Review: 53TP Markowskiego! – World of Tanks

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  1. Read it as mark-of-skye-go

  2. Blitz With Spartan617

    Damn, that’s a really average view range of a kinda lacking 730m’s

  3. And remember: lower plate here is NOT a weakspot

  4. 420 alpha damage **hmmmmmmm**

  5. 10:58 610 alpha? Not bad

  6. This tank looks very good. Maybe i grind this instead of the russian heavies for my second tier x heavy.

  7. I’d still buff APCR to 255+pen (IS-M as well)

  8. Congrats on the 100k subs!

  9. Tier VII review would be nice! 😉

  10. New polish technology in tanks building: a levitating turret :V

  11. this actually looks solid I love it

  12. Very good tank, good video
    Waiting for tier 9 and 10 review

  13. The end screen is crucial, btw

  14. wtf far better than is-3 🙁

  15. I appreciate your actual tank reviews. So anything you can give us on the tanks leading up to this would be good.

  16. it also has a really nice dpm

  17. to me it always feels like a rear mounted turret tank going backward, weird

  18. 53tp vs is3 SH which is better?.

  19. This tank, the caernarvon, the somua and the defender are hands down the most brutal, powerful tier 8 heavy tanks.

  20. I quite like these “explanation time” type videos. Being as new player it is nice to get these explanations. Thank you.
    And i whould like to see a review on the T7 as well. For the record 🙂

  21. Tier VII please!
    Yes, postgame screenies are lit

  22. do the tier 9 first

  23. *cries in 110*

  24. I have actually finished the grind. T8 is by far the best out of them. Granted, I started at T6 so cant comment T5 and below. But by god, 6 and 7 are bad. 8 is really good, 9 is less good but okayish. T10 I havent played after buying it. So jeah, feel free to stop at T8 🙂

    • ive faced the tier 10 you feel it when it shoots you how ever it does have a huge weakspot on the turret so unlike an is-7 it cant just sit hull down and go trololol you cant hurt me

    • 9 is worse than 8?
      Tier for tier it’s clearly better
      Also I recommend tier V. It doesn’t have a single bad thing about it (armor is HE proof). Well, maybe size

    • +Gewel ✔ tier for tier 8 is far better. Also t9 is elevated by better mm. But imho t8 is still better. The 560alpha gun on t9 has far worse gunhandling.

    • I heard the grind is so bad for the tier 5-7 tanks, but the Tier 8 does look really good so maybe it’s worth it.

    • +Chandler Kristoff tier 5 to 6 is really good. Like I said, tier V is solid. Tier VI you can always skip by playing strongholds

  25. 6 minutes of stats ?????.
    Nice video though Circon!!! I like the new style but could you not spend more than 3 minutes on the stats pleaseeee ??.

  26. Hey Circon if you wanna screenshot the postgame stats just press the PrtSc button on your keyboard and they will be saved in your WoT folder ??

  27. You see ivan when you make tank turret levitate enemy wont know where to shoot

  28. I actually really enjoyed this review. Good job on making one, because idk if you made one before. Is so, its still a really good one anyways.

  29. Do it Circon!?

  30. I would so love more tank reviews You doing them in a great way not boring ppl to death like QB with his stats numbers etc

  31. Just “Markowski” is enough. That “ego” part is just inflection again.

  32. “There is a couple of noticeable things here, 8 degrees of gun depression, 730 view range which is average… ish”:D:D:D 0:34

  33. mmm 100k subs 😉

  34. Do a review of the 6 and 7 together!!!

  35. *Cries in T32*

  36. Meanwhile T32 American Heavy is slower & has 320 Alpha 105mm with 198 pen…at Tier 8.

  37. This tank looks like a shorter TOG II haha

  38. I want that tank,but have to start the polish line,did’nt played one yet,guess i’ll freexp to T5 and go for the painfull grind,nice video btw.

  39. Was having probs hearing some of what you were saying, so turned on the CC. Oh boy!! That was some funny shit.

  40. So we have to grind thru 7 tiers of complete garbage to get to this above average tier 8 heavy. Then the first game we play , we will be top tier. Then the next 22 games we will be completely owned by tier 10 heavies and tds. Next comes one game as mid tier followed by 22 games of bottom tier. Then consider all the premium shells we need to use in higher tier games because that gun will never pen anything but a light or medium at tier 10. Sorry , as long as WG continues to use the 3 5 7 format the game is broken.

  41. Glad to have you back!!

  42. and best gun in tier 8 with a turret is the RHM Scorpion

  43. Tier 8 that has the dpm better tham my is-4 LOL

  44. Markov skiego (skee aygo)

  45. This thing would rock in a Frontlines game

  46. I like when he teaches as he plays 🙂

  47. But does it have gun depression?

  48. The Tier 7 is not that Bad. I needed double the battles to unlock the 53TP than Circ but had 66% win ratio(???) Its kind of really good, you just have to be in the support/2nd heavy line

  49. please review tier 7

  50. About the 200 pen thing in the end: the T32 has 198 pen, and you can make it work, but it has a lot lower roll potential compared to something like an IS-3 with 225, still managed to 3-mark the T32 without gold ammo

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