Reverse Reloading Object 590, Next Premium? | Annoying Bofors | World of Tanks New Tanks

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World of Tanks Object 590, Next Tier 9 Premium Medium Tank? World of Tanks New Tanks Coming – Object 590, Caliban, Bofors Tornvagn, M4A2 T-34, Shielded. World of Tanks Bofors Tornvagn, Tier 8 Swedish Premium Tank.

00:00 – Intro
00:20 – WT E-1 and E-220 Looks
01:12 – Most Annoying Tier 8?
02:50 – Caliban
03:35 – Announcement
05:47 – Announcement Details
06:27 – New Test Tanks
07:25 – Object 590
12:55 – M4A2
13:45 – Shielded
14:45 – Conclusion and Winners

– Pawn Shop – Andreas Jamsheree
– Now – AGST

Information from:

I have a lot of different topics to cover in todays video, mainly talking about upcoming premium tanks… Where one is ore annoying than other. Tanks such as Bofors Tornvagn, Object 590, Caliban, Shielded and more!

Let me know what you think about that!


  1. They are working on so many new tanks, impossible to know where all of them are going, butwhat do you think?
    Also, do not forget to check in for a chance to win free premium tank: 🔥
    And thanks to Raid for making it possible, check it out here: 🔥
    Enjoy your weekend, Beasts!

    • Well for swedish tank i would like him to be normal premium tank to buy,and for british derp he is gonna be in christmas boxes that kind is obvious
      Name in game:DAVA_STRUMF
      Hi from 🇭🇷

    • Icebearke
      lootboxes def

    • i think they are going to be in tiers 8 . 9 and respectivly.

    • Because loot boxes and T9 are about to become a huge opart of the game/monetisation. in 12 months WoT will look like WoW looks like now. God knows what WoW will look like. Maybe WoW will be the same, maybe theyre happy with the monetisatioon model (but I doubt it).

    • Hey Dez, I entered the gleam giveaway aswell but there was no promt for me to put my wot username and server aswell as my email, not sure why.

  2. The tier 9 screams a loot box tank. Same as IS-3A… The others might be marathon or reward tanks in my opinion. Although I don’t want any of them to go to lootboxes again…

    Username: Kubka4
    Server: EU

  3. Need more bonds tanks.
    u: DSP9 s: ASIA

  4. Ofc, loot boxes 😂.
    More money to be laundered. More money on the offshore account

  5. Check your calender, it is like every year: some freaking new tanks are the reason for hundreds of christmas loot boxes… cause they need money 🤭🤪
    I think, that Obj 244 was one of the last tier VI you have to pay for.

  6. Caliban, lootbox… so gamble.. I never bet so I’ll not get it 😀
    Cirbues, Eu server.

  7. I think it can be at marathon. As usual. Fo lootboxes i wish Skoda T56.
    Server: eu
    Username: ms911

  8. That 590 is bad

  9. I would like to see wg make Kv-2 great again…
    username: _sas_552_

  10. Thanks Dez for keeping us up to speed on everything.
    IGN: ChakalySh4ft
    Server: EU

  11. I think that they will be selling the premium vehicles through loot boxes because Christmas is coming up and these funky looking tanks will be highly sought after, especially the Caliban because it’s a meme.

  12. of course it will be ranked battle reward..

  13. In my opinion Bofors is definitely going to be the main prize of the loot box but I’m really hoping they’re gonna make Caliban somewhat accessible other than paying a ton of money as you said that tank just looks so meme-ish and love it
    PS: We need more T-34s in the game, yes wg…

  14. I want to see the Caliban having a marathon, so everyone can have a chance to troll. But knowing sneaky Wargaming it will be in loot boxes 🙁

  15. I really want a marathon for obj 590, i will take a week off from work 😄!!!
    Username: NonServiam_GR

  16. Adrian Glen Villamayor

    Kind of exciting and scared for that tank lol. In any case, thanks for the update Dez and keep up th good work.


  17. Hope that Bofors annoying tank will get bombarded by arty.

  18. I think they will put both the caliban and the Tornvagen into lootboxes, werent there 2 new tanks in the lootboxes last year aswell?
    I doubt we will see that tier 9 in there, i don’t think even WG will be so bold that shortly after selling the Strv K.

    masternoob089 – EU

  19. I know it wont be the case but I would prefer to see them as random tech tree tanks, simply because then they can be nerfed/buffed in the future, we dont need more tanks that cant be balanced. Most of them will probably end up as lootbox tanks.
    Username : Back2Gulag
    Server : EU

  20. I bet 100% both bofors and caliban will be lootbox tanks just by looking on how they are, especially something like bofors with the insane hull down BS capabilities, and the caliban aswell with the big derpy gun with 2 shell clip.
    Username: feies_vlad
    Server: EU

  21. Obj 590 might end up on Black Market event… That I wouldn’t mind 🙂

  22. THe new KV-1 Shielded is based on actual KV-1s that did have armor bolted to the turret. So, in a sense it is lazy tank design for the game, but it’s a real thing.

