Rheinmetall Panzerwagen Review/Guide, Epic Platoon Carry in an Awful Tank

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Source: Taugrim

I review the Rhm Panzerwagen , a tier 10 German in World of Tanks (WoT), with a replay of an all tier 10 Steppes battle.

The Rheinmetall Panzerwagen is the worst-performing tier 10 tanks, due to the combination of huge profile, paper armor, and very poor DPM. I would rate the as worse than the Sheridan, given that the latter has higher alpha (390 vs 320) and higher DPM.

Our platoon manages to pull off one of the rarest combination of medals – Crucial Contribution with Brothers in Arms – in what was a huge come-from-behind carry.

Strengths and Weaknesses
+ Superb gun depression (-10)
+ Excellent top speed (75)
+ Good accuracy (0.36 base), but still crap for a German tank
+ High penetration (120)
– Huge profile
– Paper armor
– Relatively low camo
– Very poor DPM
– As with all tier 10 lights, suffers from high penetration loss over distance

Recommended Equipment
1. Optics
2. VStab
3. Rammer

I talk through how I'm reading the battle as it unfolds and discuss key decisions and mistakes. My hope is that these videos meaningfully help players improve their gameplay.

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    3. has tier 8-10 tanks (i.e. I don’t want to give a tier 8 premium to a player who has no tier 8 experience)

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    P.S. I and other NA Community Contributors have asked WG whether we can get codes for other regions (e.g. EU, RU, etc) but we were told it’s too much coordination to make happen. Maybe someday they’ll support it.

  2. Wonder why the T57 was on your blacklist… LOL

  3. Funny to hear you saying you’ve never seen someone going to the north side of the enemy defensive positions, like the Super Conq did. I always go there, because I usually have back-up from allied td’s who are around base. Once someone plays aggressive against my aggressive play, they will be punished by the td’s.

    Nice carry and as usual: no premium rounds used=) I admit that getting a Crucial Contribution these days is great. It’s rare as well, as far as I know. It’s been long ago since I’ve had battles with players in it getting that medal.

    • I should clarify…sometimes fast tanks, especially light tanks and mediums, will sit on the near-side of the east-west ridge and proxy spot enemy tanks, for their TDs to kill.

      That happens quite often.

      However I’ve never a side win east, then have players push on the inside of that east-west ridge like bloop did.

  4. Taugrim never loads premium rounds. His platoon made only loads premium rounds (and a few HE).

  5. Francisco Teixeira de Almeida

    Sgt_Slow here. Since I’m a lame player, every video you post is a fine lesson to be learnt.

    Currently I’m grinding the French light tanks branch. Still playing the Duck.

  6. Great Video as always NA; Xuthus

  7. Dubyajayx

  8. Really good video bro, i guess ill stay with ny RU251 lol, maybe wg buffs the panzerwagen, keep up the goog wirk bro, take care, have a good one

  9. I guess I’m a tad bit late but thanks for these guides Taugrim, they’re really informative and I learn a lot from them. I’m actually going down the Rhm Pzw line myself but after watching this, I’m probably going to grind some other tanks as grinding through the t8 HWK 12 isn’t that fun to play.
    Ign: Nato_Piano

    • The Ru 251 is a good tank so that is worth unlocking. But I wouldn’t buy the Rhm Pzw unless WG decides to finally fix it. It’s the worst-performing tier 10 tank.

  10. Great video. Your opinion of this tank is similar to most of you tubers I watch. The strategic commentary is terrific and separates you from most other WoT youtubers. That and showing how to play well without spamming gold. I was fortunate to have played with you in a game , ClockworkCannon.

  11. jimbeam the redneck

    Nice vid and platoon gameplay for sure.

    In game name: Jimbeamtheredneck

  12. I know i am late but it isn’t pinned yet 😛 Great video and carry, I like the multi prospective.

    zigguart, NA

  13. ยุรศักดิ์ คงขันธ์

    As expect S.conq full gold pretty common

  14. Luís Augusto Panadés

    In Game name: PCA_PANADES
    Nice video: totally honest. German vehicles underperform in almost all aspects. Wargaming needs to rethink them. They can’t stay like they are… need a lot of strong buffs.

