Reward Tanks Banned + 25,000 Free Gold Giveaway! | World of Tanks Ranked Battles 2020-2021

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Source: DezGamez

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World of Tanks Ranked Battles 2021 – 2021 Season Rewards, New Bond Shop, New System and Reward Tanks Banned. World of Tanks 2020 10th Anniversary – ACT 3. World of Tanks 25,000 Free Giveaway.

► Ranked Battles article:

Today’s episode is going be about ranked battles next season which kicks off mid-summer 2020. In those next ranked battle seasons they introduced many changes to the progression and also to the matchmaking. All the clan wars and other missions special rewards tanks have been removed and you will only be able to play with
Enjoy the show!


  1. So this news dropped today, which made many players happy about the upcoming changes in Ranked Battles, but what is your take on it?
    Enjoy the video and the rest of your day, still can’t believe we hit *200,000 subscribers* so fast… You are just FANTASTIC and good luck in yet another giveaway! ❤❤🔥🔥
    Chapters in the videos:
    00:00 – Introduction
    01:20 – New progression
    02:24 – Bonus battles and missions
    03:25 – New leaderboard
    04:04 – Giveaway announcement and rules
    07:16 – New items for Bonds
    08:53 – Discounts for Players
    09:50 – Rewards Tanks in Ranked
    12:47 – Conclusion

    • We love your content, keep up! 😉

    • Adalberto Santana

      Congrats Dez, you deserved it 😉
      I have a question. What is the song at 7:30? I liked the vibes =)

    • Very much appreciated DezGamez and Congratulation on hitting 200k subs !!!! ^^ I’m literally honored just to be in 15 sec of your video and I’m so happy that allot of players get what they deserved. More base skill ranked battles and less OP tanks 😛 Keep up the good work and I’m waiting for the 300k milestone ^^

    • Jon .knallpistol

      low volume on this one ?

    • username: born_to_pl6y
      Hopefully I can unlock those t10 tank to try out rank after all this year grinding

  2. Love the changes, definitely needed. Flyingtank0100 EU server

  3. Nickname:dokholidej
    Good to know that wg doing something

  4. Username: Sombrerolover69
    Server: EU

    I think wargaming need to put out more focus on sombrero related content for ranked battles. Sombrero’s been completely overlooked in World of Tanks and I find this unacceptable 🙁

  5. Abdelrahman El Kinani

    Positive decision from WG. A bit overdue to realize that reward vehicles are actually harming gaming experience for the majority of players.
    Username: GOROZX
    Server: EU

  6. Username: stocholm
    Server: EU
    I like that WG is making game easier for new players.

  7. Nightmares of ranked battles finally gone xD
    username: matcool7
    Server: EU

  8. Bogdan Prohozescu

    I play WoT for fun, I don’t have a tier X tank, so do not know what ranked battles are. BobPro, from EU server.

  9. Username: Black_SwanNL
    Server: EU
    Ranked battles are still for only the players that pay the most. F2P players can’t afford to play a complete season with gold ammo only. So I am still not feeling the mode.
    Because “skilled” players in ranked battles are the ones that can afford the gold only play.

  10. Username: Veloraptorst
    Server: eu
    Best think about ranked battles? I can finally let my s conq shine in all its glory

  11. Name: Paserak_
    Server: EU
    I really interested how many 430U will be in rankeds, but change is positive

  12. Christiaan le Roux

    I might consider getting a tier 10 tank for ranked battles. I feel this might be better now.

    Eu Server

  13. Username: komodo267
    Server: EU
    I dont play rankeds, but i think its normal ban this stupid OP tank

  14. Username : edevjoe
    server : EU
    Its nice that they are banning reward tank from Ranked . Im going to try it out !

  15. Michael Fitzpatrick

    Username: OneFitzableBoi
    Server: Asia
    I might actually try ranked this season then, if this update really does push through.

  16. Ranked? Couldnt care less.. But its a good mode to ban those OP tanks.
    Carius666 EU

  17. Username: LJPunksdad
    Server: NA
    Congratulations on 200,000! I see you getting many more as you put out great content.
    I like what they have done for ranked battles, I have never played them but would think about it now.

  18. Étienne Ringuette

    Nice move from wg on this one!

    And also congrats for your 200k! Glad to be one of them!

    Username : Carlopop2
    Server NA

  19. Username: Axis_Emperor
    Server: NA

    It’s good to see WG making Ranked Battles a game mode that people can participate in fairly, especially for the players who only have tech tree tanks and none of the OP ones

  20. I´ll try ranked battles this time. I think that changes were necessary and hopefully it improves gameplay a little bit.
    Username: Middle44
    Server: EU

  21. Username: Akitsushima_1
    Server: SEA
    I don’t play ranked battles so I can’t really say.

  22. Aleksander Jaklič

    Username: sanader11
    Server: EU
    I really like the change for ranked battles it was a Chieftain fiesta before that

  23. Server: NA
    IGN: Fellglaive
    Now I’m more likely to play this mode. Broken and reward tanks should NOT be in a competitive mode like this. I myself have played this game for many years, however I never got any reward tanks from clan wars due to me not being in a clan. Also certain reward tanks such as 279 e are extremely difficult to get and very broken. Tech tree tanks and most collector tanks like they are showing now show the capability of the player.

