Riveting WoT 1v1: Leafblower vs Leafblower

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Source: Taugrim

Arguably the most painful I’ve ever captured in World of Tanks (WoT).

Jury’s still out whether these guys are botting, tremendously bad, trolling us intentionally, or all of the above.

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  1. Arguably the most painful footage I’ve ever captured in World of Tanks (WoT).

    Jury’s still out whether these guys are botting, tremendously bad, trolling us intentionally, or all of the above.

    Our leFH’s platoon mate was making jokes about botting…smh.

    • They’re both in the same clan, I would say it’s pretty obvious they’re just messing about and wasting everyone’s time.

  2. Same clan. Probably in discord

  3. Thanks for the laughs.

  4. _Free brain damage intensifies_

  5. christian paredes

    You are my hero!

  6. Non stop action from start to finish ?

  7. “…pRomOtEs DYnAmIC gAmEpLAy…”

  8. They are intentionally shooting to the side of the SPG. They are probably buddies who missed each other during coordinated multiple platoon battles. Still annoying AF.

  9. They are in the same clan. They’re obviously just messing around. I thought you would have noticed that already. They’re not bots because they’re typing stuff in chat. Besides, if you don’t want to watch them, then simply don’t watch them, you have the freedom to exit the battle. Why are you getting so worked up for nothing and shaming these players for frankly doing nothing wrong?

    • Ya, nowadays people want ad money so hard so they post this obv stuffs. kk

    • They should be ashamed of driving that thing to begin with.

    • How is this not wrong?

    • It was rigged they’re both in the same clan. They were intentionally not killing one another. Just because some on is dead doesn’t mean they can leave. They might want or need their tank back in order to play another game. It’s one thing to be fighting the enemies it’s another to be trolling with a clan mate.

  10. Pretty sure they’re trolling, they’re playing leafblowers after all. Not like they’re there for the exp; they’ve already made their credits.

  11. Unicum guide to Lefe? :p

  12. Taugrim, how’d you miss that they’re in the same clan? They’re in discord just laughing away at that point…

  13. Seems like pretty average arty players to me.

  14. One had a gun mark. I have a feeling they were goofing around with their clanmate.

  15. Arguably one of the most genuinely rare moments of mutual love and admiration I’ve ever witnessed in World of Tanks (WoT).

    The Jury is in that this is just a matter of witnessing two Rare French Lichte Feldhaubitze in their mating dance. There are 10.5 moves per Lichte Feldhaubitze, thus explaining the pauses you see between each player.
    Please, Taugrim, be more sensitive and aware of those truly cherishable moments otherwise you might miss the “good stuff” left in the game.

    • Fabricio Werdum, former UFC heavyweight champion. He does that weird face for some reason, it’s a common meme in MMA.

    • +Taugrim ? here’s the weird face thing you’re longing for.

    • +Taugrim

      Oh right, more of a boxing guy myself. Hope wots been good this year my man.

    • So many talented, unique boxers out there these days. Like a guy like Tyson Fury – ludicrously mobility for a big man paired with unorthodox striking.

    • +Taugrim

      Hmm somewhat of a French heavy maybe? Askren Vs Lawler is almost a pure exhibition in terms of the lack of mixing styles. Who knows how long Whittaker’s gonna be out for.

  16. Heh. Love the Werdum face.

    • You’re the first person to comment or recognize it 😀

    • Fucking casuals.

    • That Askren vs Lawler fight was nuts. I’ve never seen a guy get bombarded in the first 45 seconds in a ranked fight like Askren did and survive.

    • +Taugrim You need to put Kamarudeen’s Nigerian paint face on your next review somewhere. Hide it in a bush or whatever.

    • +Taugrim Heh. Yeah, just got back from watching it at a friends place. Any other ref would have called the fight after that slam and I totally see why Dean called the fight against Lawler. Looked like his arm was limp in real time.

  17. I always knew you loved arty deep down

  18. should get a gift 🙂

  19. They are in the same clan *facepalm*

  20. rofmao

  21. Both from same guild. They were obviously communicating with each other. Probably entering random battle as enemies by accident and then using guild chat. Some guilds even have Teamspeak or Discord voice chat…

  22. Gijs van der Gracht

    Taugrim, you are so mean and aweful. How can you not see they are in the same clan and not botting but fooling around. Shame on you for calling them out, while they were just having fun fooling around. You should have just gone to the garage and picked another tank. Bad decision to put this on YT. It just shows your impatience and intolerance for other players.

    • lol, you call this mean? It just shows how crap WOT random battles is , that players find doing that is entertaining. Meanwhile 28 other people potentially have to wait for the tank they are grinding is released for another battle. It just reminds me why I only come in and play Frontline, otherwise would have uninstalled.

  23. Mihailo Pisanjuk

    Same clan name is the first thing I saw.

  24. What a waste of my time. Sorry had to unsubscribe

  25. Thats why mm should not matchmake people of the same clan against each other

  26. Guys in the same clan, i just think that it wasnt accident they pressed ”Battle!” at the same time. WG has said that if you do something like this, you have change that your account will be terminated forever. (grammar ech)

  27. At first I assumed they were out of ammo and were mud wrestling, then they had some and missed.
    Instead it’s two clanmates fooling around while 28 other players have to wonder which side will get the win (and big points) and why. It’s not a training room; they should have made an honest effort to win the match.

  28. Could also be mission rigging. WoT hates that.

  29. Taugrim any change you going to do some kind of video on BDO?

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