RHM PZW Teamwork in Westfield

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  1. damn, never been this early

  2. teamwork in wot?

  3. WG’s way of balancing: Lights do much damage -> we make them run out of ammo cause thats fun and “dynamic”

  4. I quit wot until they fix their shit

  5. come on, he had 1 shot left he should have let him get that medal, that’s rare af

  6. 4:13 the shell never hit that Arty, is the hitbox in wot really that shit?

  7. AMX and the Chinese one are not really really good, they’re maybe playable, unlike the rest of the tier 10 lights.

  8. reported for hacking… teamwork is such a horrible hack and shouldn’t be allowed in the game

  9. We must fight for our freedom. #FUCKMattBrandftDiabetes

  10. a f… lt 360 damage . and bc get afther pach 300 and das a f…. mt

  11. Yay ^^ I got 6 kills in Westfield today

  12. thomasshh ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    This tank looks quite dank!

  13. “teamwork”

  14. Der Hannez, der kann ez.

  15. Idk if this is a retarded comment, but was circons yt name always SirCircon or did he change it?

  16. When is your wotreplays from? 2001? Looks derpy af

  17. WoT Dutch Epic Replays&Reviews

    Its a great replay but i dont see any moments where the obj140 wouldnt be better.

  18. Amazing replay, but he should have told the arta he was going for a fadin.. :/

  19. “Not that I’ve heard anything.” LOL

  20. It’s good to see Circon praised an arty player, I’ve waited for this for a long time 😀

  21. Of all the tier X LT’s, this one flips way too easy. Be careful driving it………….

  22. I like Westfield because scouts are my favorite

  23. Hey It's Franklin Hidden

    what do you think about the Bulldog circon? was it nerfed to hard i think it should get 2 more shells in its clip or reduced reload?

  24. I’m confused, why had the arty not killed himself when his team started losing? I thought that was how people played arty

  25. Frederick Burkert

    Lul. Arty is the most difficult to play if you are eating . Especially if you want to move too :p

  26. All the tier 10 lights are bad, but this is the worst one according to people I know who’ve played it. Problem is it’s completely paper obviously, but also huge and easy to hit, it also has poor gun handling with bad bloom so you have to stop and aim. I’ve played T-100 LT and WZ-132-1, the WZ is much better.

    I hope they all get buffs though cos at the moment they pretty much have tier 8.5 guns, tier 8 DPM, tier 8 HP and tier 8 view range. Why they nerfed all the light accuracy as well I don’t know. They could be really really fun if they just gave them some decent DPM and ok accuracy, maybe a little more HP as well.

  27. Gabelhelm Sogarbraten

    in 90% of the situations in the battle a leopard would have done better the rhm sucks because of the terrible soft stats for the gun total lack of armor and mediocre ground resistances

  28. Hi, im the Arty Player 🙂

  29. What is this “teamwork” thing? Can I buy it with gold?

  30. stop calling it mausjen, its mäuschen

  31. how the hell did that round connect on that B-C arty!?

  32. NinjaMonkeyPrime

    Doesn’t it make you a bit sad and sick when you actually feel the need to over praise an arty player for moving in a match in response to how the game develops? But that stands out more than anything else in the game.

  33. great game but enemy meds and light he shoot them more and more and onlu cdc is in action thats when luck do with enemy players never had this in my game lol☆☆☆

  34. This new VW is horrible. They don’t even have an engineer to check the sunroof system.
    I bet the engine is hacked.

  35. Pretty cool replay!

  36. The wz132-1 is amazing. My favourite tier 10 at the moment. It has amazing speed, a decent enough gun and great turret armour (I have bounced JPZ E100’s). Definitely worth picking up.

  37. Wonderful commentary, somewhat distracted evrry noe and then but there is so much to say and share it was fascinating to hear

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