Rhm. Skorpion G review! Is it WORTH the gold!

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Source: TheFochYou

Intro is crap i know, will change for the next video!

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  1. Volume levels ridiculously low, what the hell? And same shait with circons
    videos, whats up with that…?

  2. Wachira Narongsack

    next premium tank: russian td with the BL-10, 152mm, 286mm pen

  3. Эдуард Ручьев

    офигеть по англ гайд….и на ру сервере…нафиг надо…

  4. Wargaming getting poor. Need more MONEY!

  5. What was WG thinking?
    “We sort of made the game dumb as fuck with all sorts of bullshit vehicles
    and unlimited gold spam, and we’re not doing anything about arty despite
    the fact that it is THE most consistently complained about aspect of the
    game even from as far back as beta, so how will we make money?
    Oh, of course. Make a premium that’s flat out better than the others we
    sold (hi Panther Warcrime owners, bet you loved it when we put the Panther
    88 in the game) so people will buy that and forget about all the shit we’ve
    done/not done.”
    WG’s standard operating method, frankly. Don’t see why you’re at all
    The only surprise might be it’s not Soviet.

  6. They’re gonna nerf the shit out of the Skorpion G within a patch or two.
    It’s simply too good.

  7. WG’s jet needs fuel. Pls buy.

  8. feels like the old op hellcat at tier 8

  9. Puppies: Is it worthy the gold?
    Foch: Fuck yeah, it is

  10. this is a tier 8 grille xD

  11. another brilliand marketing strategy from wg. this little shit will be sold
    as good as hot bread

  12. I wish they did premiums like War Thunder. I’d pick this tank up then.

  13. TL;DR: Is it worth the gold? “Fuck Yeah”

  14. Looks like a Hellcat on steroids.

  15. Biggest gun on a premium? Su-100y has a bigger gun

  16. WHere did he get this tank?

  17. The lack of a loader slot is a huge turn off for me. Even tho the mobility
    and gun might make it a rather fun tank.

  18. Daniel Grabovskiy

    first time where you don’t have to bleep out every other word Foch says

  19. I like the new intro but there needs to be a greater contrast between the
    black lettering and the dark-red outline. Maybe go for a slightly lighter
    shade of red?

  20. Really guys? The Intro? Really?…omg

  21. How much difficult is this tanks to play? I buy CDC AMX bagette and it was
    too difficult for me. I have just more than 470 averege damage in that
    tank. Is skorpion easy to play if compare to bagette? Thank you foch, you
    and anfield is the best wot videos on youtube.

  22. Foch! Have you got any oponion about 59 patton?

  23. What was the song from the intro with the 183? I always liked that intro

  24. german bias…..

  25. this thing being a good as it is isnt really surprising this things mainly
    controversial because of the gun if it was a 105 with the same pen same dpm
    aim time and accuracy i reckon no one would be saying anything. look at the
    mutz its just a better indien panzer same with the ripper patton.

  26. if the lowe had this gun (with worse aim time and rof) it wouldnt be a
    total turd

  27. the text for the intros a bit difficult to read

  28. Another premium tank…. World of (Premium) Tanks….

  29. soooo… you liked it?

  30. Intro is ebola

  31. Jesus the intro is bad, you can’t even see what it says. No hate just

  32. U haven’t mentionned the bad crew layout.

  33. Couldn’t you say that the credit potential is “easier” in this? Or any
    other high alpha prem. As long as you connect those shots you “need” to do
    for a profit. Connecting 5 shot for 490 and connecting 10 for 240 might not
    be as simple for an average player. Although this td doesn’t have any
    special defensive perks as good camo or low profile or armor. Might still
    pick it up though. Been wanting it since I first saw it last year

  34. Oh look! A new Pay2Win tank! GG well balanced WG, keep it up..

  35. Remember when premium tanks used to be a bit underpowered, so that they
    were just OK moneymakers and crew trainers but couldn’t dominate battles?
    Otherwise the game would be pay to win. Oh, right…


  37. Ok, that leaves me with one last question: how is the camouflage?

  38. Gotta be the Tesla

    new intro looks like shit foch to be honest

  39. Wheres the salt in the intro? No hype = no dinner.

  40. Skorpion G is the original G

  41. My credit card is ready!
    When I saw the leaked stats on this, I knew its gonna be another is3a or
    m41 90 gf.
    Just as good as (even) better than regular tanks per tier, trains crews and
    farms credits. WG gonna be so happy. Unbalanced tank? Who cares $$$

    Thanks for the review SirFoch.

  42. Su-100y has a 130 which is bigger than a 128 Foch, you derp.

  43. Richard Gustafsson

    “I lost my old one so cooked up a crappy one, will be gone before the next
    video most likely.” – Foch

  44. Why do I never see these tanks in the premium shop ? Didn’t see the 4503,
    don’t see this. Am I missing something?

  45. I think the main downside to this thing is just going to be how bloody big
    it is and that if you try and crest a ridge, people can shoot the top of
    your turret before you get your gun to bear which is quite a problem.
    Particularly I see myself getting one shot by people trying to mouth breath
    on me quite a bit just because of the size of the target.

  46. t8 premium german pre nerf hellcat ?

  47. I know what WG was thinking when they put this in. “$$$$$$$$$”

  48. Was the NDA dropped after the NA folks screwed up or something?

  49. biggest gun… nope su-100y rolls with the 130mm naval gun

  50. Hmm 2 good german TDs in a row, I feel WG has something evil brewing for
    the Germans.

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