^^| Rhm. Skorpion G Stream Highlight

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Source: SirCircon


  1. nice fight sircircon 07

  2. GOT HIM !

  3. How is it black?

  4. when the 704 faces him you can actually hear his butthole squeezing lol

  5. never worried

  6. Lol how is this game even 1400 xp.

  7. Such wow how Twitch chat is full of super unicum players

  8. Hey Circon!! Why the rental Scorpion G(black?!)?? By the way – RESPECT
    ,… keep rockin’

  9. The side armor on the IS-3 is total bullshit, ha. “Weakspot” my ass, and
    even if totally flat, no matter how much penetration your gun has, it can
    absorb it.

  10. oh well… phly send me there :)

  11. IS-3 is balanse comrade, no need for nerf :^)

  12. who needs hp?

  13. How do you get the skin?

  14. And that is what is wrong with most of the WOT playerbase, a full HP 704, a
    JP2, a full HP Lowe and JPanther 2 too afraid to push into a one shot
    skorpion, a 1390 and a Tiger 1. They had the numbers, the HP, the position,
    the higher tanks and the bigger guns, but instead just took bad trades,
    missed most of their shots and went one by one. I mean fairplay to Circon,
    but man were those enemy bad.

  15. Men after watching your gameplay i have the encourage to go back and play
    WoT right now
    Fucking hell,today i has 15 lose streaks 🙁
    Yes Im from SEA
    and yes one side battle is real Normal i play about 40-50 games/day ,but
    after 15 lose streak,no no no
    Now,get the fuck back there,play KV-2,T49 and PzIC to feel good again
    Thank m8

  16. Great play SC. best bit, you out loaded 704 :)

  17. black camo???

  18. i swear if i got a penny every time someone asks about the black skin i
    would have been a milionaire….


  19. Don´t care what is it , like in the start of the video :)

  20. That skin looks like a really well baked turd

  21. 3 shots into IS-3 .. 0dmg. Tell me again how its balanced and how there is
    no russian bias.

  22. why there is a dislike, pff bloody haters

  23. Why is the skorpion black not yellow

  24. You’re gonna loose soo much monetization on your swearing lol

  25. Paintskin or Connections to WG?

  26. Gotta love the Scorpion :D

  27. pertamax

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