Rivers of Erlenberg – T62A

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Source: Circonflexes

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  1. @Circon What do you think of the changes so far?

  2. Hollywood Johnson

    9.22 eeww… kill it!

  3. Never expected to say this, but I’m already missing the pre-1.0 maps, all this flattening out just doesn’t make the gameplay on the maps better at all. it’s even worse now than before.

    • What do you mean, WG knows what’s the best for their game! Steve the heavy tank driver can’t have any dumb hills obstructing his view!

    • Andrzej Bigos Ah yes, forgot about that, besides we shouldn’t forget about the WoWS fans in their arta that thought the hills are obstructing their line of fire

    • Yeah, the flattening scares me. It’s a colossal buff to tanks that don’t need it at all and a significant nerf to many vehicles who already sacrifice much for gun depression they no longer need to use.

    • NKVD Comrade Orion

      My Russian mediums love it.

  4. Loving more content lately. My new schedule doesn’t allow me time to watch streams, Thanks Circon

  5. Were are the sherman reply at ?

  6. Perfidious Pomegranate

    I take it this will be the last pre-1.0 game uploaded by Circon.


  7. When you think about it, the flattening of the maps in 1.0 is a massive buff to Soviet tanks, considering their strong turrets and semi-bad gun depression.

    • NKVD Comrade Orion

      TheKincognito B…but muh Soviets

    • NKVD Comrade Orion
      The Chinese Tanks profit from this Change too, and also lots of other Tanks from other Nations.

      This is why WoT players are generally regarded as stupid. Because they start shouting all sorts of weird things around as soon as something gets changed. Instead of fucking thinking before talking.

      And, as you can see this really winds me up

    • NKVD Comrade Orion

      TheKincognito Indeed Cyka, that is why we must take advantage of the salt that blinds so many and rek tomatoes before they can get used to new environment.

    • Yes and no. About gun depression, true. But flat map without concealment means earlier detection, too. So, I’m not 100% sure. Let’s just wait and see.
      On the other hand, some maps seem shittier. Derpenberg, for example, might cause even more camping now that you must cross even more flat terrain and have just one small hill on each side (small hill, many tanks), Mines… Well, I was surprised to see that you can actually win hill from south, for a change. But buildings on top of hill, some other changes make support much harder. Also, Arctic (or however it is called now) is even less fair for the team starting south-east. Glacier is a belt of forest (basically a corridor) and vast, relatively flat part with little to no concealment… Also “cool graphics” seems to be attracting even more clueless players. Dunno… I’m not that happy about these changes…

  8. Nice co-operation between Circon and the Conqueror, covering each backs, like that !!

  9. I hope you will have a TV show one day..


  11. GG old WOT now they change this much so much that i cant play on it

  12. I can remeber this map like it was yesturday

  13. Omg changes, I need to complain

    -every WoT player, everytime

  14. you will never see the NA server fight west to east. we fight north to south and the north always gets its ass kicked. The 1 line gets wiped from the TDs sitting at G1. No matter how many times the NA server plays this map they do the same thing every time. The North never fails to fail.

  15. I already miss the old shell tracers.

  16. The Real Killer B

    Hey Circ; I hear all the kool kids are playing something called 1.0… 😉

  17. Heh more like oldenberg now

  18. #OLD where’s the new Erlenberg?

  19. Close game. His team had only what, 2 Maus’s an IS7 and a Jgpz at the end of it all

  20. North heavy in middle on prokhorovka sucks now cause its so flat

  21. I’d never thought i’d say that but i miss the old erlenberg FeelsBadMan

  22. Sir_Flankalot[BZD]

    Whats the story with circon not having 1.0 in this vid when I had it since like yesterday? Me no understends

  23. Ancient world of tanks

  24. To be honest, my most recent games on the flatter Erlenberg felt a lot better than before. There was much more movement going on, on both teams. I personally like the new Erlenberg.

  25. To be honest, T62A is probably best shooting on the move medium

  26. You wouldn’t survive in that spot is the Super Conq underperformed even a lil bit, and you also saved him from getting surrounded. GG to both of you

  27. omg look at these hacks… :l all deez memes

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