Rewards for 10th Anniversary Celebration! | World of Tanks Anniversary 2020

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Couple days ago I released my look at the World of Tanks 10th Anniversary event episode, revealing the “secret code”, which didn’t get me so hyped… Today it time to look at the rewards!

Are they going to shower us with stuff? Are those disappointing? Let’s talk about that!

►Tanks in action / мир танков :
– All the tanks!


  1. I can’t wait for the acts and a little Time Warping, as a “Veteran” of the game! 🙂 Event looks nice on paper, and I am actually *HYPED* about that, but the main reward…
    I do get the point, as T30 was THE BIGGEST first change in the entire tech tree back in the days. To be moved down from tier 10 heavy tank to tier 9 destroyer position is a big move + all the players who had T34 as a tier 9 standard heavy tank got it as a PREMIUM tank for free! Massive moves, right, but… To make 3D style about it as a main reward, which gets you hyped for 2 hours is a bit “too generous”? Or am I a needy b***h and want too much? MAYBE they are sneaky and slap more prizes into our face, will see.. I am going to ENJOY the event anyway, no matter what! Thoughts?

    • No Need to worry dez or be sorry. This is Shit. Like i get that that T30 was / is a Special Tank For some people. But For a 10 year anerversay wich is a Long Time For a Game this is Just poor. At least give people Like Special Mission where they can get Something better than a Style for a Tank, some people dont even own. And i hate that they Bring Back all Chat.. just to remember all the toxic Players from the enemy Team…

    • Shinyone Incarnate

      @Shubham Sheetlani Yes, no change.

    • I’d like to say disappointed but I’m so desensitized after so many years of this by WG. TOO GENEROUS ABSOLUTELY. Ok, back to War Thunder I guess…

    • @dezgamez “bundles containing legendary vehicles and unique 2d styles” does it mean we can get the tanks as well? :O

    • Shinyone Incarnate

      @Wild Bill Arizona Different day, same sh1t !

  2. I usually don’t complain but this realy looks like wg is asking more then givin which is disappointing if i did not love the game so much i would terminate mi account on spot

  3. The general chat means the in game chat during matches you can speak to enemies sorry for bad engllish.

  4. So they went from giving out stuff to selling stuff FABULOUS >_>

  5. Crap! I was expecting a special tank as a reward!

  6. Sigh, can these game designers make missions and special rewards more complicated ? Are they all coming off previous careers in politics ? Oh and then the ultimate prize is totally mediocre….oops I mean ” A MIND BLOWING SKIN “. ya like just a tank skin is going to blow my mind.

  7. It they let me buy some rare premium or special vehicles with Anniversary Coins only (no real-world money involved) then I would be happy.

  8. I was hoping for at least a free garage slot, but I was dissapointed

  9. What can you expect. Remember the last rewards for the code: 5 fire extinguisher. Now it is a style for a tank a don’t even like. “Cool” reward.

  10. Sick of grinding and missions after missions

  11. I’ve been playing WOT since the beginning, stopped playing after wheeled vehicles were introduced to the TANK game and changed the entire gameplay for the worse. I really don’t care about these meaningless rewards, just want the gameplay changed, till then…F.U. wargaming!

  12. Sounds like it will be almost as great as the last Black Market……

  13. What a waste of time, none of these decals will work if you use the standard cammo. (100 uses) You will have to spend gold to buy the original cammo!

  14. I think its absolutely not fair because some PEOPLE grind just T95 like me and ee don’t get cammo?¿Wg please…

  15. Didn’t they for the last few years just give us stuff ? like didn’t we get 4-5 million credits,a decal, a special medal,and premium time ? and a tank .

  16. This is a bigger disappointment than I am to my parents

  17. This game needs to die! This is fucking retarded… Those Russians are simply too stupid… Im at a loss for words…

  18. Russell Neglia-Wong

    Bring back the Karl and Operation Winter please. The 8 bit stuff was the most fun I ever had in this game

  19. Omfg we can finally talk to the enemy team again!!!!!!! I can’t wait for the WTe100. I wonder if they will make us face 15 AI WTe100 or if they will let me get my fucking tank back, just for the period?!?!!!!!

