Rhm. Scorpion G – Unicum does a Walk-Through of an Epic Carry on Murovanka

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Source: LemmingRush

Featured a replay the because im a sellout and want views. Im back from California btw. I probably shouldve told people I left.. next video should be wednesday.
Endplates: http://wotreplays.com/site/2895478#teams

Feel to send me your replays.


  1. Warcrimes incarnate

    Lemming, do you think he was playing cautiously because of how fragile the
    scorp is, and how slow its turret is? I know different people play
    differently, etc, but I’ll bet it’s mainly the nature of the tank that’s
    making his gameplay less aggressive.

  2. I agree with his move to use the arty as his scout and eyes….gives his
    gun the chance to double bush and kill the BatChat, might get two shots in
    before being spotted, right call. When you’re trying to win the game you
    might have to make someone else take one for the team. Not a dick move, if
    I were the arty I would have volunteered to do that.

  3. why such horrible quality?

  4. Man, you should upload more and be more active. you are amazing, love your
    commentary. keep it up @LemmingRush

  5. Brian “geeknik” Carpenter

    ACEd it in the first game I played in it

  6. The backseat gaming is real in this match

  7. You really need to start streaming again m8!

  8. Hey lemming do you think you could do some more live gameplay, because it’s
    fun watching u play and to hear what you are thinking while playing. I
    still enjoy watching these but I get more out of it when you’re in the
    moment. It also shows me good spots on maps I didn’t know about, because
    when you are reviewing someone’s replay you say “I would’ve done this” but
    then we can’t see what would’ve happened if you did go there. (Sorry for
    being so long, I just love your work!) a good example of what I am talking
    about is the RU 251 gameplay u did :)

  9. I hear the Skorpion prints credits faster than the US Mint. Confirmed
    @lemmingrush? :)

  10. Sorry for unrelated question, but do you perhaps have advice where to
    go/what to do in SU-100Y when assaulting on Sand River?

    This map is very difficult for me in this TD, I can’t find the right
    sniping spot – mostly because of lack of turret, gun depression, camo, size
    (SU’s tall), and mobility. I get spotted no matter where I go on this map
    in this tank before I even have time to aim or depress my gun.

    Also, I struggle on assaulting on this map in Charioteer as well but it’s
    easier because at least it has great camo, turret and shell velocity –
    should I snipe from Northeast bellow the mountain ? (I never climb that
    mountain as it’s a waste of precious time on assault).

  11. welcome back! how was cali? you seem to be taking a ton of trips lately :P

  12. gummybearslayer bob

    does the camo skill and camouflage count while moving or only when

  13. Lol “scrorpion”

  14. Nice game! More of the same plz. ?

  15. SirRippingtonEsquire

    Do toppled trees really provide good camo? I’ve heard a few times that
    they’re really unreliable, but I dunno maybe I just heard wrong.

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