  23. I dont want to see any of them.. like anywhere.. lol
    Usename: PanTHeR_HuN
    Server: EU

  24. thanks for this Dez, free to play player so need to know what else WG is introducing OP in the game.

  25. coupe89 NA

    Maybe have them both for two different missions for next year

  26. Hey dez you’re awesome!
    Server NA
    Name KrAzYCrAcKeR

  27. Their Probably going to release the M4T34 or the KV-1 Shielded as a reward of the year like the IS-2S, Super Hellcat and Super Chaffee

  28. I would love Bofors as a marathon one, Caliban seems loot box-ish.
    I hope KV-1 shielded will be the reward tank this year.

    Username: KrampfZwergi
    Server: EU

  29. I’d love wargaming to release The tanks in a Marathon or if they do put them in the lootboxes i Think they should just sell Them in the premium shop
    Username: BimsenDK
    Server: EU

  30. honestly? I don’t like any of these either piece of … or broken 😂 but I thinks this KV-1 Shielded can be given as reward for how many years you have your wot account? Yk, as a useless gift for us with is gridding high tiers.
    Name: Merlin518
    Server: EU

  31. Caliban, Bofors and obj 590 are going to end up in my garage
    _ Darthvaper_
    Eu server

  32. I guess it will be in Christmas boxes.
    Username : zbeena
    Server : EU

  33. I think Caliban may be one of the exclusive premium for next christmas boxes
    Username : RoMiX_Fr
    Server : EU

  34. Same here in October I will have 10 years on World of Tanks…..

  35. I think the swede will be marathon and caliban lootbox.

    Username: Wtb_arty_safe
    Server: EU

  36. Hi Dez, Cheers for the content, informative as usual.
    Xmas is coming so i can see new tanks in loot boxes or premiums which ever makes the most money for WG.

  37. I think they’re going to put the first YoH tank (premium one) in the loot boxes, and release the new line in tandem, or early next year. If I remember correctly, that’s have they introduced the Italian heavies last Christmas starting with Bisonte in the loot boxes. The Caliban has got to be a loot box item item, kind of like how the gsor (another weird/meme British vehicle) was put in them last year too.
    For the bofors and object 590, the optimistic side of me is hoping they’re rewards for next year’s battlepass. Together with the kunzepanzer and k-91 from this year, the four of them making the new line up, making the two old ones going down in token cost, and the two new ones flushing out the line up at 12-18.
    But the pessimistic side of me fears WG will be having two more tier 9 marathons in the near future.

  38. I think 590 and BOFORS will be Christmas lootboxes and Caliban will be marathon. The low tiers I expect as the yearly reward.
    Username: AngelVel
    Server: EU

  39. If it is Russian, it must ho in loot box, da?


  40. So deep deep inside of me I I hoping to get them as a reward from Halloween event ,that they will do like a boss and everyone will be happy but like everyone knows wg is all about the money so I will go whit ur ideea,loot boxes sadly this is the true and wg is not surprising us annymore
    Sylviugh eu server

  41. i hope for a maraton on the caliban and christmas boxes for the others

  42. I think those tanks indeed might end up in the loot boxes.
    Username: BlackBloodBandit
    EU server

  43. Never experienced these lootboxes, If what people say is true, you only buy the christmas boxes cause they’re “OP”
    KV-1 shielded will be another seal clubber added to the list, making low tiers less and less enjoyable
    username: DerpySquirrel , EU(W)

  44. Loot boxes for all to get why not WG gets it all then
    Angle_of_Redemption. NA server

  45. x-mas isnt far away, some of them smelling like x-mas lootboxes or so (at least the lower tiers and at one[or both?] of the tier 8)

    Server: EU
    IGN: Lefteyehawk

  46. I think and hope that one will be a marathon one and the other in the lootboxes.

    Name Aszen1
    Server EU

  47. i hope the caliban will be a marathon tank but i sadly think that it will be a lootbox reward
    username : Tim_4_All
    server : EU

  48. Moureau Pierre-Olvier

    Caliban will obviously end in the christmas lootboxes, like the unusual GSOR 1008 last year. Bofors too probably ^^
    By the way, I think that english tanks is the best place for the devs to develop crasy tanks (fv4005, gsor 1008, Badger, caliban…)
    Server : EU
    Username : pom98

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