Rhm Borsig & SU-101 – Live Commentary – World Of Tanks

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Source: Plumb Tanker

Myself and Britzz platoon and have a rough evening of the Wot Matchmaker. This was the best/easiest match we had I think…I would have loved to show you a match where we struggled and won but that will have to wait for another time…


  1. Carried a flank together, I wouldn’t call it easy! 😀 It’s strange looking
    at myself from another perspective, though :P

  2. Thanks for the link, Plumb. More WoT videos to watch :)

  3. Yet another video, yet another video I have to watch, and then a link to a
    channel I’m not subscribed to, goddamnit plumb :)

  4. Cathaders For The Blind

    Hello everyone, I have been playing World of Tanks for about a year now and
    I wanted to know how the T25 is. I have enough gold for it and I wanted to
    know about it because I’m into German tanks and like their mediums. Also is
    it a money maker?

  5. Another video to watch when I should be doing more important things such as
    working oh well work can wait since its a video by plumb lol

  6. The Dream Team, well played guys. Work well together..

  7. GG men. Keep it up. Keep ’em coming. 

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