  24. IGN: vlad100
    Server: EU
    Maybe I’ll actually try ranked this season after I finish my grinding…only time will tell.

  25. USER NAME:BluesTraveler
    sERVER: NA
    Ranky Panky

  26. Now I can play ranked without being totally destroyed by chieftains, obj 907s, and obj 279es
    Username: Axemaster_iron
    Server: NA

  27. Server : asia
    Nickname : Zeta_Destiny
    I think i will give a try for ranked using JPE100

  28. Name: mhedderson04
    Server: NA
    Might actually try it when I get myself a tier 10

  29. Username : CHAZEME
    Server: Asia

    WG doin this adjustments must be really puting attention on the ranked game results and chances of players getting their price goal thru the ranked games but i must say it is still not enough, since there are still unmentioned vehicles that need some revamps that hopefully in the future will be balance out as well this not only for the sake players that spending money on the game but also for free to play players that barely moving on the ranks in game. One thing about this new adjustments that i like the most is that they safely ruled out to use collectors and researcheable vehicles only to giveway to players that did not had the chance to own such mentioned vehicles, now it will be a big relief to play again like the old times, well i guess some players will disagree to this but please think about it first just for example object 279e will u be able to compete with a buff tank that u cant even pen unless u have very high pen or go for its back or sides or targeting that small cupola? On the hands of inexperience players that tank is almost undying already what if more a veteran is driving it. For some players yeah they can do something about it but for players who are just still starting and also wants to experience the rank game its scary, Now with WG implementing this rank games will now be played more competitively. Oh yes the Leaderboard finally we will now have the chance to see players aiming not only for the price rewards also for the number one spot that surely will gona be exciting hopefully WG also makes this option where u can watch ur favorite player fighting for the number one spot this will give more diverse views on what to do and how to play wot more effectively just by watching experience players play.

    Finally DezGamez thanks and more power to your channel hope to see more informative contents in the future.

  30. This will be my first season competing in ranked so I hope the changes are positive!

    Name – se14mayhem Server – EU

  31. _Battlesnake_ NA
    For the first time ever, I am considering trying my hand at ranked battles.

  32. Server: EU
    Username: bozz996
    Perfect 👌

  33. I think the changes will be positive. I have seen what is going on on the test server and it seems positive for those that can think for themselves and put the card effects together. i am on the NA server and my user name is ptolemyiv

  34. Now WoT ranked wont be such a nonsense, when there will be no reward tanks.

  35. IGN: Opes
    Server: NA
    Since this is my first ranked ever, I have no expectations at all which is nice

    I tino its a Wayne to improve competitive skills!

  37. trapolTH
    I am playing in an Asia server which there is no skill required beacause everybody is spamming God damn gold they would just double click 2 and autoaim click kill Its so frustrating to play in a Japanese heavy and I can’t wait for the ammo rebalance!

  38. Name: kaznit1
    Server: EU
    Question: i don’t play ranked myself but i do find it intresting they remove rewards tanks :O HUGE change. and good change in my humble opinion. they very too imbalanced and left alot of people behind when competing on a “level” field that is ranked.

  39. Username: master_47
    Server: EU
    This gold will maybe convince me to start playing WoT again 😛

  40. Ranked battles Doris have 2 sessions each day. And you can only participate in either session not both. I work evenings so I will never be able to participate in ranked. I spend a lot of time playing this game but cannot participate in the evening only events, which they have often.

    NA server


  41. Username: sfidat
    Server: EU
    Interesting, I might try ranked this time around 🙂

  42. 279 e and fv4201/t95 are completely op af. We all know that. And it seems wargaming does too! Great changes to reward tanks! Maybe I can finally try ranked in my beloved type 5.
    Username: 27119003
    Server: NA

    Now i can use my 430u and 277 for rank battle’s ❤

  44. User: Pf_Tom
    Server: EU
    No “OP” Tanks in this mode? Yeah i like it … roll out!

  45. Username: Ostblockdrama
    Server: EU
    “I really appreciate that wargaming has removed the overpowered tanks from the ranked game mode. This way it is a little bit more fair and competitive!”

  46. Magnus Likes Tanks

    Username: maggluss
    Server: EU

    I respect the changes they’re making to ranked, maybe I’ll give it a go now that I won’t get curb stomped by 279’s every game. At least this shows that someone at WG has a brain. It’s just a shame that this doesn’t show in more aspects of the game.

  47. Serv: EU Username: FrenchLoser_X to bad I just got my chieftain (for real it is good changes)

  48. New stuff for bonds seems like it could be cool.
    Username: Sgtjacques1
    Server: NA

  49. Imre József Kovács

    I like this changes, I think Wargaming did well with this upcoming Ranked Battles.
    User name: imjozs10
    Server : EU

  50. With these changes (mainly reward tanks banned), I just might try out ranked.
    UN: Mutton_Man
    Srvr: NA

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