gaijin after they add a fun American tank: oh wait sorry it wasn’t meant to be fun. Gotta add a comparable but better Russian vehicle and nerf the American one right after.

  20. Lets goooo fuck yeah🔥

  21. 5:31 “Faulty Decal” that was hilarious. It has to show the words “did you angle today” or it doesn’t count lol.
    10:27 pure gold comedy

  22. My favorite part of the video is where he brrrrrtrd everywhere

  23. This made me get feels right in my pickledoppler

  24. Try using a low br 1.0 vs 6.7br or higher to get a koll

  25. The A-10 and AH-64 are both armoured against .50 cal and 30mm cannon fire. I love watching these WarThunder videos where an A-10 gets clipped by a tank with a .50 cal and dies immediately.
    Fail, Gaijin. =(

  26. 2s38 players aren’t real

  27. His effort put into the details of video editing are just superb and underrated. Keep it up like this please Dollar❤

  28. Enkhsaruul Bayarjargal

    When my father became a 767 captain it was one of a kind😢

  29. Олександр Пивовар

    Awesome intro!

  30. I seriously wish you could post every day just like this same format and everything I’m addicted😂😅

  31. AMAZINGNES!!! Please play more air 🙂

  32. Intro song makes interstellar sound crazy

  33. Would love to see you and Malzi bump into each other one day

  34. Just a quick tip for anyone playing higher tier CAS. If you are firing at someone below your flight path, and you are anywhere near the ground, turn off your cannon ballistic computer. It will change where your reticle is to show you where the rounds will hit on the ground below, now the plane itself. The exception to this rule, is if you are using top top tier planes with radar such as the f16 or mig-29. Those will actually give you a lead reticle on the plane you are locked onto if you have that same computer turned on. To confirm the difference, the easiest way is to check the vehicles radar (if it even has one) in the x-ray view in hanger.

  35. The editing in your videos makes them unresistable

  36. how many barrels?
    Dollars: yes

  37. Fun fact the a10 warthog can actually stall mid air because the recoil of the gun is to much hehe

  38. am i dumb or did dollar changed from Dollarplays to DOLLARplays

  39. dodging the missing and then fluffing the approach (10:28) was one of the most amazing and heartbreaking betty moments i’ve ever seen on your videos, like something straight out of me playing ace combat

  40. Dollar your the fkn goat

  41. It is truly a moment of all time.

  42. 6:02 🤣🤣

  43. So Mr. Dollar
    When will gaijin pay you to do their cinematics? While they are good idk yours just seems to hit harder. love the vids tho hun keep up the amazing work! ^^

  44. You can spawn a 10.0 tank but not a 7.7 AAA… I’m done with this game, after 10 years I’m going to uninstall it forever. This new upgrade that would have fixed the game after the backlash, broke it even more. **** gaijin, I’m glad the only thing i bought was the awesome dollar decal

  45. There will be a shirt with an a10 print

  46. There is infact 3 more vehicles, they can add the M48 Gau-8

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