  15. Enjoy your channel and learn a lot.


  16. Nice vid Taugrim. NA IGN: rwunkh2017

  17. I’d love to try the HWK 30, I just started with the HWK 12.
    IGN: wotcanuckle

  18. To have your light tank NOT in the frontline during whole of the battle takes its nerves. Not about the game has it this way for lights to spot, but all chat goes upset with me tactically hiding behind Bush in second front as enemy team got their lights spotted and destroyed. Still there are many in ally team go insanely angry with this move. Some cases I stayed after being destroyed just to follow chat after me gone and I can assure that they wanted me dead because I was threat to their own damage and winning factors. Even have been team shot. What is it about this hatred against light tanks players?

  19. IGN: Penultimatum (on NA)

  20. you have really helpful vids my dude

  21. Have seen you in game a number of times just never in the right tank to play alongside you super well.

  22. If they just gave this gun its alpha back it would do wonders for it.

    • Yea. I think the Rhm Pzw should have a laser-precision gun with good alpha, which would be consistent with how the other lights and meds in the German tree work.

  23. Herman Klein Nagelvoort

    I love this tank. It has the best very good view range and is perfect for that. I love to play aggressive with it. The use of the HEP ammo is godlike. Use it more on heavy tanks and you will see that others do the damage for you….

    • The HEP is really good. It has a higher pen (120) than what I stated in the video (102).

    • Herman Klein Nagelvoort

      Taugrim that’s why I don’t understand the reason of shooting gold ammo with a light tank…… HE(P) is much better way to get the damage done…. And if I am alone with enemy tank. I shoot at the rear to get that engine fire…. I think this tank AND the Sheridan are much better tier 10 light tanks, because for me view range is the most important thing on the light tank. GolKosh…… EU

  24. Thank you for the great videos

  25. The problem with this tank is not squishy factor everyone makes it out the be. (YES SCOUTING FIRST DUTY BUT ITS A PASSIVE SCOUT FROM A SAFER REAR LINE CAPABLE OF MOVING TO DIFFERENT FLANKS )I think the fact it can’t fulfill it duty as secondary sniper support is because of not enough ammo AND low velocity HE are the key factors.If they would bump up the velocity on HE this tank could fix it self on maps that are all brawl or just make the maps bigger. (Specialties Sheridan lt has a derp, ebr has the wheeled special reverse and forward thing, t100 LT has concealment as special, WZ-132-1 has survivability as special, AMX 13 105 has autoloader) I get where they were going with this tank they try to make a miniature leopard 1.

    • Kinda hard to fight on brawl maps if the the tank is squishy every other tank sorta has a counter but this tank doesn’t, the current meta of the game doesn’t let this tank excel at what it is exceptional at .RAMMER OR VENTS YOUR CHOICE,VERT STABS AND OPTICS ARE A MUST.

  26. Masterfully played, taugrim and company.

  27. I really wish the German vehicles got some love… They’re still fun to play but they underperform compared to most other nations.
    Alrighty_Then (NA)

    • The tier 9 Ru 251 is a good tank, but the tanks from tier 6-8 and 10 all have meaningful flaws:
      Tier 6 VK 28.01: large profile
      Tier 7 SP 1C: glacial AP velocity
      Tier 8 HWK 12: glacial AP velocity
      Tier 10 Rhm Pzw: very large profile, long reload

  28. thank you for your thoughts 🙂

  29. IGN: OhMyMatt keep up the good videos man. I love hearing your constructive feedback on tanks.

  30. welp, let’s talk about the difference between ‘super unicum’,-around 3k wn8 and 5k wn8 player, not the ones seal clubbing in T67, elc amx and those kinda tanks but actual tier X tryhard

  31. FYI: I’ve probably solo-queued 90% of my battles. Especially when I am trying new tanks or trying to get good footage.

    When I platoon with other skilled players, we tend to win decisively and there aren’t that many teachable moments.

    bloop did carry a full gold ammo layout. I think players in heavies are more likely to do that due to having to brawl other heavies. I do think that bloop played incredibly well.

