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Source: SirCircon


  1. The music tho!!

  2. Norman Finkelstein

    Dud round, bad primer

  3. @SirCircon I would say it’s server delay/lag, u shoot but the server reacted late. For god sake I hate RNGs and I love them too ? lol

  4. Was it possible that someone was running a cheat?

  5. Jtag20andthePJSS

    Not just potato internet, the Stalin Force Field 9000 got an upgrade lately. All those super buffed russian tanks also come equipped with the latest vodka technology, the Russian Deflector Shield. That HESH shell knew it wasn’t going through those super-heavily armored russian tanks so it decided to not even try.

  6. For the record: Tracers are always delayed when moving the replay in slow motion.

  7. russian force field 🙂

  8. Why do ya heff to stream whilst I am at school lmao

  9. You aim at mighty Russian tank with puny British tank destroyer, da? We fix dat for you with Soviet realism algorithm. You like? Too bad.

  10. Christian Veresh


  11. Russian Bias.

  12. Lofi so fucking sexy wew tank god im not the only one that plays tanks to it 😀

  13. Haha! What a potato shot.

  14. NinjaMonkeyPrime

    I’m more upset about the fact that it was only a first class.

  15. I could have sworn Circ already had this three marked. Whaddya know!?

  16. Scratching the paint off the T-54 LWT. Serves you right for playing swanky wine bar music!

  17. I think it is internet problem.

  18. It’s delay for shot

  19. Karma for what you did to the Jpz E100.

  20. now you kno what its like being a non unicum, the horse shit happenings us avg people get

  21. RNGesus giveth, RNGesus taketh away

  22. Like for the Jurrasic 5 song !

  23. that t-54-Lwt at the end has his deflector shield activated circon ….. 😛

  24. Your shot caused a rupture in space-time resulting in a temporal rift, that’s why the shot was delayed. To say it with Einstein: next time think of a beautiful woman, time will fly and there will be no delay.

  25. WolfSpiderAirsoft

    Investigation memes

  26. noob 😉

  27. Russian tanks have Stalin on their side. If that was any other nation’s tank. it would be dead.

  28. Deflected by the hand of Stalin

  29. I love the music it so funny waching the memes with eazy songs like this ,its like it no big deal…

  30. I saw a few comments here about the client vs server (in)accuracy.
    Circon is using also the Server Crosshair which in 95% of the cases is exactly where the shell will land (using the values of the gun in use and the ammount of aiming time). It happened exactly the same thing to me with the same tank (FV215b 183) on the same map shooting the broadside of an AMX 50B and the shell landed a few meters on the left. I wasn’t that close like Circon but I was screaming in anger. HOW THE FUCK? Server crosshair active, shooting the center of a tank, the shell landed in another postal code and at a delay also.
    Oh well, I wasn’t that lucky to farm Jagpze100 from the back, only managed to do 5.7k dmg in the end (playing against 2x HT5 and MAUS won’t bring you one shot 1.2k+ dmg).

  31. two words FUCK WG

  32. Welcome to the world that most Australians live, in the “250ms where did that shot go world”

  33. Welcome to WG programming fuckery

  34. Circon hit his WG daily damage limit 🙂

  35. He made the first mistake when he didnt use a russian tank.

  36. Fool's Slick and Folly's Fortune

    well that was filthy. kinda surprised that youtube allows that much penetration

  37. I like how the FV215b 183 is probably the polar opposite of the AMX 13 57 he’s featured

  38. i replayed that shit like 5 times to see wtf happend, that good sir is a fucking ghost shell, they said that doesnt exist any more, MY ASS lmfao

  39. Boom…. pause… pause… pause…. pause… oh right now let the shell fly free, the real meaning to ghost in the shell. Man I thought that crap only happened on the Asia server… feel for Circon.

  40. Simple explanation, weak british derp gun against stronk light tank of the comrads. You were never going to hit that shot! LOL

  41. Like Circ needs this Deathstar. This is a pubstomp.

  42. that was straight bullshit when you shot that t54 light what the fuck was that crap I seen that hit the damn tank dead on so where did it go to a different time zone, a blackhole or what? LoL

  43. sweet soundtrack dude what is it?

  44. That T-10 Platoon is the same shits that trolled my dad when I played some WoT with him for first time as we got a new PC.. He was in his 13 90 and they each shot him once and rammed him to like 300 HP..

  45. CSI (Circon Special Investigations)
    Looks like another case of…. Russian bias
    (puts on sunglasses)

  46. what a fucking shittty tank ! So much OP ….. this game sucks soooo much.

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