Reviewing the Best Tier 6 Tank in the Game – The Type 64

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Source: LemmingRush

Here are the screenshots — Crew skills as well as a session of mine in this tank:


  1. François Major

    I was the t32 driver in the first replay haha

  2. what about the 13 57. it has a 13s reload for 8 shots. small Target

  3. Tried to use a cool nickname but failed miserably

    Thought I was the only one with the glitch where the turret suddenly turns like that.

  4. Butcher_ Bird_44

    For stronks I prefer the Cromwell, mainly because it can ram the type, it has higher base pen too, and the dispersion is actually less at .33 while .38 with the type kind of nullifies its .14 better aiming time. Something also to consider is that the slower turret traverse means you can circle better and they tend to miss more when you are doing so because of that turret issue.
    Though that Vstab addition sure is nice.
    Then add that extra armor which helps it stand against HE and you are looking at the bromwell as better, especially if you are one on one.
    Good look at this lemming, great tips, and those two maps are particularly important that you show that on, the side that determines the wins, though you kind of nullify your point toward the end because you ended up winning though the north wasn’t won on haluf.
    Likewise almost losing on westfield to snipers from the south can also nullify your point. Which I try to always convey to the pubbies, but they don’t listen to me, especially if you don’t manage to close on the victory, they will just keep doing whatever they want to do like win the south or stay at base, with no clue.
    At least they keep it interesting. lmao

  5. Hey, that came out fast.

  6. “The 252 is trash”

  7. Can you give some pointers for the skorpion g

  8. How much avg dmg did u have to do to get 3 moe on the 64?

  9. taking this LT won’t help me getting silvers
    I think skoda T25 or the tier 6 Swedish medium rather than this ?
    it is normal tank, good gun handling and have drums

  10. Perfect timing! I just bought one of these ☺️

  11. Great idea with this arty location at El haluf i was always going more in the hill direction dying most cases by snipers from other side now gonna switch my tactic and see how it goes of coruse not if we are wining mordor haha

  12. Marshall Allshouse

    i love the type 64 😀
    that and its a WN8 farming machine

  13. the thing I don’t like about the type 64 is it’s wn8 is too easy to farm. I have 1150 dpg and 2 kills per game in this thing which is like 5500 or whatever wn8 so it’s skews the shit out of my stats lol. I have around 2100 wn8 in t10s. idk I guess what I’m trying to say is that I don’t want to atatpad my wn8 just for playing a really fun tank and then get shit on in t10s because I fucked up and did something stupid and players will think I was actually unicum lol. not to mention the wn8 statpadding will fuck you for people that xvm target

  14. Great game great tank. Watched this game on stream

  15. Great video, I really like the Cromwell B, but the one thing I don’t like is the gun handling, you are correct that is sucks. I don’t have any Chinese tanks, so getting this one and training a crew up sounds like a plan, thanks!

  16. Not sure about your opinion on El Halluf NW corner and there’s “literally no scout job” there. You could actually spot tanks that were rushing NW corner by taking shortcut, and you could rack some easy early kill if there’s TD working with you, especially for south spawn. NW fight is viable by taking some opportunistic shots at HT side armor who is trying to rush the cornermost brawling spot, but otherwise I don’t think brawling there is a good option as you could easily lost a ton of HP even when you retreat on time, just like what you experienced there. Plus that kind of play required a ton of gold ammo and too risky if you’re not a WASD unicum.

  17. what premium would you recommend skorpion g or t 34 3??

  18. Kv2 would have missed ? Kv2 doesn’t miss! The real tier 6 op tank.

  19. If it’s an open map and you are doing no spotting in a well equipped light tank you deserve to be team killed.

  20. So i won 2500 gold from a contest a while ago. Type 64 costs 2450 gold when its on sale. So would it be worth it to use basecly all of my gold for this tank?

  21. … and if you want more be sure to hit the ” like ” and the ” unsubscribe ” button , tnx for watching , by … 🙂 I just hit the like button 🙂

  22. I always appreciate how humble you are about your strategies and game play, even when it leads to your tank being destroyed. Keep up the great work.

