Road to Berlin – Event Review – World of Tanks

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World of Tanks introduced the Road to Berlin where you bots for glory and rewards – here’s my opinion!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. I sold the is2s i just need the vent

  2. My favourite part is AI preaiming your weakspot through cover and maybe even kill you through cover. Like elites dont even have an aiming circle, they turn on you and direct hit…

  3. I really enjoyed the new Berlin map!! it was highly impressive…and the Reichstag!! now as for the IS2-S I love it!! 27 games so far in it, with 70% win rate!!

  4. Bp platoon of 3 rekt maus 2k exp done

  5. Of course is Berlin the easiest map, a Russian Firm wont let you loose in probably the most meaningful battle in their history

  6. The x15, on the berlin map with 10k-12k dmg, and 10-18 kills, will farm you 2150 exp…the easiest way to get there if in min a 3 man platoon!! 3 people can carry!! but a 5 man platoon is very strong!!

  7. No your correct it’s very boring I’d like those vents but I can’t be arsed with it anymore

  8. if you are unlucky enough to still be grinding for this, it’s actually even worse, and even more difficult, i am not sure but i think all the really good players are done with it, and the players i have been getting have not been able to finish the missions, in fact i have wasted most of my x15’s i’m only half way thru 4th, i had 3 in a row that failed to finish the first mission, it still eats your x15 and you get zero progress, it’s absolutely terrible, i am pay to play, as much as everyone whines about it, someone has to support the game or there would be no game lol, i am not ashamed of it, they should just let me buy the damned bounty vents, i do not want to subject myself to this game mode for another battle! i am not a great player, i avg about 12k dmg that seems to be the number of dmg needed to carry though, because if i fail to get 11-12k dmg, we do not win , ever. i seem to have the most unlucky RNG rolls as well, i do not even pen anything half the time, the powerups are useless on most of the tanks because of range, you have to be to close to use them.

    this game mode sucks, not the work that went into the game, but having to do this to get something that isnt “really” any good, because 1.5% is horse shit, if we are being honest, it’s like .. you will reload .5 of a second faster if you have bounty rammer and vents on, add food to that and it’s l;ike .8 seconds faster reload, it’s useless, it make people think it’s better but the numbers are so small you can’t even tell, like when i put all purple gear on my object 430u and used food in a battle and it gave me .7 second reload or something moronic like that, maybe it might help on cammo, or maybe view range, but it really doesnt, because being able to see someone 2m closer is not very effective, like when are you “really” going to know where that 2m actually is, most likely, never.

    so thats my biggest issue, not the mode itself so much as just why do we need to grind this much for such crappy rewards, they are terrible, the tank is trash, the vents cost 3mil to upgrade and then that upgrade is so tiny you dont notice it on most tanks. this new trend of making week or month long grinds, has got to stop! we as players need to make it clear we dont want this months long grinding trash, someone has to make them stop this! dear god, next the global map campaigns will last 3 months, we gotta stop it, i dunno how, but we gotta

  9. It’s very hard. I’m not a noob and find the bots very accurate and all focus on one tank at a time.

  10. Get a haircut hippie!

  11. Firstly, I love the mode, I love the historical aspect of it and the period correct vehicles, I love that the AI is improved, and something to consider, part of the fun is the different vehicles, which you kind of missed out on by paying to 3. Generally I play each nation each day for the x5, and that adds variety, as well as taking different attack lanes, helps it, and while I have that m26 up to tier 3 I think I would rather have the TDS so I am working through it too, and soon will have the x5 at tier 3 for it too, as an example. I really dislike the dispersion disparity, and passive teams, the arty is a pain but mostly controllable, staying arty safe, and there is always a way to spot the arty and take care of them fairly early so it’s not that big of a deal, though I am not sure why people get focused, it isn’t really consistent. It doesn’t really feel like armor matters tbh, and it feels like the Churchills miss too many shots, but it can be fun for me, using that boost to get around and dpm enemies down once close. I like having this kind of a mode to warm up in, I see a lot of potential as well, very pleased with this go round, while I hated the first iteration.

  12. How do you have that much gold?

  13. That fact that WG can make bot tankstats flawlessly snapshot everything, but you as a player miss almost every fully aimed shot in a random battle.

  14. show me a random tier 3 team that manage to get through…easy win with a team of 4-5 but with 4 randoms…NOPE

  15. Hey guys, what’s your highest damage in this game mode?

  16. ..prices was good, grind was not so heavy and 2500 gold order deal was worthy. i have seen only improvement from last time PVE was introduced

  17. Tip! Its always useful to use minimap 🙂 dont stay all together in Berlin game mode.

  18. The T26E3 does 500 damage with the airstrike if it hits and the rockets are awesome on the t 44 85! The Black Prince has the speed boost reserve, which is really nice, but I wish you had more speed. Kill the TDs when u see them. Flank the Maus. The pz 4s and panthers r just there to annoy you. The arty is SO annoying when they focus you. If you can kill the arty, DO IT!

