REVENGE FURY | Panther & TIGER TANK MAYHEM (Hell Let Loose Tank Gameplay)

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Source: PhlyDaily

Phellers in the vid!



  2. Ah yes they ol’ tank tank.

  3. Ah yes the last tiger theme from bfV is always great

  4. Clone Trooper 258-222

    Attempt 41: please take the crusader mk.3 to 5.3, the heavy solid shot teabag mk.9 can go through the UFP of tigers at 100 meters

  5. Welp
    Just got the Quadro 8000 today…. What should i dew with it…

    Imma DeEp FaKe PhLy OnTo MoViEs wIth TaNkS aNd PlAnS so It Luks LikE He Is DrIvIng / PhLying

    Prob will finish training the NN model tmr morning and start adapting phly’s face on the movie Fury

  6. I love your videos to philly

  7. Don’t shoot a tank turret

  8. Just a hint for you guys when you play as a crew. For the sake of speed and brevity, when the commander wants to move the wagon, I heard ‘Driver reverse – Gunner look left’ this order can be shortened to ‘reverse-traverse left’ if you need to turn the vehicle in any way, just add ‘right stick’ or ‘left stick’. Everybody onboard knows who has to act on which words. As an ex Main Battle Tank Gunner/ Crewman, I can assure you this is how we do it in real life situations.

  9. Of course he does it in Battlefield, Warthunder German mid tier tanks are suffering now. Every other game is major spawncamping, and 90% are losses

  10. drewski send me here 😛

  11. Looks cool, but also looks like too much of a hassle to play.

  12. El Alien con SWAG

    The whole video view: O

  13. I wish I had friends who were into tank games as well

  14. 1:05 that’s Operator Drewski in the Luchs!

  15. Christer Andersen

    What game is this?!

  16. You were a bit of a pee pee to odd while he was driving the tiger

  17. If battlefield 5 was cool

  18. You used Ash’s thumbnail and stuck a Tiger on it

  19. What are those machine guns mounted with, scotch tape? The shots were going everywhere!

  20. Seabastian Rivera

    Phly please you have to play the T-35

  21. 1000 subscribers With no videos challenge

    I miss ur streams and I miss ur face
    Pls use facecam sometime i wanna see papa phlopy more often

  22. Make more hell let loose gameplay

  23. Phly, Karmakut, drewski all in one match… YouTube is a small world

  24. But do they model the by round armor damage or is it just hit points? The sight isn’t adjusting for range either despite the correct markings

  25. Phly can you ask war of thunder developers to make the game war thunder available on mobile Because I really want it play it

  26. I'm BENGT • 777 Years ago

    When you realiz your comment have more like then Phlydaily’s

    *OH WAIT*

  27. This guy shooting panzer like it’s physics is warthunder

  28. Man wish I had a computer that could actually run Hell Let Loose or Post Scriptum…

  29. Pls make more hell let loose gameplay this was epic

  30. its amazing how no matter how bad a game is, it will always have markets

  31. Damn thats cool

  32. Your my favorite YouTuber keep flying high

  33. War thunder Lead rain challenge please. UH-1C XM-30 using 30mm gun pods no ATGMs.

  34. War thunder request. I-16 type 10 with historical information please Phly.

  35. Loving the unloved war thunder Gladiator Mk II please Phly

  36. Panzertank is the weirdest word ever it just means tank tank

  37. 7:26 thast my name….


  38. war thunder is GAY

  39. I See eben phly seems to start not liking war thunder anymore. Dear players, lets stop spending money for it until they treat us as customers not cash cows


  41. That one kid is too much of a try hard, Phils just chilling and having fun.

  42. wow the new War Thunder Tank Simulator Battle update looks AMAZING!

  43. Karma: (telling phly were to shoot on the tank)
    Phly: Excuse me young man do you know who i am?

  44. play post scriptum its infinitely better than hell let loose


  46. play more hell let loose and post scriptum

  47. enderhackergamin _Saunders German
  48. epicissacgamerYT gaurd jun

    panzer vor = tank forward panzer = tank german lesson complete

  49. Very entertaining 👍😀

  50. I think phly is done with war thunder hé play it for 8 years time for new game. And this is the best choice. I think i’m gonna play this one as well : D

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