Reviewing the WORST TANK in the game!

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World of Gun Carrier. Today I'm reviewing what is widely accepting as worst tank tier for tier in World of Tanks the T6 British tank destroyer, the Churchill Gun Carrier!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. I don,t like it

  2. Mister Torgue Flexington

    It’s far from the worst tank tier for tier,did you forget about type 95?

  3. AT2 always get raped by 105mm guns

  4. Love mine. First tank I ever got a mark on lol

  5. how is the m6 2nd bottom ?

  6. I dont even want to try it.. after the ARL v39 stock and no free exp to get the first cannon…

    Tier 4 gun in tier 6 match, with a gold round cant pent medium tanks… yep, that bad.

    BTW, i wanna see you in the T14, the love/hate tank.

    Pretty good tank, bad gun, sturdy but full of weakspots.

  7. West Coast Warriors Archive

    The m6 and vk3601 have the worst win ratios at teir 6? I loved playing both of those tanks

  8. This TD should be tier 5, like Tiger II should be a tier 7

  9. Of course if you have a perfect matchup, you will win. You see if a tank is really balanced in a +2 matchup. There this slug would be destroyed immediately
    For a time I thought it would be better if I played this instead of beginning a new line of TDs. Fortunately I didn’t and started one of the funniest lines in WoT.

  10. I like my Churchill GC. Even in the worst games it gives my team something to smile about.

  11. yeah but, SU-100 is soviet… russian bias, remember…

  12. apparently, according to my clan mates, the church GC actually isn’t half bad in WoT Blitz…. i honestly don’t believe them.

  13. how about an old classic like t150, or tiger 1? Gj on the GC

  14. anyone else hearing some noise from his mic?

  15. How about AMX M4 mle 45 , that thing if they dropped it a tier lower it wouldnt be all that op to say the least, or AMX 12t that has a 20s reload for 4 low alpha shots and intraclip reload that is the same as reload on type 64 for about same damage lol.

  16. Woah the M6 and Vk 36 is that bad?
    I did grind all that EXP needed to get the Churchill GC.

  17. Worst tank? – The french duck, grinding past it drove me quackers (ba-da-boom).

  18. how many bad games did you play before you got this good one?

  19. I dislike how easy it is to defend your cap circle, in any game mode, especially defend mode. The capture circles are all in the open or have obvious minimum cover.

  20. This was one of the most entertaining videos I have ever watched on your channel! Perhaps, inspecting some of those quirky (and argueably bad tanks) is a recipe for great tank reviews. Although, no matter how big of a turd a tank is in this game it will always have some cult following.

  21. Get on the rich line use your 10 degrees of gun depression just wiggle and pray ???

  22. Valentine 1 calling, still awful even on its special day.

  23. I like the one in my garage.

  24. This TD is a dead end. Who on Earth would play this? It’s just silly. Why is this tank in the tech tree? WG sometimes makes no sense…

  25. When I marked this it was 1,3k combined to 3 mark… sounds low I guess but there are so many easier tier 6 3 marks, fe. it’s much easier to 3 mark good tanks like Cromwell.

  26. The Churchill GC is a bad tank, yes, but you can make it work. You won’t get huge games in it, but “decent” is possible. I also found out that you usually make a 5-digit-profit in it. The gun is really good and can pen basically everything it ever meets, even from the front.
    If it got buffed only slightly (bigger gun arc or armor/health-buff) it would be pretty good.

  27. TheIcelandicPrincess

    Jingles for fun, QuickyBaby for education 😉

  28. In Wotblitz, the Jg.Pz.IV with full equipment, crew and everything has 3300 DPM….Balance

  29. well it is beter then m3 lee

  30. My matchmaker is the worst tank tier for tier

  31. I bet it took 414 games to get a good replay. 😀

  32. Well!… No amount of complaining about how bad the Churchill gun carrier is will detract from the dirty seal clubbing my eyes just bore witness too QB :p

  33. Let’s vote for St Emil now!

  34. Im a special snowflake:)

  35. *Q* —- How do you stop a Churchill T6 tank destroyer in its tracks ?
    *A* —- Put some chewing gum on the road ahead of it.

  36. QB, the worst standard tank in the game is Sturer Emil (not counting lower tier tanks, because the players at lower tier are just learning the game rules and mechanics). It stays at tier VII, has 47% winratio, average XP in battle is 460, average number of battles is 140, while almost 400k players own it (or rather owned).

  37. well ok but AT8 is impossible to play for me, slow as a slug, no gun elevation or depression, always behind in the battle because of this new meta of 15-2 games where everything is really fast… what a pain to play those british gun destroyers…

  38. im laughing when you say its suck

  39. They should make Churchill hybrid TD/HT with dual gun system.

  40. No no no no no no no no…tier for tier worst tank in the game is valentine both premium and non premium versions….

  41. Yes, I played my Churchill I so much that I could switch to this tank. Since others do not like the Churchill I even I have a mark of excellence on it with 110 games. In my opinion the real stinker in the Britisch line is the Churchill VII because of its gun. But maybe I am just a bit strange since I like my Churchill I, my BP and my Caernarvon. Britisch Babes battle best 😉

  42. He made quite a few jingles’esque mistakes in this vid.

    Has he been infected?

  43. Frédéric Guignabaudet

    DW2 is worse than this turd imo

  44. Another good game with a bad tank good job quickybaby

  45. people just want to challenge u

  46. and you call the SU-100Y a boxtank

  47. *Happy Valentine’s Day to Everyone!!!* ?????????????????

  48. yesterday Ive played 3 times (on friends account) the Black prince tier 8 and that one is also a utterly slow moving tank.
    First 2 games I was just too slow to be able to be usefull in the game , first had to drive like 3.5 minutes to get into the action.
    When arrived at the action the last enemys left where one shot 100ish hp tanks.
    So gotta move up to another spot to be able to have new targets , guess what it was again too late in action so managed to hit 240ish dmg while constantly driving and driving and driving and driving….
    Its just too slow to relocate.

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