  19. Magnus Likes Tanks

    I grew tired of this game mode so quickly. Nowadays I try to play this game for fun, so I quit playing Road To Berlin. I think my IS is a better tank anyways.

  20. I really like the PvE game mode, its refreshing from the random queue; because in higher tiers, especially with tier X, games often end in extreme results; you win high (e.g.15:2) or you lose high (e.g. 2-15). And I have the feeling those one-sided games really increase currently. And as long WG wont implement a skill-based MM, playing tier X is not particularly fun; because in both cases (win high and lose high) you dont really get that much damage out and therefore dont get that much experience. Furthermore the EBR 105s make playing regular light tanks really frustrating, because they have such an overpowered HE-penetration that they will rip you apart with 3 or 4 shots. So yeah, the PvE mode is fun, and most of the time I win, so I dont have the issues with noobs as much as in the random queue. And I dont think its a grind at all, its enough if you play this mode 4 times a day and use all the boosters (1 x5 and 3 x15). If you do that, you will easily be able to get the bounty equipment. I havent bought any additional boosters and I am already more than halfway through the last stage. So you dont even need to play this gmae mode 4 times a day, 3 times a day (with using the x15 boosters ofc) should be sufficient enough to get the bounty equipment. So in this case I have disagree with QB, the bounty equipment is not hidden behind a paywall, all boosters you can buy are not necessary. And its not really grinding either, what I see as grinding are the Marathons from WG to get a free tier 8 premium tank and where you effectively have to play 40 hours in one week. This game mode however, just play 1 and a half hour a day approximately and you will get a tier 7 prem tank and the bounty equipment for free.

  21. Shouldn’t it be the very first level reward at least? Since the people who need it most is people who don’t know how to play. You don’t need to reward the top 10% of player base.

  22. As usual from Wargaming, a rush for no-life players with uninteresting reward for normal or casual players. And of course, absolutely no sci-fi bias for WW2 tanks… Why do they not call their game World of Russian Tanks after all ?

  23. Oh boy oh boy, the amount of things you got wrong xD.

    1: ISU 122S is NOT the go-to for damage dealing. Your DPM might be good, but your armour is useless, your mobility disappeared by reaching tier 3, and a turret is just so much better. And the DPM is not even that amazing, 8,6 seconds reload is abysmal in comparison to the tier 7 tank AND the premium ISU 122S. With a lack of mobility and no usable angles on the TD, picking it over the turreted IS-2V is just plain dumb. Speaking of planes, the Air Strike is unreliable at best, doing 125-200 damage on all enemies within the irritating strafing area. It takes 5 seconds to activate, and can’t even kill artillery in one go. You need 3 strafing runs to kill a Hummel, so it can’t even do that.

    2: IS-2V is BY FAR the best tank. It has hit points, it has joint best penetration, joint best alpha, and although the mortar isn’t long range, it takes 2-3 seconds to activate, making it way better. The mines are fine at close range and can stop an enemy from turning a corner, but your alpha is what’s important.

    3: The Black Prince is an absolute disgrace, do not grind that line!! Its “Full Throttle” consumable is just an excuse for the abysmal 20 km/h top speed that the whole line gets. The gun is accurate and fast firing, but the alpha is low and the pen is medium standard. Your armour also does not count, as Tiger 2’s will penetrate it on the move, and your 152 mm front armour is of course super flat, making it an easy pen. The armour is honestly a step down from Churchill 7.The artillery strike is pretty good, but that is about it.

    4: You say that the HE pz 4 tanks are such a pain, when you wouldn’t be able to bounce shots with the ISU 122s to begin with. Taking 50-130 HE damage instead of 180 is definitely preferable.

    5: The T44-85 line is mobile, fine pen and alpha, and although it lacks in armour, having 1 or 2 t-44-85 tanks with a Katusha each is very strong.

    6: This is far from a bad grind. Just get 1-2 tokens from random battles and use them wisely on the IS-2V line. If you can’t assemble 4 other people you can trust to do well with, then you might as well not try this mode if you want the IS-2S for free.

    7: If you think THAT is pay-2-win, then I have som news for you. It has always been something you could do, moving modules with 10 gold. The fact that someone can use 3M to make them better is something else. In that case you just have to save money. And it won’t matter that much if the enemy has 2,5% extra on crew skills anyway. People that care about that play Ranked Battle and tier 10.

    8: There wasn’t such a fuss about the fact that you can easily skip the learning process of this mode, was there? It’s easy to hear that you haven’t played the other lines from scratch, and it’s sending a very negative signal to less experienced players, if a good player like you bought your way through the lines so quickly.

    9: You gave no indication that the 2 Maus tanks you have to kill were of any difficulty, when in reality you can bounce their side from nearly any angle. If it wasn’t for consumables, they would be VERY hard to kill.

    10: I heard very few complaints about artillery being able to penetrate any tank in the lines. No scolding about how artillery did NOT need to be in this mode.

