RIGHT UP THE POOP DECK! (War Thunder Ships Gameplay)

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Source: BaronVonGamez

Gameplay – Right up the poop deck!
Another bit of fun and games in War Thunder Ships – Pirates!

Thanks for watching!


  1. first! haha

  2. 1er comentario :v

  3. Noice

  4. Robert matzenauer


  5. hi baron

  6. Boyancat Boyancat2

    nice video

  7. Hello chat

  8. I love your videos! <3 <3 <3

  9. im the 4th

  10. Baron!work on your british accent and pirate one also!

  11. 13th, also custom battle?

  12. I thought that they put the game mode up again until I realized this is the
    same video slick uploaded

  13. Can you not unlock the other ships they posted on the devblog then? I
    really wanted to see the HMS Warrior

  14. more ships and how did u put skin ?

  15. I dont know which place i am. HELP MEEEE!!! Anyway +BaronVonGames , why now
    post ships? i thought the special was over??

  16. why r u playing against a ship baron???

  17. lol

  18. is this new?

  19. “fuck the battle, we’re out.”

  20. how though


  22. thetwomountainbikers

    This made me erect

  23. Baron, talk about the new Wolrd War option that’s next to the costume

  24. TheClassicGamer -

    Imagine sailing out the British flag ship! The amount of cannons it has
    would make you shit yo pants lol.


  26. Zthought this was over

  27. I hope they fix the balance… No AA? Are you kidding me?

  28. did they bring back the ships or something how the heck are you playing

  29. lol i don´t can play this shit is it a beta???????????

  30. Wtf?? English flag below portuguese cross?

  31. Wait… The fuck?

  32. for those asking. no this isn’t new. This same game was put up on argyles
    channel about a week ago

  33. it was an event a bit back tournament i think

  34. i hope they do more of this and eventually do some actual warships

  35. Baron nice video and beautiful that you have the dutch flag on your ship

  36. he recorded a lot of content on this April fools to post after its ended
    because ships in war thunder guys

  37. Is this still in the game? Or is it new?

  38. War Thunder Bush camp on Tiger 1 H

  39. That cross you have is the Portuguese air force insignia…
    Portugal is with you

  40. Ground Unit Destroyed!

  41. This…. What…… Its happening.

  42. i play on ps4 and its not there, the ships

  43. can you board on that game lol

  44. Wait how? And is that a new ship?

  45. What I wana know, is how did he paint his boat?

  46. Since when does war thunder have naval forces?

  47. Timothy Gutierrez

    is it really on war thunder

  48. Timothy Gutierrez

    or joke

  49. wait what i thout this was over wtf!?

  50. CardSharkOfficial

    So naval battles in War Thunder will be set during sail navy era or that
    was just for the April Fools day?

  51. How did he put British flag there

  52. portuguese cross of the order of christ, thats a portuguese cross with that
    white cross betwen it

  53. I don’t remember British had pirates. Oh well, I’m not good with those

  54. why he dont play with phly anymore?

  55. At least we know they are working on ships :D

  56. how did you get the sail skin

  57. How someone have galleon? I only had Golden Hind.

  58. H&Ks until the end of days!

    Stop blowing holes in my ship!

  59. Cant wait for ships on War Thunder =)

  60. how did you put decals on your ship??

  61. This retarded game needs to add in infantry and other historical mods like
    this. Not all of us are whores for vehicles.

  62. Anyone noticed that when Baron destroyed one ship it says “Ground Unit

  63. Historically those ships had a massive weak spot in the rear. Does the game
    model that as well?

  64. i got a permanent chat ban for saying IM ON A BOAT as i played ships on
    april fools, fuck the moderators and fuck gaijin.

  65. Be nice if you could change your ammo for this. Load grape/chain shot to
    take out sails. Round shot for hull hits.

  66. Immanuel Nuh Wijaya

    Baron the explorer Lol

  67. dude i hope they keep this cause Pirate ship[s is awesome seriously they
    need to make a game with pirates crews and you just dook it out like
    pirates :D

  68. how u even ship bro???

  69. why dont you play with phly anymore , I DEMAND AN ANSWER ….pls

  70. Great game..wonder how I get to play that?

  71. Baron I have a challenge for you, fly any plane you want, but only in
    cockpit view and get at least 2 or 3 kills. (Attempt #1)

  72. does it do more damage if you hit them below the water line?

  73. ‘Right up the poop deck’ ERB reference?

  74. Maus tank tracks on m22

  75. How to play boats?I can only play Planes and Tanks

  76. Markkus Vi Brittanica

    “where’s my french autoloaders?”

    Oh Baron and his WoT references

  77. Um if this is what they are doing I am kinda disappointed because I wanted
    to play like world war 1 ships and maybe…..submarines

  78. Wither Brine 13 (Wither V/S Herobrine)

    mor bushkemp ples :D

  79. how did you play ships the event already ended or is this recorded at april

  80. How did he get some many golden eagles???

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