REVIVING TEAMMATES! – Medic in WAR THUNDER (War Thunder Tank Gameplay)

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REVIVING TEAMMATES! – Medic in WAR THUNDER (War Thunder Tank Gameplay)


  1. Challenge:phly use a very fast tank and a plane of your choice and be a
    flanker and flank big tonks form behind

  2. ply, I’ve watched like all of your warthunder tank videos and been trying
    to learn your tatics but I still suck at it, please help!

  3. Why is there always a single player coloured green in WarThunder? What does
    it mean when the name is green ?

  4. there medic now that cool

  5. Attempt #200462 (actually #7) *vietnam war combo* M551 Sheridan and the
    AD-2, 9f-8 cougar, or the 86F-25

  6. I think that fire extinguisher feature must come with the tank itself and
    require no research upgrade. It makes sense to upgrade for extra spare
    parts to put into the tank but to research the fire extinguisher after
    going into the heat of battle??
    Anyway, most tanks have extinguisher channels that feed in to the engine
    room, so to assist them to extinguish fire in the engine room will require
    them to either replace the flame retardant reservoir or open the engine bay
    then douse the flame. A somewhat complicated process to be applied to War
    Thunder in my opinion.

  7. hey brother! try the “Invasion of Normandy” combo, land your choice of
    Sherman on the beaches of Normandy (or where ever the game happens to put
    you) and deliver a dose of freedom! after the successful landing, call in
    the P51 mustang of your choice to clean up any remaining resistance! love
    your vids, keep it up! first attempt ever lol

  8. Remove the fucking cancer minion siren

  9. Take out the Valentine Combo, take out the Valentine XI and The Valentine
    IX with the Spitfire La

  10. Take any tank you want but load HE only.
    Yes, HE only..

  11. Hey try the super Pershing and the b-29 #1

  12. Hey Phly take the new Russia bias combo Type-62 with HEATFS and Pe-8 with
    5000 kg make Stalin proud attempt 1

  13. challenge you are the police you are only allowed to kill people who have
    shot your squad mate

  14. Pea-Shooter Challenge:
    Kill an enemy using the Hampden Mk. I without using turrets(only fixed 7.7
    mm and bombs)

  15. It’s my birthday

  16. Deus Vult!! (Habemus Gladii Duo!)

    it has over 215 pen which can go right through the ferdi if he knows where
    to shoot

  17. Take out the sad as fuck combo. T32 with AD-2.

  18. i might give that a go

  19. spit mk v trop

  20. I don’t know about Fire Share, but you should get SP for helping repair
    tanks. Not sure how much but you should get just as much as you do for
    spotting vehicles for people in planes. Imagine if you ran around and could
    help any tank repair.

  21. American sushi combo : Japanese Sherman and Japanese corsair. Attempt #2

  22. Morgandrogyny (Dehuman)

    I think for this challenge you need to take an spaa

  23. Challenge: Take japanese Sherman, or any other american vehicles from
    japanese tree, to Simulator battles and infiltrate to enemy lines. Let’s
    see how that gonna work. ^^
    Attempt #4

  24. U should do the Beaufort with the 500kg bombs and take out the Churchill
    and show that British bias

  25. Betray your British brothers and do the ✙Germans✙ proud. Play the
    ✙Infanterie Kampfpanzer Churchill along with the ✙Wellington Mk Ic

  26. You should do the kv-1 l-11 and the il 2 37 mm

  27. Oroville dam is about to clapse

  28. Hey fly take out the op Hunter f1 and the and the not so op Conquer I hope
    you have a great time

  29. Flubbering Philistine

    I thought cyrillic was pronounced

  30. no attempt to kill 34-85?

  31. Challenge: Take out a tank of your choosing but in order to kill an enemy
    tank you must be linked by tow cable to at least one ally. Bonus points if
    you can drag around your ally (bullet sponge)
    Good luck

  32. I feel like it would have made more sense to take an AA out. That way you
    could defend with anti-air.

  33. Every russian keyboard have english letters on them, just in case…

  34. Warthunder Super Challenge : Attempt….#forgot how many
    Get your tank into a flying bug in a Online Sim battle with one of the
    following tanks :
    M56 Scorpion
    Please make warthunder Space program (Sunglasses

  35. derpest challenge in the world!(use the russian kv2 with 152mm, and the
    pe-8. must use 5000kg

  36. I think your FPE idea is good, I also think when you are on a freindly cap
    you should get more extinguishers.

  37. can you do a custom battle chieftain and t 62 vs t62 and leopard

  38. wait, we can help our friend repairing?

  39. Phly take the good and bad combo the M3A1 and the p-36A

  40. jancok

  41. Challenge Time!

    Indirect Fire 1:
    Take out the Brummbär and get a tank kill without line of sight. For
    example on berlin shoot form your base to the other base or behind a

    Viel Glück Kamerad!

  42. Unleash hell! M18 Hellcat and Grumman F6F Hellcat!

  43. PhlyDali here is a challenge, take out the (Nashorn) in tier 5 with the
    (me262 a1/u4)

  44. You can press alt+shift on a Russian keyboard to switch to English inputs.

  45. dude you should do more support or medic roles. your pretty good at it aand
    its looks fun to watch xD

  46. Kek. APCR. ))

  47. play wows

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