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Source: DezGamez

Which is The Best Assembly Shop Tanks – Is it 780, Lion or the newest KPZ 07 P (Kampfpanzer 07 P(E)). Those are The Most Expensive Tanks in The Game. World of Tanks Assembly Shop 2023.

How many Assembly Shop tanks do you own and which one is your favorite?

What do you think?


  1. First 😜….Wargaming just announce the plan on nerfing chieftain and 279 (e)

    • @Shot Breath 05 not much nerf, just the top speed, hull traverse, reload speed, and penetration

    • @HeavenLyBlue well something is better than nothing ig .

    • is a small nerf because they don’t touched any of their armour
      weird how nerfed the hell out obj278/4 including armor and Chieftain still have insane armour

    • @HeavenLyBlue reload, speed and penetration nerf is not much? lol… not sure what to say here…

    • @redfox2500 Those tanks were good not only because of the Armor… the speed, reload and gold penetration were what made them OP along with the Armor… now they only have the Armor… it’s a significant nerf… so much so that you won’t see these tanks anymore in Clan Wars… watch QB’s nerf review…

  2. Not first,, but hey 😀

  3. kampfpanzer nft style was the only i didnt like, it makes the tank look bad

  4. I love my Lion, Leo with a little bit of armor band a real tank aka Leone 🙂

  5. bonds turbo makes a huige difference. its not the topspeed thats the problem , its the power to weight boost

  6. Yeh, learned my lesson on the 780: Draining that many resources is crazy for a tank that amounts to bragging rights. The Lion is cool, even though I dont have it, but seeing how much they wanted for the KPZ 07?? Hell nah…

    • @I’m Not Using My Real Name It’s a 4-shot Leopard with a little extra armor…that, IMHO, is kinda cool **shrug**

      I just missed out on it because of throwing everything at the 780….who knew this was gonna be a every 6-month thing **shrug again**

    • I'm Not Using My Real Name

      @Morden Geist wow that sounds really good actually, it’s easier and calmer for me to just not bother with these events

    • @I’m Not Using My Real Name It is actually also a funny tank to play… You have no DPM loss whatsoever and if you are out of option, you can just use your for shell clip (13,5s to delete tanks for 1680 dmg). It also has 300 mm turret mantle, which can be used against tier 8-9 medium tanks as a hull down. Speed is great too. I mean, It is not OP, but it is so versatile, it is fun.

    • ⁠@Kostka Cukrui wouldn’t bet my life on that turret mantlet. But so far mine has bounced more shots than it got penetrated.

    • If you have all the tanks you want then I think these are great events but if there is ANY tank left you want I 5hink they are a waste of credits. Glad to see the kpz is balanced tho. Don’t need anymore op tanks like the 279e or chiefs in the game

  7. Nice Covenanter gameplay!

  8. @DezGamez – I assume you have a video in works about the Chieftain and 279(e) nerfs?
    PS: as of 7-Aug 9:30 PT USA there are still 6000 KP 07 P(E) available

  9. Dez I’ll remind you that shot on your next stream 🙂

  10. Nerfing 279 chief and 268/4….no good…no good…and new entry panzer…and 780…and Lyon. E bla bla bla…wot Is a new game…with imaginary tank…and pay pay pay

  11. I’ve realised that Intuition is a toxic skill for the game, and it never should be implemented.

  12. I don’t know but I can’t even play all the battlepasses to the end (currently on lvl 27 first line) and I have enough xp from lion to KP 07 with some money spend in 1:50XP Event. For me those events are better than alle the forced marathons, loot boxes and all that. No clue why everyone is crying when the coast is a tier 8 premium in RL money for me while playing very casually. Just don’t skip every tech tree vehicle with free xp

  13. I wouldn’t waste my resources for a soon to be premium target, WG will never get another thin dime from me!

  14. 780 is my favorite heavy in the game. I don’t pay for overpowered, I pay for a number and a fun tank:)

  15. kpz will get nerfed no doubt. It was not purchased only with gold, but resources. Hence they can and will make changes.

    • Problem is WG always Nerf tanks once the next new tank is on sale. Even alpine kitty is good when its on sale in premuim shop

  16. No way, this tank is waaay more better than e5, maybe not like s.conc but way better than e5 for sure

  17. “Udes will bang me in the a**hole” 💀💀💀
    That got me dying in front of family members XD

  18. I think 3 of them, Lion was the best one imo

  19. As REM said “its the end of the world as we know it” WG nerfing 279e….. Nerfing a Russian?????? WTF

  20. mine 641

  21. The cost is way too high for that O7. Must be a real money maker to sell something that is only a line of codes, lol. But they do need to make money for the game to continue.

  22. That’s the biggest problem with Wot, RNG, MM should not be on your or enemy side ever, should be random and teams should be equal from skill point of view, everybody who use xvm know that is in 90% cases bullshit. In subscriptions based games (and games without any ingame shops) all players was equal in Free2Pay games you got bunch of sponsors and rest meat.

  23. dez , um , I’m late , you sexy voiced Beast you ; )b

  24. I would love to have all of them but considering the fact that I can grind like 3/4 tier X tech tree tanks for the cost of one of them I would rather keep my recources and buy assembly shop tanks after I got all my tech tree tanks bought (PS I did buy kpz tho as I think it is the closest thing we have to chief and I really enjoy it, probably my favourite HT imo)

  25. ( pssst Dez at 12:06 notice your “‘ trajectory arc “‘ at 476 m and physically your tank is ‘ higher ‘ , aim just above the , his, gun barrel, ( bam hatch -et time : )

  26. The next tank they sell will fire actual nukes but will cost 1000 bucks a piece

  27. Luís Augusto Panadés

    I had resources to buy it but It was too expensive and I forgive.
    I would like an explanation. How Waffentrager Pz IV has 352mm apcr that fall at 500m to 295 and lion has an 323mm apcr that at 500m falls to 310mm. Can you explain why german ammunition is so shity? Wt penetration loss is 57mm while Lion penetration loss is 13mm. How is it fucking possible. T110E4 and E3 lost 10mm.
    I would love to have an plausible explanation of this absurd.

  28. I loved kpz 07.. its best. I cant say about EU players. For as asian players its great tank. EU players like op tanks and still cant do shit in battle.

  29. Wot Addict Global

    I would never give in to WG and spend all my resources like that. So all of these three tanks are a HUGE no-no for me!

  30. Im sensing a bit of a theme going with the maps xD

  31. if u like Tiger II you will like kpz 07, shit armor, godly kanon

  32. I like the 780, its 530 damage is just so good. Lion I dislike, even tho it has on paper a very high dpm it aims to long and even fully aimed it bounce alot. The Kpz7pe is my new favorit. The very definition of a Main Battle Tank. In Comparison to the other two tanks, it can actually be used in Clanwars.

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