RNG Giveth & Taketh Away – T-432 – World of Tanks

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  1. Pray to RNGesus

  2. Yo please don’t be disrespectful cus I was in the Great battle of Los Angeles in 1915 and it was HORIBLE you can’t even imagine such a thing I’m getting flashbacks from that day…..

    • 120 year olds don’t have grammar this good

    • there is absolutely no way you were in the battle of Los Angles in 1914. If you were, you would be at least 120 years old, crippled, and probably have never using a computer in your life. “Yo”, suggests that you are youthful and lacking experience, the word if quite a comic word used in America to address attention. “Cus”, slag for because portrays the same image. So there is no way people can agree with you fighting in the battle, but I too share your concerns for the people who fought and died in that battle.

    • Ilija ne seri?

    • Tankmode ON stfu bich, u dont know me

    • Thicc chopstick •


  3. is this another DPM tank that only QB will like?

  4. *y e e t*

  5. ahahah great battle of la in 1915 ahahahah
    now back to watching battle… ahahah love you man lmao

  6. Cheers from _Azur (T-10 ) had a lot of fun on this game lmao
    Good spirit, is essential
    And God circon you’re harsh

  7. Ah, yes, the T-432.

  8. @Circonflexes: Do you think this tank is OP?

  9. Circon sounded like Gilbert Gottfried there at 3:57

  10. You gotta work on your Gilbert Gottfried impression a bit more Circon, but it’s pretty good so far.

  11. ……wow sooo closee

  12. The great battle of los angeles ?

  13. This tank is pure evil. First of all its REAL cheap; secondly its OP as fuck. But sure there is no russian bias in this game. First nerf Bulldog to shit, then introduce this broken ass thing. Sigh.

  14. I think I misunderstand you when you said that WW1 never happened in Europe . WW1 was the “big war” (9 million soldiers killed) and fought in Europe from 1914-1918 . The Netherlands was neutral.
    I like my LT432, now I have to learn to scout but just driving around shooting lost sheep is fun enough. (I’m for most a HT player)

  15. How To Defeat ISIS 101

    Lol fuck that T-10 driver, basically sacrificed his tank to try and end your game.

  16. this game is just full of retards, look at these ppl playing

  17. Stupid WG please buff ELC even 90 poor thing is irrelevant nowadays…

  18. The armor on this light tank is insane, like it will randomly bounce things all the time. Insane honestly, I feel like it’s the Equivalent of the defender in how OP it is for a light tank. I will definitely be picking myself up one because they never nerf gold tanks.

    • The front plate is autobouce if you use 4 degress of its 7 gun depression. Also its turret around the edges are autobouce as well.

  19. Drop those HE shells Circ

  20. why do they keep releasing op premiums? sad

  21. Kinda surprised this tank wasn’t the t10 lt for the Soviet lt tt just need more hp an the 100mm

  22. Wait there was a world war 1? I thought there was only world at war!

  23. The USA saved your fucking asses in 2 fucking world wars and we get is a goddamn virtual tank? Go fuck yourself Circus boy.

  24. I guess I’m gonna buy this tank after all…

  25. 6:24 Typical line 1 camping situation… You go there, spot the enemy, but your team’s camping so far at the back that they can’t hit them.

    • Well better, than be too close and get all spotted and destroyed, because of suicidal enemy’s light rush.

    • +RavenShugo But then enemy gets bored camping, move in, first detectand kill spotters, then detect all campers nicely clustered up and simply annihilate them, usually with the help of artillery that LOVES dropping shells among grouped tanks…
      Since 1.0 changes, all games are pretty much the same and going the same way

  26. Nice rotation. So Na got something first. Big deal. Ru gets everything first.

    • Hmm, NA and EU are both mostly english speaking and western. Russian is not at all. This is not weird? 😀
      NA gets a tank early to help celibrate WW1 memorial, but EU does not? That is not weird? Big Deal? Nice dude.

    • +Circonflexes We in the Na server need all the help we can get. ?. Happy hunting man

  27. WHOREGAMING at its best.

  28. The battle of LA . Lol I bet the yanks were late to that too!!!

  29. If it makes you feel a little better it was only released a week early on NA server to people that had Premium accounts.

  30. Nothing more hilarious than Circon in a good mood.

  31. Hey circon, are you thinking of doing another black friday sale series of videos this year? Will be interesting to hear your take on all he newly buffed / added prem tanks and which are the best deals. Already seeing alot of questions like this on reddit.

    • I really really hope they do a Free Tank marathon with the Black tanks, T34 B IS-6 B Shwarzpanzer 58 cause my Pc sucked last year and i couldn’t do it, it’s getting pretty close to end of November but i’m still hopeful..

  32. look at 430…last tank all game, yoloes and dies in 5 sec

  33. This little sneaky fucker is a true ninja. Love camo on this tank

  34. I’m so glad I stop playing this game you have to be a saint to not freak out at team mate like those on the hill

  35. Well I guess without NA you would be speaking German in this ReichTube video.

    • Yes very true, solid point.
      Speaking of solid points, i guess without a giant comet murdering dino’s we would all be RAAWRRRRRRR now bois ;D

  36. Circon what happened? At 3:50 Gilbert Gottfried took over commentary!

  37. Anyone know the name of the mark of excellence mod he is using?

  38. I am using the same ammo setup. <3

  39. please change the title to rng taketh. this game is cancer

  40. Still dont get that this thing is a light tank. i mean look at it. thats a medium c’mon WG.

  41. Damn bitter much? It was released on OUR Veterans Day, of which I am one. In turn we Americans also remember and honor those Americans and Europeans who fought and died side by side in Europe.

    • No it was released on the friday before, for armistice day (both november 11th)
      Which we have in Europe aswell, obviously. So why not sell it on that Friday for EU aswell? 😀 Is EU not important enough to celibrate/remember Armistice day? I mean in the grand scheme of things its just a pixel tank, but your going to do something like this, for Armistice day, and leave out Europe. That’s really odd.

  42. What’s T-432? typo lol

  43. I still cannot condone giving this pancake 7 degrees of gun depression. If it’s got a nonexistent turret, the gun depression needs to be nonexistent as well.

    • no, it’s bad enough it’s $30 for 1 tank lol so for that amount of money it better be OP and amazing. Otherwise make it like $10 if it’s not OP. And this is coming from someone that has spent about $1,600 on WOT

    • Nothing should be OP to begin with. Overtuning one premium that they refuse to de-tune leads to all kinds of balancing problems. The tanks do need to be less expensive though.

    • +Stark Raven for sure, the game is just a scam to steal money while giving you the illusion of fun. like $40 for 1 tank when you can get an entire game on steam thats new and quality for $40, is pretty much a disgrace. Prem time should be $30 for entire year not $100 and prem tanks all like between $5 and $10.

  44. Hi my m8 how can I contact you? Got replay which you would love… Have nice day.

  45. Amen, brother.

  46. I can barely bring my self to play one battle a day this month. I have totally burnt out. There’s too many things wg is doing that I can’t agree with, op premiums and tier 8 mm are just the tip.

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