^^| RHM. Skorpion Replay Cast.

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  1. Loving the content Circon!

  2. pokefast luvin youre vids 😉

  3. circon can you do a t26e4 superpershing gameplay??

  4. 8th! Nobody gives a shit people. P.s great content circon

  5. So why the fuck you even bother playing the JdPantherII or RHM Borsig when you could buy this thing ?
    Yep,available for any single new players with less than 100 battles to buy …

  6. Circon’s damage: 6090, Rest of the team: 10600. Not much difference 🙂

  7. 420 views, Jesus

  8. “Today we’re playing the Rhm. Skorpion G um y’know the premium tier 8 German TD that is actually not shit compared to the jagd 88 or the kanonenjadgpanzer”

    *mutters under his breath* “by god the kanonenjadgpanzer god damn”

  9. Nice Vid, by the way, I could see yesterday a Dez video about the most 3 gun marked player, and could see you are 20th, but you are the best on these 20 players on winrate 😉 3 marks are still a dream for me.. just get max 2 on a couple of tanks :/

  10. The team did 10600 dmg, you did 6090, which mean you did around 36% of all the damage 😀 I am still ok with my math ! please correct me if I am wrong 🙂

  11. Oddly I am one of the few people (I think) that feel they have made this map worse with the changes. Now 95% of the time everyone goes to what was heavy tank corner and that is that. If the meds and lights wolfpacked the south win are now easy on this map but getting anyone to do it is impossible :). While I dislike the changes that have made this a a one area map I do recognise that it has greatly increased the fun and fighting at the north of the map. Once again this is my opinion (not fact) so yours may vary.

  12. Steve in the IS 😀

  13. Can you please write equipment and crew skills?

  14. So what’s the most fun premium and/or best credit maker at the moment? I feel like the fcm has died by the hands of powercreep. Need a new premium.

  15. This thing rocks, but is easy to take out. Is it better than the borsig cause I am thiking of grinding the line.

    Sub me for no reason.

  16. average damage – 3,242, win rate – 31%… Even if you play good I can’t carry 14 idiots on my team every game

  17. circon you think the matchmaking is bad? I got into mines…. with 4 arty per team… we had NO heavies and the enemy team got 2 IS-3’s and 2 tiger 2’s and 3 e-25’s lmao I’m in a Cromwell so rip…. I haven’t actually played a single tier 6 game in my Cromwell yet so nice memes

  18. i love running into those things with my derp guns, the skorp i think is just 50 hp too high from getting one shot by kv2 max high roll

  19. fuck this tank

  20. SirCircon you’re the best youtuber ever!!!!! beard is love, beard is life

  21. The rest of the team combined did exactely 10600 dmg so you weren’t that close xD

  22. Love the replay cast style videos, nice one circon

  23. Could you pls add the rock riff in the end that you used to do, it is much cooler and makes you seem even more powerful! 😀

  24. Circonflexes i think u should use another repair kit instead of the fire extinguisher

  25. im non stop in 10 with this shit.. mm totaly broken with this one-.

  26. was expecting some rammstein

  27. love mine kanonenjagdpanzer 😉

  28. This tank is broken op, my God :/

  29. You wouldn’t believe how many times SkorpionG took zero damage from my KV2 152mm HE shell. I must have hit the tip of his gun or something like that every time. It’s incredibly frustrating.

  30. I utterly love my Skorpion, it’s basically a medium tank platform with a gun that hits for heavy-tank damage and has TD accuracy.

    One of the best premium tank purchases I ever made.

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