  20. AND the biggest flop in their 10 years, a skin for a T30 which I don’t have and don’t want, i think their code 1357 for a pathetic prize was a hint of what to expect! maybe they are thinking the number increases of players recently is about WOT, when in fact I think Corona is giving them a helping hand. FTW

  21. 8 years down the drain for me.

  22. Play the EBR 105 without stopping once and see how much distance you can travel

  23. everything slows down 10 years I say 10 years that I play wot and what they give me dust … but that they go to be blessed….

  24. please let us start a storm of shit on these idiots

  25. It’s the five year anniversary of my quitting WOT!
    It’s been a most wonderful time, and I look forward to many years free of their lies, deceit, and betrayal.

  26. joke this ius

  27. rewards suck!
    and still we are getting milked for more money.
    aint going to get better with those greedy ruskies.

  28. Really dumg wg ways of celebration…… Pay to get. Pay to win… And now even pay to celebrate…. FFS wg such a milestone and let us completely Down with only a 3D style – _-”

  29. Im gonna use chat just to flame all EBR driver…. muhaha and ignore the grind.

  30. Unbelievable… even now WG is too greedy to GIVE usefull stuff for once… at least you would hope that they would let you buy gold with the points you get, but no, free to play has to struggle for eternity…

  31. Otto von Bismarck

    which is the secret code, and if is 1357 how prople found out the first day?

  32. I don’t even have the T 30 to ehh

  33. Needaman Carpentry

    I don’t care nor do i take much notice of missions, the game is fun. But the management of it sux. I play for fun, when i have time.

  34. Other games:
    Game 1: get a free ship! get some unique rewards we made just for the event only, we also filled your resources and gave you some money and a month of Premium!
    Game 2: we gave you the opportunity to get stuff we stopped selling years ago and 3 legendary items to help you on your journey!
    Wargaming: happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, you came in thinking it was a party, but comrade won’t give you tank for free!

  35. ohhh boyyy, ohhh boy, oh boy…can’t wait to grind 60 Hour + to get a 3D style.

  36. Am I the only one who is kinda lost in the way it’s gonna work?

  37. So far So BaDdddddss Pay to celebrate pay to Win Real life Story Fuking Biiiiiiiii

  38. Why does it always have to be so complicated? They can’t just be like, hey thanks for playing, here’s some free shit, carry on, no it’s gotta be hey do a bunch of missions on top of the other like 20 missions that are already available

  39. Style 3D and open chat for 10th anniversary hahaha. go to hell WG.

  40. You know would of been better than this a 50 percent sale on tier 8 premiums rather than 15 percent or better yet every person thats played for over 5 years gets a free premium tank of their choice that would be generous and be a meanful reward unless you get the mutant or kv5 for free for putting that much time in fuck it if i wanted either of them i would of bought them when they were on offer.

  41. Guys, wait. This is the way WG likes to annoy us. To play with us. Seeing us raging an complaining. Wait and look in your garage tomorrow. And you will be happy to find a premium tear IX tank with 100% crew.
    And we will smile and forget everything.

  42. General chat is you can chat with red team in battle.

  43. Some info for you all, there are 5 acts that run until August. The T30 skin prize is for the first act so there are another 4 to be revealed over the coming months. There are some useful things to buy with the coins: 1 hour 100% xp & 300% crew xp for 20 coins each. Also a universal “sense of direction” camo for 150 coins. I play on the ASIA server and 1.9 dropped this morning so this is all ingame info.

  44. The Christmas was better :)) This is BS.

  45. You can see the enthusiasm loud talking at the beginning of the video, 10 minutes later mumbling words with disappointment :))

  46. Im gonna say it for the people that didnt listend in the WG video they say the main event is in augustus so be pasticnce

  47. this is shit

  48. Does defender come once again to the shop?

  49. i mean wot and their rewards

  50. Meinungs Freiheit

    As a player who plays for 8 years and spent thousands of Euros, I would wish to have like one premium I can select for free. But we all know warshaming.

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