Review: 50TP Tyszkiewicza!

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  1. FIRST!

  2. What up circon

  3. Alert squad here

  4. Well Circon I admit that never been great fan ,but your recent videos made me changed my mind, especially reviews ,
    Serious ,to the point, honest,
    Your streaming improved as well.
    So being fair I’m fan now
    Good job

  5. I just got a stroke trying to read the tank name

  6. I need 50TP for my bunghole!

  7. Looks like people are doing very well in these.  It’s almost as if high alpha heavies with some armor and gun depression are super effective.

  8. Herbert Odilio Balsamo

    TP = Tits and Pussy ( ¯꒳¯ )

  9. This tank is worse tier for tier because the number in its name is lower than the t8
    Lower number of toiletpaper

  10. Just too many weakspots.. Like 60TP

    • +_Marine it is good But… When i look to Other heavies it have too many weakspots

    • Then the answer is simple: Dont play it as a heavy. It fits nicely into a “tween” role, kinda a HT but fits in other times as a MT when it comes to positioning. Never let the class of tank define its role as a tank.

    • kinda sad that a superheavy class tank needs to be played on the second line lol

    • Jep 60TP is fun But its not a Super heavy like Wg said it.. Kinda fail -.- makes me sad too. On top of that.. Just look at the 60TP model.. Weakspotmania ?

    • Theres no issue w/ it being called one thing by WG and then needing to play it like another. Disengage the mantra, and simply always play the tank to its strengths over its class/designation.

  11. That Donald Trump YUUGE lower plate.

  12. 1491 base EXP in this wasnt enough for an Ace either 🙁

  13. hvala brat 😉

  14. Θέμης Ρίζος

    60 tp review tomorrow?

  15. ugly tank! Looks like the child of a Churchill and a M 103…

  16. Well rested and back with a bang. Great video and commentary and excellent game play.

  17. WZ-120 is a good tank, at least for me. One of the most enjoyable and relaxing. Had vents on it instead of rammer. Racked up damage every game nice and easy.

  18. it looked like a pen mark bc optics

  19. A replay of a current battle in this tank ?
    Hmmm not really.
    This tank is pretty bad.

  20. Leopard PTA “well fuck my life I’m next” LUL

  21. Hey Circon, I would like your opinion on which tank I should pick. I’m grinding the T-44 right now and I’m not sure if I should go for the Obj 140 or the 430U. I’m a pretty average player with a 51% win rate.

    And thanks for your awesome videos, watching your videos always makes me try harder and wanting to become a better player in wot. Stay awesome Circon =)

  22. You start to see why M103 is such a great tank for Tier 9 when you see reviews of these tanks. For once the American Tank is competitive.

  23. Those shots were calculated OMFGGGGGGGG they were not lucky!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMFGGGGGGG


    like…. how many times have you been driving along…..suddenly get spotted from god knows were….
    and then hit for 480 from a 122mm gun

    now think….. you get hit for 700

    some random ass, cross map, snap shot hits you…… for OVER SEVEN HUNDRED DAMAGE

    does that sound fun?

    might be fun for the ONE DUDE playing the tank….. but isnt fun for everyone else

    not fun for the person getting shot…for obvious reasons….
    not fun for his team mates (“fukk dat, im not pushing, im got getting hit for 750”)
    not fun for the 50TPs team either…… they get to do less damage now

  25. Well at least its not another 268 v4

  26. Enemy ISU is the real MVP, what a useless team mate.

  27. It is what it is

  28. 1505 base was ace wanker when I played it. Still, Circon pretty much summarized my experience. Armor is so-so. High tiers shoot a lot of premium so sometimes it works, sometimes doesnt. Big gun is annoying and I did not enjoy it. Speed is also average at best. In a world of WZ 1-4 and 257 or even m4 51 this tank is not a keeper. Only advantage I can name is 130mm gives some pretty good triple overmatch scenarios but thats pretty much it. 6/10 🙂

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