Reviewing The Mighty Jingles’ Favorite Tank – The Cent Mk 7/1

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Source: LemmingRush

I’m livestreaming on twitch right now..


  1. I respectfully disagree with some stuff u said here.
    1. Dont see why would u run camo on a tank this big. After Bia and 6th sence imo you should go for view range skills. More view range u have more camo u negate from enemy tanks. When I grinded it I had a really good crew and view range of almost 500 (I ran optics rather than vert stab). My logic was that gun handling was good enough to dont run vert stab. Doing so I was spoting light tanks at almost max range.
    2. Could u explain why do u say -10 is OK but not really ridge line using worthy? As far as I know only Sweeds have more gun dep than -10. And with usable armor only on turret I would say ridge using should be primary tactics.

    And by the way, just wanna thank you, been thinking about getting this one again as I grinded it back when it had slower reload, 35 kph max and less turret armor. And I still enjoyed the grind. Will buy it fore sure now.

    • Nebojsa Kmezic The reason that gun depression isn’t really ridge worthy is because if if you try to get hull down on the majority of the ridges in the game you won’t be able to.

      I could show you in a separate video but in general, most of the time you’re going to have to crest an entire ridge to shoot over it.

      Having gun depression let’s you use more ridges but not nearly every single ridge you find.. super common misconception

    • LemmingRush well yeah, of course u wont be able to use every ridge. But using the example of this game hill u were on u can shoot camping td’s with giving them only mantlet and gun to shoot back at. Thats -10. Leo that has -8 cant do it without revealing ammorack (any part of the hull). Or it can but it requires counting reloads bating shots and all of that while being spammed by skycancer.

      I feel it was more the way u said it, rather than 2 of us talking different things. Its good and better than most other tanks but not all-powerful.

  2. your sarcastic “how to play TDs” video traumatized me.. I don’t know if I can trust you anymore! Every time I ask myself: Is this sarcastic? Or is it honest? Have I been had, or am I too naive? What is the meaning of life? Why is the transition temperature of Helium-2 4 Kelvin?
    Do I hate this game, or is it actually not that bad, or are your videos giving me this fuzzy warm feeling because I am sadomasochistic?
    I need a beer.

    • Lord Auriel Sounds like you need more than one beer 🙂
      Generally I try to make my sarcasm so obvious that it’s impossible not to catch

    • Lord Auriel In the order you asked: Lemming is always sarcastic, but you’re better of thinking hes not. Lemming has us all, in his own special way, you’re not naive. 42. Because Kelvin is weird. There’s a somewhat good game hidden under a bunch of bad decisions, and the warm feeling comes from radiation from your screen.
      You do indeed need a beer.
      Hope this was helpful.

    • Because super fluids bruh

    • Cheers Lord Auriel. And dont forget the, do i hate that voice or do i love it. More beer being applied.

  3. TaurusTheKing 72

    What do you think about console wot?

  4. Surprised you don’t like the X. I love mine.

    I also kept the 7/1 because it is really good.

  5. your laugh man..sounds like an evil genius

  6. Love this tank.

  7. for the 3rd skills i would recommend repair or viewrange on commander and gunhandling skills on gunner and driver in my opinion concealment would be an idea for skill nr 4 and jack of all trades is just a useless perk i would rather use mentor over jack of all trades

  8. 2641 pen? Holy fuck those are some strong depleted uranium shells.

  9. Clickbait v. 569

  10. I’ve been playing the game casually for years pretty much at potato level. I’ve gotten my desired tank lines to level six and a few level sevens, and… I don’t really have a desire to progress any further.

    From the multiple channels I follow, I get the sense that the game – from tier 8-10 is an unbalanced, premium round addicted, power-creeping mess, with WG basically exploiting the players for cash.

    I don’t run gold, I don’t play premium tanks or account, I don’t intend to. What do you think? Is there any point playing past tier seven?

  11. Also, hows the Cheiftan/T95? I always wanted to do clan wars n stuff to get it

  12. Warcrimes incarnate

    Lemming, am I a bad person for playing over 3200 games in a tier 3 tank? I guess I should move my crew up to this sucker.

  13. It can penetrate 2.641 meters (8.6 feet) of armour. What the hell is it fighting, baneblades?

  14. I miss the old t10 fv4202..

  15. Good vid!!!! I like my 7/1 a great tank!!!!!

  16. Meh, Lems would run circles around Jingles

  17. I want a cent 7/1

  18. i would still think the t54 is better but idk

  19. That doesn’t look like a TOG II to me.

  20. Uh, on the bit about not penning hesh:
    1. Not penning arty: you aimed at the tracks
    2. Not penning T29 frontal hull: you were aiming at the little track fastened onto the front of the T29. Apparently it acts as spaced armor.
    3. Not penning strv: ok, I did this as well, but you still had your aim at the tracks.
    My rule of thumb is APCR all the time, hesh only if expecting really lightly armored tanks or hindquarters surprise. Do note I just stick with regular hesh.

    Also, on -10 degrees of gun dep. not being useful: learn to hull down. I’ve used the mantlet to bounce deathstars. I’ve got steel walls by exploiting the fact that roof is autobounce against most tanks.