  32. I know the Panzerwagon is subpar but I enjoy it. It’s fast, the HEP is fun, looks cool. Succeeding in a bad tank is a bit of its own reward, isn’t it?

  33. General Gao's Chicken

    Anti-German Bias

  34. General Gao's Chicken

    289,000 credits for that ton of shite.

  35. I want i code 🙁 :,(

  36. I am currently grinding this tank, simply because it looks so good. I mean, if I wanted competitive LT, I would grind T100 LT, but Trashmetal Flipwagen is just so sexy I cannot help myself to get it. I am also quite a masochystic player, playing Tiger II, KV-4, … so this is another piece to my collection :D. Tier X lights just feel quite useless on many maps, with good-ones being one russian and mini batchat I think.

    I am some above average player who cares about stats, wr, wn8, … but there are two tanks I plan to play just for fun, because I love their look, but they are bad. First is derp-sheridan which I have, and second this .. flipwagen, or how do you want to call it 😀

  37. Really cool look at a battle from three different perspectives. Thanks for the insights. o7

  38. I kinda enjoy the gunhandling on the Rhm. Pzw. so far and somewhat the tank as well. I’m not gonna argue that it’s not a under-performing tanks. It could use several buffs. Thank you for another good video!
    /SlenderMoose EU.

  39. You mentioned a small mistake with the American heavy tank gun depression. The T110E5 also has 8 degrees of gun depression. Other than that, great vid. Nice change of pace to have another perspective analysis.

  40. Its not Commie so of course it sucks.

  41. Agree totally with the comments you make on this tank is exactly why I have never purchased this tank. I do have a question I have watched a lot of Unicum games I have noticed none have a ping higher than 80ms I play with 218ms I would love to play with a low ping to see if it makes a difference. I am not a great player but enjoy playing and I believe I am getting better especially watching videos like these. Have really enjoyed playing the Lt 100 and the LT432 since your videos on playing these would love to see more videos with these 2 tanks on more maps. Wish more tank players would watch some of these videos it would help heaps in game lol I know some people play just to have a release. My game name is”Skorpian”

  42. here’s my number – call me before you do another giveaway – 555-555-5555 =P jonniblaze

  43. 2900 wn8 is considered unicum?

  44. Very informative and enjoyable video. Thanks. I’d also like to see reviews of the tier 9 and 10 Italian line.
    I would like to hear your view about how you handle bad pubby match-ups? I have to say that this is now my biggest grievance with WOT because it just frustrates me to no end. I don’t understand why this game can’t come up with a MM that considers the quality of the players. Keep up the good work.

    • I’ve published a lot of videos in this series with me having to carry bad teams. Check out the other episodes, especially the titles.

  45. You should have given the hwk30 to someone who owns the Rheinmetal Pzerwagon 🙁

  46. funny, that bloop move is pretty common on EU1/2

  47. will bloop still be a super unicum when they nerf gold round damage? my guess is he will drop down to green.

    • Bloop is highly skilled. Yes, his damage would drop, but I would still expect him to be a Unicum like he is today. There are players who are borderline purple who rely heavily on gold rounds, and those players would likely slip into blue color rating.

  48. Light tank should not be able to pen any tank frontally. Not true in history and this is historical tank game not arcade game. Not sure where you got that idea from. You can shoot HEP and break tracks maybe or do some module damage. Good enough for light tank versus superheavy or armored TD.

    • So a light tank shouldn’t be able to frontally pen:
      1. other light tanks?
      2. squishy medium tanks?
      3. squishy TDs?
      4. arties

      Seriously? LOL.

  49. 268 v4 is trash. I grind it then next day they nerf it and clan doesn’t use it in CW anymore. Hardly ever see them. Another WG bait and switch. Get people spend free xp to get good meta tank then nerf shit out of it and its useless. Rinse and repeat.

  50. The difference between a Super Unicum and a Blue Player is that Super Unicum only carry premium rounds + a few HEs while on the Unicum side is that there will be a siren that will ring randomly , just kidding Sir , you all did a great job!

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