Richard Hammond Reviews The AUBL/74 HVG (War Thunder)

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Richard Hammond Reviews The AUBL/74 HVG (War Thunder)


  1. “I AM A DRIVING GOD”!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. its not wall-e its johnny fives from short circuit lol

  3. Phly, pls play the VFW into 10.0.
    (Side skirts down, get 5 kills and bonus if done with your entourage or with Bo’s entourage)
    Attempt No 52.

  4. Phly if u want to shoot on the move i recommend u not using ur brake because of reasons…

  5. Here in Russia we call this AUBL like AH BLYA! (Oh, Damn!) =)

  6. So Phly, You finally got tired of livin in the tent behind the Denny’s dumpster….Good For You!
    Did the buyers get things straightened out or you still working with them?

  7. Question for Phly and other war thunder players. Is the British Firecrest good? Because I’ve been researching it using the green xp so yeah, just want to kmow.

  8. Virgins pick up women in supercars.

    Real men use the AUBL/74 HVG or the Centauro

  9. Phly r u ok

  10. Hey Phly, take out the T-80U and get an Ace using only ATGM’s. Attempt #25

  11. missed two shots, “with great power comes great responsibility”


  13. Revisit the Bagel after big accuracy nerf.

  14. Dennis Achterberg


  15. I thought spotting was just completely bugged – not nerfed – since you have enemies in absolute full view and it doesn’t spot. No idea why Gaijin would nerf a mechanic that was already broken.

  16. Is the orangutan going to break something again

  17. Fix War Thunder in 1.91

  18. Holy hell you are almost at 1 million subs, what a wild ride.

  19. And btw, for shrapnel, you want a round with just over the armor value you are shooting at, for heavy armored targets a APDSFS round with 100-200mm of extra pen is not going to break apart much when entering, while one with 40-60mm over will shrapnel quite a bit more as it has been smushed and pulverized by the armor before blowing threw. Hence the many ricocheting pieces everywhere.

  20. What a balanced vehicle

  21. Yo Phly, I subscribed like a month ago, and thought “wow, this guy is doing so many videos”, and now you tell me there might be more ’cause you’ll be less busy with other things?

    Cheers from Poland 😉

  22. Hey it’s a High Velocity Cannoli Car!

  23. A 60 mm apfsds beter then 105mm apds

  24. Once again Phly failed to save a team mate

    Makes you wonder if his a spy

  25. Attempt #12: Play the Ole Conqueror pleeeeeaaasssseee.

  26. Leeeroy Jenkins!

  27. Thanks for the time stamps Ply!

  28. Haha nice intro

  29. Can you play the ZIS 30 and I 225?

  30. My game does the same thing when shooting. The gun suddenly bounces up before the round comes out.

  31. Play the Me 410 the one with 50 MM

    Attempt #1

  32. I used to love the warrior even tho its maybe the worst ivf (yay bits) but the spotting mechanic has been nerfed, the atgm firing on the move has been nerfed and now its just a massive ineffective box that can be killed by anything : how is it tanks can fire atgm’s on the move? heli’s fire atgm’s on the move. IVF’s gotta give up there only advantage (speed) to fire an atgm?

    Also yeah spotting is pointless unless your face hugging the enemy lol .

  33. 12:00
    You had 160ping
    That’s why

  34. attempt #24, use the Tetrarch Mk1, BUT try and kill a german Panther with it


    No more tanks, planes, ships, helos, nothing, All I want is fixes. If that is what you been saying to yourself, then High, Phil Swift here with Warthunder, a game that Just works, does not give you anything I just stated, and We GoT hElIcOpTeRs! Oh, wait, there’s more, if you play now you can watch Ghost in the Shell for free, as you will see your shells phasing through your enemy like it was a 1000 Degree fidget exacto blade spinner on Ice through I cant believe its not Butter!!! Screw you its margin!… ehem, anyways, If you order now not only will you get Ghost shels, but Russians just too angry to die! Oh, and as a bonus, Include some flex tape! Look! I sawed this Object 906 inhalf! And Repaired it with FLEX TAPE! Yeee Doggy Soviet National Anthem plays time to kill some capitalist pigs!

  36. I HATE the current event, so many god damn aircraft, completely killing ground forces for me. Think I’ll give WT a brake until the events over, its just boring, nobody is driving god damn tanks.

  37. I challenge you to take out the Ho-Ro and shhot down a plane using the 150mm howitzer. attempt #2

  38. Phly and (old) Top Gear UK in one video? I might not survive this, but I can die happily now.

  39. NEXT VIDEO:James May reviews the Archer SP

  40. Nothing in this game is more dangerous than AA.

  41. Phill have you played the mighty tog?

  42. Quantity over quality

    If Richard Hammond actually reviewed the AUBL/74 I’d be done with youtube

  43. Egg with 20001 Subscribers


  44. Comrade Phly bring us the IS-2(1944) or go to Gulag.

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