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Source: Circonflexes

Loving this version of the T71 aswell 😀
Upload your here: http://circon.-record.com/ !


  1. That moment you comment before watching in the hope you are first because thats all you have in life……thats not me though I just stumbled upon the video in my inbox

  2. And RNGesus taketh away.

  3. watch 11:15 with 0.5 speed for maximum evil effect

  4. I think matches like these when Circ get pummeled but just stay in the match ….. well … I value those replays more. It is so easy to give up. 🙂 Not the first time for him. Not the first video like this either. Circ is playing more risky and I think I can learn more from him when to go forward or not. To me it seems , if enemy have any area not covered, Circ is going to sail right through there. So it seems one can larn more from this guy then the others.
    BTW …. “what the f” … yeah it is fking house there in the end I think.

  5. Have you decided which version you prefer yet?

  6. What. Seeing a circon video in the first hour? What is my life?

  7. I’d play like that and get butchered

  8. And how we love seeing you in it, as long as your name isn’t red!

  9. have you noticed @circconflexes that when the tank is reloading, it has the exact same sound as the last shell in an autoloader clip, or lodaing for that matter?

  10. Circon, I was wondering, at about 5:10, instead of continuing to flank into the southwest, you decide to go back into the town and then to the middle of the map. What was your reasoning behind that? Because I probably would have just continued to the southwest corner to check for arty, and then try to get behind the enemy. Trying to find out if there is some superior beard thinking going on here 😛

  11. Fuckin tasty game my dude, im never disappointed with your games.

  12. I need this tank in my life.

  13. This version of the T71 actually is slightly more mobile than the regular autoloader one, it turns faster (traverse) *AND* it has better gun handling. I’m getting it as well since the Bulldog is obsolete nowadays and this one seems like a lot of fun.

  14. Circon is so good, if RNGesus taketh away from him he comes back and takes it by force 😀

  15. Why does it still have the autoloader reload sound?

  16. That’s strange, the reloading sound for this tank is the autoloader sound

  17. They fixed the Primo Victoria! Back to old accuracy (RNG). Finally more than 50% hit ratio.

  18. 59 16 just sat there and said, “I’m not going to return fire”…….

  19. So thats how you get an Ace tanker in it. Forget scouting and play it like a MT

  20. Dat evil laugh at 11:16 HUEHUEHUE I’m comiiiiiin’!

  21. glad i’m not alone

  22. hello LubeTube ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  23. That was so filthy, gg.

  24. Nice evil laughter! You think it’s better than the autoloading T71?

  25. why that t71 does not look like mine at all 🙂

  26. Don’t love it too much before they nerf the shit out of it like the poor bulldog

  27. When i logged in after the patch, not only did my T71 disappear, i didnt get either of the T71 DA or T71 CMCD. Probably because i bought the T71 only 8 days before the patch but still, i feel cheated.
    Just like when i tried to unlock the batchat 25 t and all of the sudden they moved my 13 90 away from that line and forced me to research the 13 105 instead ;/

  28. This is like the exact same gun as the Bulldog gets, except this has 145/210 pen and the Bulldog has 170/210 pen. Shows how fucking trash the Bulldog’s gun is.

  29. Studies show that you have a better chance of living longer if you dont die

  30. almost like everyone else is playing with the perks you have :/

  31. I had the t71 before the patch and now im half way through the 57 heavy grind and have to play the t37 a whole lot more

  32. 3:20 that moment when the seals fight back xD

  33. You know circon is godlike when he fights against a tier 10 chiri and 14 tanks and wins

  34. Hope you’re feeling better now Circon!

  35. If you listen closely, the reload effect in sniper mode is a copy/paste of the autoloader reload sound

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