    The best lines to pick are in my opinion:
    1: IS-2V, because it has it all.
    2: T44-85, because of mobility and the Katusha.
    3: ISU 122S, because of DPM and Incendiary shells.
    4: T26E3, because of mobility.
    5: Black Prince, Just don’t. Gun doesn’t hit hard, pen is worthless, armour is awfully angled.

  24. Tomislav Mikulcic

    Berlin is by far easiest of all maps. I won every game on it, even when one player was AFK and had 0 dmg

  25. Herman der German

    Lehrter Bahnhof

  26. So yesterday play 8 Battles with x15 activated on my lvl 3 IS and get Berlin 0 times. WTF % is that

  27. which tank is better: E100 or 60TP?

  28. random que with this gamemode is just frustrating. As soon as one of your team members has no respawns left the game is over. It almost always happens.

  29. i lost literally 3/4 of my rounds today… i got a lot of teams which were worse than bots 🙁 Frustrating af

  30. I want Berlin to stay ingame as regular pvp map… Got the is-2 THICC already, but have no time to spend on grind for bounty vents.

  31. When will QuickyBaby do his face reveal? 1million subs??!!

  32. Spurdo Spärde✔

    Is your platoon friend ¨Sissiradisti¨ Finnish?

  33. Great for newer players to practice. I got to stage 3 but i now lack enthusiasm to go further

  34. Short story and of wot:
    Grind bad tanks to get that good tank. After getting the good tank, it is nerfed, changed, removed, or you get tired to pkay this game anymore

  35. “Tremeddous advantage” ? +2,5% crewskills extra compared to a standard vent. That will not make up for a crappy playerand one has to wonder, if the pros really feel the difference . Ofc, they will have it anyway.

  36. So it’s virtually impossible to get the is2 s for a casual free to play, rip me

  37. IDK QB, the bots could be less predictable than regular players. The bots like to change targets randomly and charge right at you to kill you while regular players will sit in the back all game because they’re scared of taking damage. The arty also doesn’t suicide.

  38. T-44-85 > IS-2V > SU-122s > Church BP / Shermans, T-44-85 is not a glass cannon, i disagree QB,and even if it were that t23e6 or what’s it called has a higher profile and many enemy bots flatout pen the turret (especially on berlin) while u can’t even shoot them. Katjushas are the craziest op thing, IS-2V, nice alpha, ok mobility, good HP, speaks for themselves even if they don’T get good “powers”, ISU lacks in HP – that really is a glass cannon, and the enemy will spot u, even though the 3x in a row incendiary is quite nice. Chruchs and Pershings / Shermans are mostly crap, Church I for tier I and Supersherman with good armor on level 2 are probably the best of these, while the others are crazy bad (t23e6 because of what i wrote). Mind you Church BP got less gun depression / alpha than t-44-85 and still unreliable armor..a nightmare.

  39. WG said that the arty shoots thru the terrain, wall don’t affect them.

  40. T-44 is not really a glass cannon, it bounces more than the churchill. Get hull down and you’re the boss.
    Also, pve arty OP, plix nerf.

  41. Until you get level 3 tank, I would recommend playing all 5 tank lines once per day each day that you play to take advantage of free 5x reserves

  42. LOL, QB says that the initial chokepoint on Berlin is hard, goes through without any problem. Also, gets rekt immediately after. I feel like he would be better with T44 or IS as you can use holes, trenches and hills to your advantage while in the TD’s you are bound to flat ground.

  43. I’ve found it very boring. And besides the tier rewards at the end. It’s just not worth my time as a more casual player, since you don’t earn credits or crew training (besides the booklets from the rewards). So I’ve earned the IS-2S, but don’t think I will be able to make it to the final one unfortunately, as I have no motivation for it, even with the incentive of the bounty equipment.

  44. Imperial Guardsman

    …what players?

  45. Well, I’m completely ignoring this event. I play this game casually, and the PTW character of it ensures it will never be my main game. I don’t shoot gold. I don’t do premium time. I don’t do premium vehicles. I don’t min max equipment or crew. And I just live with being lower win rate. I devote serious time to other games and play on and off at tiers 6 and 7 exclusively.

    This event does NOTHING to make me want to play the sort of time investment needed. Just like every other event WH has thrown in the last couple years.

  46. 👎👎👎u are late

  47. 22:47 You mean grinding gets boring? Tell us more, Quicky, we had no idea. 😛
    26:47 It’s a good introduction to how the game works: teams are idiots, everyone whines about the artillery, and it’s a lot of grinding for a minor advantage. Also, the commentariate acts like all of this is a surprise.

  48. **If Gold had an Economy all players had equal Meritocratically Self Determinist use of and access to…,* well it’d wouldn’t be modern WarGaming now would it? ^_>

    and yet if one could earn a small but consistent steady income of gold by playing the game and doing events, etc, well then things would be much more fair concerning those small investments.

  49. Spg accuracy damage level 9999
    The rest ai tanks level 9999 damage

  50. Bots from Homefront is way better than Battle of Berlin event.

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