Reverse AutoReloading Light Tank and New Swedish Siege TD Preview | World of Tanks

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Source: DezGamez

World of ST-62 Version II, New Tier 9 Reverse Auto-Reloading Light Tank. World of Tanks Latta Stridsfordon, New Tier 9 Swedish Siege Tank Destroyer. World of Tanks Supertest News, 1.20+ Patch News.

Let’s take a little break from the holiday ops and holiday ops to take a at couple upcoming in World of Tanks – First ever Japanese tank destroyer, German siege tank and a Chinese heavy, which looks like 50TP.

What do you think?


  1. 4:00 WTF.
    I knew the T-100LT has good camo but this is nuts.

    • russian cloak of invisibility

    • They add this news light tank to counter already invisible rusian lights! 🙂

    • its own wreck has its own camo amazing shit 🤣🤣🤣

    • In fairness I had this thing happen in a random game, an EBR 105 was driving in front of me, I was sitting behind bushes in Minotauro, I drive up to the bushes so they are transparent, I’m aiming at a tank in the distance, the EBR 105 appears in OPEN AIR, about 70 meters in front of me… even with a 120m view range I’d see him at that point… and I have 460m or so… tell me the games broken without telling me it is… sometimes I do really wonder why I spent 11 years playing this 🤣

  2. @6:23 it’s not a ‘fat udes’ but a ‘PHAT udes’😂😂😂

  3. 3:58 Have happen to me 1 time, on one of my ally tanks live. Not replay.

  4. The T100 invisibility is an artifact of the replay guys he was not invisible

  5. Pretty sure the correct name should be Lätt Stridsfordon which just mean Light fighting vehicle

  6. I mean shit the tier nine American medium only has 260 premium and its a medium

  7. minute 4,00 he is shooting nothing and makes damage,…..

  8. fvkinjg cheats 4th minute…..LT can have 1000$% camo in in 20 meters range……idiot WOT again

  9. Another OP Soviet tank? Who would have thought!

  10. Reverse? Isn’t that just normal Auto-Reloading ?

  11. “it looks like a fat UDES” 🤣🤣

  12. man that light was every where

  13. 4:00 russian cloak of invisibility

  14. If Claus sees 4:00 he might go crazy

  15. You actually pronounced it quite good, well done! 😀

  16. ”LATTA” is not a swedish word. It must be an acronym.

  17. wait, how’d you see T-100LT?!

  18. U know I see this tank is frog LoL

  19. Teridacktal Jones

    Thanks Count chocula

  20. sounds like a trap, you have to shoot often, shooting lowers camo, you get balanced very fast

  21. reverse auto- reloading is toxic for the game
    @3:59 I need this Russian bias camo!!!!
    @6:23 lol UDES after holiday
    awesome AMX 105 gameplay 🙂

  22. The auto reloader of blitz, nice, except for the kran, the autoreloader of kran now is like in pc, but the italian medium is this autoreloader whrere as you dump your shell till the last one, you will have more dpm

  23. these both look so goofy I love it

  24. This tank is stronger than tier 10 lt, no doubt

  25. didn’t know John Cena played wot

  26. Dez when is the end of that loot box giveaway from the fv 4005 video?

  27. bloody hell – WG gets stupider and stupider

  28. The IX tier light tank is ganna made by counter attacker of char mle 75 🙂

  29. I’m tired of the BS loot box tanks….
    Time to uninstall this dumbass game.

  30. World of clown tanks

  31. So now that tier 8 is swarmed with premium tanks they start the same spiel with tier 9

  32. Yaaaay more power creep! Wargaming just doesn’t give a sh*it any more do they.

  33. next event confirmed. after terminator, we get predator event. premium tank will be premium t100lt with special cloaking mechanics

  34. Bros fighting the ghost of the t100 lts past

  35. New battle pass rewards wehicles?

  36. When facing top tier tanks HEAT below 330 pen is garbage, 270 is like barley doable on tier 8. I’d much rather have like 240-250 pen AP rounds than 270 heat

  37. Team Cykelhold MTB

    In the replay in the background, what is going on at 6:41? Super weird autoaim. Not saying cheat, but my aim never jumps funny like that with the centre of the screen not moving. Maybe it was just normal automain? Or maybe just fcked replay since the lt100 is also completely invisible 🙂

  38. I love Wedish😂
    I have Cranevagn and Strv103B
    I imagine the new TD should have better armor and high alpha consider the 103-B have 40mm of armor and high DPM.😅

  39. what happened to obj 590?

  40. You play this game!

  41. Stealth module for equipment confirmed!

  42. The hull of the ST 62 looks like the Obj 274a.

  43. Once again very informative, ahead of the minions 😂😂

  44. so they fuck the progettos and italian heavies but they make russian tanks op like always

  45. Siege mod Like kunze?

  46. Why was the T-100 LT invisible bruhh, new replay bug 🤦‍♂️

  47. Another OP Light tank with high pen and damage, and vg camo. Another nightmare like EBR, thx WG.

  48. What was that t100lt? xD

  49. Why wg keeps on putting these hateful lights? Couldn’t it be a med?

  50. In Italian “Latta” is Tin but even a tin canister …perfect for the tomato 🙂

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