Reward Tank Nobody Plays With… | World of Tanks Object 777 Version II

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Object 777 Version 2, 9 Russian Heavy Tank Gameplay. World of Tanks Tier 9 Special Reward Tank.

Today, after almost 2 years I am once again going to play with Object 777 Version II, which is not the most popular tank in World of Tanks. You do not see them on the battlefield too often, so why is that? Let's test it out again!

Let me know what you think about all of that!


  1. At first players thought it will be OP, but not the most popular tank, but I bet it still has its fanbase who loves it… So how do you feel about it?
    Have a nice day!

  2. this video also shows how BORING hull down meta is.

  3. I really like this tank; it’s a beast as a sidescrapper, and the speed build allows you to make some funny memes.

  4. My son and I love our 777, it’s awesome.
    Kylock, EU

  5. holy moly! lol

  6. I love this tank so much, snapshot king!

  7. How do you keep the HP alt on all the time?

  8. Great video Dez! I actually like my Ob777. Armor is reliable, and hits hard. I run mine with turbo to help get into positions faster at the start of the game. With a good crew it works great.

  9. I like it as a driving school support tank for expert crews, and it will shine in FrontLine.

  10. make episode about t9 premiums vs t9 rewards

  11. this thing armor is so stupid like 257

  12. wdym nobody plays with it, this tank is mega troll in my opinion.

  13. I like it. I play it all the time.

  14. Is there a reason you don’t move vents into the bonus block for items since vents covers all of them for the extra stats

  15. I used all my BP points for bonds instead of getting this tank.

  16. Its not that its bad, the reason people werent and still arent so excited about it is because its yet another object that looks and plays like 50 other objects. Many took char futur just to have something different. 777 is a dull russian tank that you jump in and feel like you already played it, because you did, its basically the same as the other russian heavy medium type things, or objects i should say.

    • Def agree. Also when comparing the 777 to some of its tech tree counterparts: the 257, IS-3-II, and T-10 are frankly better/more enjoyable tanks in my opinion. In contrast, the AE Phase 1 is significantly better version of the M103, and the Char is a step up from the Bat Chat AP

    • @___Von___ Bat chat AP is a turd of unbelievable proportions, I am grinding it right now and I hate every second of it. Its mostly the gun I despise, I hated it on the AMX and I hate it now.

  17. I actually like this tank a lot. Much more than the AE Phase I. The reason why I rarely play with it is not that easy. It does not make any extra credits, it does not need to be upgraded to continue a line like a tech tree tier 9 and it’s just a jack of all trades. It has the same problem as I felt with the T-54 and the Obj 140. They are good tanks and every time I play them I have good results but they do not have anything flashy. So I find myself play the JPZ E100 more than the 140 because it has its unique characteristic, the badaboom gun. Is it a better tank? No. Does it provide unique gameplay? Yes. Same with the 777. Is it good? I think yes, I really like its gun, yes it can be derpy but it’s nothing out of the ordinary and it has the safety russian HEAT when you don’t even have to aim. But is it interesting? Not really.

  18. yes – would like to see an episode featuring all the tier 9 reward tanks

  19. I have an idea for the future if you want , play all the tanks in both campaigns .

  20. I think some players avoid it because Skill4ltu rated it as bad

  21. I think a series on the reward tanks would be good Dez.

  22. March 2020 was two years ago!!??? Omg

  23. i real hate when a is 7 take a spot i am working it get on my nerves

  24. i want to see you play all the reward tanks

  25. can you do one with all the bond tanks as well

  26. Still have it, play it, like it, and of course use my Obj 277 crew.

  27. Hate me but i will say it. This tank is better than the Wz 114 marathon tank.

  28. Yep..Do all of the Tier 9 Reward tanks….
    Peace, Schitzen_Giggelz (EU)

  29. good tank and u can play it during frontline

  30. 777 II sidescrapes well enough, probably it best feature overall. I suppose there are better alternatives with stronger turret armour and punchier guns that allowed players to forget about it.

  31. goof vehicle, i enjoy it quite a lot. monster hull dow and a decent sidescraper, the dpm is decent, but my concern it the gun wich is rather weak.

  32. It’s a good tank I think, as a reward it was my only higher tier in my free to play account… very happy with it. Not a monster but very playable!

  33. I would like to see you play all of the Reward vehicles please because those tanks don’t get very much content at all and I would like to see some more. Thanks for this one and keep it up Dez! 🙂

  34. Yes, do the tier 9 reward tanks, & yes I have Object 777 Version II, but I got so many reward tanks lately, I have not outfitted nor picket a crew for it. Thank You.

  35. I read the title n thought maybe the113 BO,, lol, but it’s not a reward tank

  36. This tank looks like XL version of LT-100

  37. Sebastian Lenkiewicz

    I like this tank. Honestly I feel like I use this tank more often than AE Phase 1 tbh. Fun vehicle to use in my opinion

  38. Obj. 777 unleash the beast..

  39. It has surprisingly good hull armor but weak turret armor

  40. Yes please, do episode for all reward tanks 🙂 Thank you!

  41. Yesterday I faced it in the open field and had quite trouble penetrating it with my double-barelled premium. I was quite surprised that even its side was rather thick.

  42. Ngl. The obj. 777 is a bit anoing to counter but luckily its not op.
    llp_1 from EU server

  43. Namegoeshere Orhere

    See them all the time on NA. I’ve never played mine but when facing them they sure don’t seem bad.

  44. Willehardt ekström

    In my honest opinion, the Obj 777 v II is a really good well rounded tank. With a turbo charger it’s very nimble aswell. The problem it has is the fact that it’s competing with the AE phase 1 which is better on ridges. And thanks to the current meta of everything just wanting to sit hull down at a ridge, the 777 doesn’t always get a chance to shine.

    P.S the Obj 777 v II is my absolute favorite tank when I wanna play for laughs and still do well.

  45. I like this tank

  46. Next to the AE Phase I this is one of my favourite tier IX heavies. The ones I can score 2000 average damage being a ~1200wn8 player

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