  23. Trolltractor Aus

    “repair his loader”

  24. HE is only useful in case of duel of Type 64.

  25. 11:15 that was totally planned, pure skill. hahaha!

    I find it funny that you say you won’t win a lot without using premium ammo. I used to win quite a lot in some of my lights, even with the old matchmaking. My Leopard for example does pretty good against tier 8’s and I’ve outplayed them quite some time. Even in my MT-25 I was able to win even more, because the camo is great.

    great replays! I really like your out-of-the-box-thinking and tactics. helps me out a lot! enjoy your weekend! 😉

  26. A Random person

    um light tanks are scout tanks they also can braw if the wanted to. and you dont need prem rounds for the 76 on the type 64. the maps has great spots for light tanks. and both sides will make or break the game.

  27. wow that POS turned to be an OP tier 6 now…. how ironic

  28. dude what do u think about amx 13 57F? 😀 😀 😀 😀 i have it… it is OP

  29. too many advertisements

  30. Hi, can you do a video about “how to patriot in tier 9 and 10”, I bought this tank recently after 9.18. And constantly have bottom tier MM. really struggle to do well against high tier super heavies as bottom tier with 240 alpha . Thanks.

  31. I find it interesting you have a crew trained specifically to this tank, they aren’t crew for say the wz-132. Is the crew better if they are trained to the premium? I also noticed you weren’t using camo paint for desert.

  32. I dont know… whenever I meet Type 64s (Random and Strongholds) 4 75mm HE shells are more than enough to kill them and also damage their modules and crew in the process.

  33. Way to go letting out the best kept secret of tier 6

  34. Frederick Burkert

    Nice to see lower tier and bottom tier battles.
    Sadly WG allows a full gold load out and don’t plan to change it. I’m put off buying a premium account coz of the WWII (Wallet Warrior 2.0) encouragement by way of 9.19

  35. Hey let’s imdirectly buff Type 64 by giving it better MM! But wait, that’s not enough! Let’s ALSO give it Vstab to make it even more OP!!!!

  36. Fabio Ganassini

    vk 3002 m >>>type 64

  37. What happend to the T-34/85M? IMO that is the strongest T6 now after the buff.

  38. I just have to point out the fact that you put video ads trough the actuall video… Not sure if greedy or just incompetent. I’m personally OK with ads in the beginning and the end + an occasional banner ad trough the video… But for the content to be disrupted by a video ad… That’s just retarded man :/

  39. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    I really suck with it in Tier 8

  40. my question is: would be this battle won if you only have ap ammo?

  41. Radosław Panek

    For maximum mobility I suggest using Removed Speed Governor instead of food. It is cheap as hell in comparison to that. Just remember to turn it off from time to time lest you destroy the engine. It increases your turning speed a lot – around 25% as I tested with my friend. The tank isn’t particularly faster, but when you circle the enemy on a flat ground you can have around 10kph more speed. That’s a lot. It is also helpful when you try to climb certain heavily sloped areas.

  42. Hope people starts listening to your Westfield advice.

  43. Your videos are quite funny, You talk as if you actually know everything and are teaching the rest ..but in most of your vids you play shit . haha but its fun to hear you babble.

  44. Hey Lemming, personally i feel like im missing out on knowledge on crew members etc. i saw a guy who did so he automaticly got his crew in premium tanks and so. can u give some info on more crew, it would be awesome in my opinion 🙂

  45. Ziutek Kowalski

    accelerate crew training checked off?? well ok since you have sheet load of skills you don’t need to progress any more 🙂

  46. while I know this tank is good after the MM changes… I really find the gun annoying. Shells are slow, and I consistently have trouble aiming, lol. But then again, I’m not the best at aiming in general.

  47. are we supposed to point out that you said unsub? u crazy

  48. Thx now I’m €15 poorer 🙁

  49. i wish i could get this before its removed from the shop

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