  21. Caernarvon review pls

  22. I was the M103 at 3:06!! Awesome playing with you!
    I’ll admit I kinda screwed myself at 3:14 in that position…

  23. I don’t care , unless is utter thrash , about what kind of medium I drive and this one is no better or worse than other tier 9 .The tanks Paul likes to drive are awkward at best if not annoying .He likes this one , according to him , for gun depression and gun mantlet but for me mobility is a deal breaker and Centurion kind of sucks at this chapter .

  24. Excuse me this is not the Tog II

  25. I wish you’d be right in saying this tank has great gun handling but in fact the opposite is true. .17 on the move is joint second worst of all t9 meds with the pta and only behind the 54e1, and aim time is average. If i remember correctly wg said its to balance out the high pen.

  26. What do you think about the 20 pounder option for better dpm and aim time?

  27. 1:05 2641 pen is amazing!

  28. 487.5 is the highest that gun should role if i figured it right. Someone else must of hit the vk at the same time

  29. Lemming please do more reviews!!! Tired of all the same reviews by people and also the non existant ones lol. Cant wait for the next one…

  30. Making money in British tanks is a challenge. Over 5 k damage and all you got was 28k lol

  31. Another great VLOG from Lemmings. I enjoy how you explain your tactical analysis of game play in progress. Be a tank commander , not a Lemming. Use the mini map, situational awareness is not just a crew skill. Please subscribe and watch this channel. Lets be better players and win games together. Or just other players from New Zealand. PS Mr Lemming, start a world politics vlog, would love to hear your views.

    • Trollup I appreciate your comment, however perhaps I should pay my own rent and buy my own food before spouting my political views 🙂

  32. TheDoubleace191

    Nice vids! Yeah like u, Jingles’ preview of the Centurions made me go through the Brit Med line FIRST. Tho it was quite a pain, boy it was a treat. He is my 1st T9 tank and tho I threw a lot by playing games with less thinking, still when times I got it right, it kicked some ass.

    Personally, I had higher consistency of HESH Performance that what u had experience. Both made me aim more accurately and patiently. Still the RNG made shots go to tracks, or thicker parts and make low dmg.

    Maybe you can be alright with just carrying lots of APDS and leave some space for cheap HESH, which still has twice more pen than other contemporary L7 family’s HE pen(105vs53).

    Still, I’m happy to see the latest review of the Centurion 7/1. You earned me as a new sub. Keep up the good vids m8

  33. Why people underestimate amx 30 for example? It has better aim time,almost the same dispersion while moving, its faster,it can actually bounce more than 1000 dmg reliably every battle,it has 3600 dpm full pimped out,only real drawbacks are lower pen put hey you have premium rounds and accuracy which is still 0.32

  34. Hello from the console peasant side of WoT. I’m an avid study of your clips and gameplay and have learned so much from them. As a British and French med. fan tho , I would love to see you play them a little more . I know commie meds are superior but hey , its personal preference. Lol. Keep up the great work !

  35. Hi Lemming. Love the tank but I can say that 60% of the time the team dies and I am left fighting 5 or 6 tanks and even though I have a great game I loose. I find this with the AX the 7/1 and the FV4202. Great tank i do enjoy playing just wish my game was reflected in the results more.

  36. Lemming: how do you feel this tank squares up with the m46 Patton? I personally enjoy the Cent 7/1 better but the Patton is respectable. Great video by the way, love your content!

  37. RaspberryPanzerfaust

    Do you think you could do a scorpion American TD Review?

  38. It's not what you think

    Dude, that nine chrungendred and 63 fire… power rating and 2641 pen. You ok? You need me to call the hospital?

    P.S. Review Oho you fuck

  39. at least you still have pubg installed :'(

  40. I absolutely hated my Cent Mk7/1. No matter what I did play style wise I always got owned. I have only a 38% winrate in it. It’s that bad for me. I just gave up playing it. I still have it collecting dust in my garage. This was all before they buffed it though so those few slight improvements might have given it an edge now, I don’t know. When I played it it had the reload of a heavy but the damage of a med, really bad armour and it moved at about the speed of a heavy, which for a med tank is really bad and as Lemming said it has really troll ammo. I let it go as a bad investment and concentrated on my other lines. Perhaps you need to be Jingles, Lemming, or Quicky level good to make it work

  41. R. Giada Melchiorre

    Great videos, thanks much for posting it.

  42. How did u get that camo?

  43. Tog. His favourite is the Tog II. The Tog life chose him.

  44. Bartolomew Chevalier

    Whats sort of funny I consider 7/1’s turret way more reliable than AX

  45. patrick ter ellen

    Glad you bring the cent 7/1 in the spotlight! My favourite tank jn the game! It needs more attention on youtube. Hope to see more! Thanks!

  46. Gamal Trinidad Kabil

    Hey LemminRush! Have you though about making a video about the T-10? Given that almost everybody is playing it right now for the 277

  47. I stopped watching when you said -10 gun depression wouldn’t help on ridges. Please name other mediums with more? It’s absolutely the best ridge line medium in its class. Also Hesh is not unreliable, if you hit flat armour it penetrates, if you hit gun or mantlet(the Conway) or tracks it won’t. It’ll still do damage unlike heat which won’t.

  48. probably my fav tier 9 medium tank

  49. Basic Blonde Bi*ch

    12:32 “to poke these guys, I’m gonna have to expose myself to all those people over there…”

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