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Source: QuickyBaby

of Tanks – Rinoceronte. We have initial statistics of the T10 Italian heavy! Here’s all you need to know!


of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online published by Wargaming and is available as a free download.


  1. What do you all think of the initial Rinoceronte’s statistics? Happy Friday everyone – have a great weekend!

    • Improved-auto-reloading and only slightly less durable than a T95/FV in hull down (based on the projected stats), hope the final iterations are nearly the same to give F2P players something of comparable role and power to the Clan-wars Brit.

    • It looks very wild. I think it’s OP. Give the heavy tank autoreloader with 490 alpha,3 shells in magazine,realy good burst potential,decent penetration,amazing gun handling,amazing depresion,decent mobility,from looks very awsome turret armour and decent hull i think it is OP. I know the DPM looks awful and HEAT penetration looks mediocre but other awsome statisticks make it awsome tank for me. From now i will play with P43 at tier VI to unlock tier VII heavy on day 1. But i think Rinoceronte will get nerf to the gun handling,or even mobility or armour.

    • Hmm balanced i think

    • The penetration-damage per shot-dispertion is almost too good in my opinion on a heavy tank that goes 50km/h

    • ExpendableGuard Entertainment

      I might say it is actually a balanced tank. Kudos WeeGee, now just fix the problem of horribly OP premium tanks that perform nothing like their tech tree counterparts.

  2. 127mm of HE pen… why…?

  3. 1.5s aim time on a heavy tank with 490 alpha auto reloader. This is going to be a rough time for tier VIIIs until it gets nerfed.

  4. @QuickyBaby next tech tree be czechoslovakia bcs. in QnA deleoper fpr asia and italien heavy tanks will be in game will be on super test czechoslovakia tanks

  5. I mean sure it’s different language, but there’s already another tank in the game named after rhinoceros.

  6. Who is sitting behind you? 😉

  7. Parts of this feel like wargamming made the new equipment then said “Now lets make a tank that has to use these.”

  8. Great. Another hull down modern tank.

  9. Sergeant NEEE VIRUS

    Good thing I accidentally made 40k free experience with my p43 bis when I was grinding for the progetto 65 line

  10. 02:22
    16:20 Oh yeah. Do you love me? 😍❤️

  11. Just the tier 10 Italian heavy tanks? Or it is a whole tech tree line?

  12. 9:44 I assume you wanted to say “tier *10* heavy”

  13. If i grind the italian line for the tanks just for them to nerf the daylights out of them time to uninstall 🙂

  14. RIP AMX 50B you were good once

  15. Is that dpm including the feature of firing with the white reticle and getting the next shell in half the time?

    • Late Night Depression

      I don’t think he took that into consideration but I dont believe it affects the total dpm all that much and only helps when you are getting bum rushed

  16. Looks a bit ike a Challenger I with the Falcon turret.

  17. It looks balanced at tier 10, only looking crazy when it gets to face tier 8s. Sure, it’s stronger than other tier 10s, but not OP as some may think.

  18. – Hire YouTubers to hype the tank
    – Lemmings burn money for the grind
    – Nerf on the next patch
    – Rinse
    – Repeat

  19. imagine world of tank but no tier restrictions. like being tier 1 and seeing a tier 10 coming for you.

  20. the armour look so weak if you compare it with the tier 8 premium tank

  21. Since all tanks are getting faster, they should buff the Doom Turtle and give it at least 20 kph….

  22. Looks on fire Gime Gime i want it now

  23. SENS0Rセンサー

    2k dpm hold this tank for being op, yeah maybe he can hold an ridge line like a god but arta can balance that

  24. On flat ground this tank with have awful armor

  25. They start at tier VIII ?

  26. I sure hope that the only Italian Heavy premium vehicle won’t solely be available in loot boxes…..

  27. btw what about the tier10 Italian medium?
    ” Carro da Combattimento 45t ”
    I guess it will be some kind of reward tank

  28. I’m baffled by the aimtime and accuracy. Didn’t they Judy nerf the ptogetto exactly in the gun accuracy department?

  29. You will surely change the alpha dmg WG… Won’t you? 🥺

  30. Scarlet Red B. Zero

    Soon we will have an autoreloading IS7

  31. New CW standards imo

  32. Yes put some good gun stats on it for suckers to free xp it with gold and then nerf the shit out of it like with Progetto and Shitbarn. Not falling for that again.

  33. last time i was this early, quickybaby could still come and go as he pleased to the store and other places

  34. I WANT IT…..!!!

    I have about 56K XP on the the Bis right now just waiting for the First Heavy to Drop…..

    I also have a Plan for 2.0 Gear going on the Prog46…. I’m also working on it for the Prog65 on the Test Server as well…. Slightly Different Set Up than the 46, but Close….

    I’m running the CVS, Imp Sights, and Imp Rotation on the 46, on the 65 I’m using the Vents instead of the CVS right now… First Game, Himmelsdork, not exactly what I had in Mind…. But the Bloom when Moving is Minimal at Best, and almost Non Existant after Firing and the Crew is 8% from their 5th Skill Set….

    This Set Up will likely also Benefit the Heavy Line as well since the Rammer is now Off the Table….. I have yet to Consider any Directives on them, right now the only thing I’m using those on is the Deathstar for a 22.88 Sec Reload and .31 Dispersion…. Can’t Wait for the Heavy’s here and the Italian Battleships in WoWS, they will be hitting Next Year probably, but I’d like to see Both Lines by Years End….

  35. All I know is the Ferdinand is a beast I always do great in it lol

  36. Bravo Quicky, Rinoceronte’s C is pronouced right

  37. Nel Valdés Ibáñez

    Rinoceronte means rinno if you didn’t know

  38. Italian heavies and italian bbs are both coming to wows and wot. At like the EXACT same time

  39. give you props for trying to pronouce Rinoceronte 🦏

  40. Now I understand why they nerfed the 65 in the first place. Secondly, according to some of the comments below, it will only first start powerful because the top guys will be driving them first. Then as time goes by others will have it and it won’t seem as powerful anymore. Same thing that happened with the Progetto line. They couldn’t come out with this heavy line slightly above or below from it original stats. Peace IM GOING TO LOVE THIS THING.

  41. I looks like it won’t even show the turret hurtbox while hull down

  42. I am mostly waiting for a tier 9. Tier 10 Has an ugly turret.

  43. Last time I was this early QB was averaging 50 dmg per game

  44. Can we just appreciate the time quackie used on making that comparison table

  45. Interesting review. Now I’m hungry for pasta and pizza.

  46. wtf haha y they powercreep so hard this looks so op lol

  47. come on man 10m view range is not that damn bad, you make it sound like its the end of the world

  48. pen 268 for auto loader, uh nice
    better than kranvagn

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