Road to Mediocrity

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  1. That was some quality banter with daki

  2. Jasper van Houdt

    Not playing this anymore, got 4 of tje x15, played 1, daily x5 got applied and the x15 all dissappeared

  3. Smart AI

  4. I legitimately spit all over my monitor during the shoulder and nipples comment

  5. How long did it take you to get up to the start of level 4? As a dad homeschooling kids I don’t think I have the time to grind this out, even though I want those vents.

  6. All i wanted was the vents

  7. Just when you think arty couldnt get worse

  8. This one stream Circ….imo may be put into the record books of being one of t.h.e. most memeful, banter ridden, hilariously funny streams I’ve seen in a while.
    That other platoon you did a while back with Daki was funny….but by gawd this stream made me cry out of laughter more then once x’D

  9. AaronFarquhar96

    The only thing that makes sense is the artillery circles forcing you out of good positions. Everything else is bullshit

  10. To be fair Circon even with this Ai it’s still a struggle to win a game since enemy Ai is smarter then half the random teams you get.

  11. Krystian Olszański

    i think homefront was bad for reason of fuel and you were always bottom tier against tiger 1 s and i would rate that last year as 3/10, randoms i rate at 6/10, rankeds 2/10, and this year mode road to shit is even worse than ranked i would rate it 1/10 (edit or even 0/10), You are still bottom tier, you can even see a fucking maus ffs and jagtigers just why would anybody think this is fun… and on top of that some stupid piece of shit at wg company said you know what lets give bots arta so its balanced and real like it was, and so fun…(HOW STUPID A COMPANY CAN BE)combination of tanks that players get (no armor at all ) and that bots got tanks with fucking armor is just insane, those bots can better blindshot and swing a turret and hit tanks than usual random playing steve. to make it fun just remove fucking artas from bot hands and those red arta strike circles, and make mm on this gamemode the same FUCKING tier like tier 7 only and leave the armors and penetrations from actual game, and remove fucking time missions, you lose cause you didnt kill them in time its just not fun…. and you can make event as grindy as you want but just fucking make it fun, so i dont feel like im putoing my nuts in a wise and wg starts crushing them more an more with every breath i take while playing this utter shit, unfun mode.

  12. José F. Martín

    WG, as usual, doing it bad, late and in the cheapest style possible. What a shame.

  13. The Panthers know how to sidescrape and take shots for low health targets. Sometimes they know to rush if they outnumber you as well… I would take them over half of my random battle teammates.

  14. Well at least these bots are better than those who appear in randoms.

  15. i simply enjoy the hummel enhancement

  16. Seems painful

  17. XxSataN KARMAxX

    Its an alright game mode its a nice brake from randos

  18. Syahareen Sha Rani

    Circon still forget that Arta prevents kemping so stop kemping Circon

    (By the way I love the video keep doing what you do Circon :D)

  19. Jackal Etherias

    6:46 “Stop crying star shooting something”
    *Rare record of a SS officer yelling at a 10 years old HJ recruit under fire in the battle of Berlin. April 20, 1945.*

  20. Played one game and will keep it one. It’s boring and frustrating as hell.

  21. This video is so damn epic

  22. love the new format circon

  23. those arty is so fucking broken than any arty op player wtf, they can hit you from anywhere

  24. nice 🙂
    thank you

  25. Yelling “I missed” (while shooting in the air on purpose) 😀 😀 😀

  26. Tbh it’s way better than the last pve gamemode
    Minefield are useless in this road to Berlin but in the 1st pve you could pick a fast tank that had access to minefield park yourself near a tiger then put the mines on top of the tiger and get ez 1k dmg

  27. Improved AI comes with aimbot and invisibility

  28. I played 6 games, won the last one, top player by kills, got 100 pts with boosters. Then I thought: Wargaming should take this gamemode, roll it into a really tight roll, moisten it and stick it into their collective ass ( or one for each, I don’t care). I can buy vents for bonds, got loads of them, and spare 3M credits, maybe buy smth nice, gilded decal “Fuck Berlin” or smth?

  29. Hamidreza khosroabadi

    I dont know why we needed ai while 90% of games are full of human bots

  30. Circon and Daki are just great together.

  31. 10 years old btw still have no idea what they are doing btw feels good man.

  32. I quit this gamemode after one battle.

  33. the AI is better than some of the bots you get in the teams. The Panthers even sidescrape from time to time

  34. I miss Sn00ze 🙁

  35. As a free to play, I get a free tank and I get to watch my teammates literally be worse than the “improved” bots

  36. “It almost reaches my nipples”, “Yea past my shoulders”

    If your beard almost reaches your nipples but isn’t past your shoulders… you might uh.. wanna get that checked out. xD

  37. Adrián Spaček

    Its like a cheap knock off of war thunder, they even copied the music…

  38. Improved AI means 4 arties shoot you on the move with no aim time

  39. Now just from where I am standing, what it looks like to me is gamemode where two people fight alongside “improved AI” to try kill as many “improved AI” as possible in waves. Seems legit. Love the vids as always, keep it up Circon

  40. Smart guy pants on:
    These bots do not have an AI. They have a programm loaded. If it was AI based or based on machine learning these bots would be absolutely amazing players after a few days. But imo they have improved

  41. I always wanted PVE content in WOT, because wargaming could just make like 10 missions only for artillery (and keep adding new ones, of course) but take them out of the usual MM. That way neither of the playerbases (arty- and non-arty-players) get fucked over completely. Give them their old damage values back and so on, nobody would complain

  42. NorrisDoesGaming

    10/10 editing bro, absolute cracking stuff

  43. arty xvm focuses circon even in pve matches

  44. Oh fuck off it’s a fun mode

  45. One game mode where they wouldn’t upset any arty lovers who just HAVE to play arty, because all the enemies are AIs … and they decided to give AIs arty anyway, that will focus you and keep shooting you, even if you’re in cover, for as long as you’re spotted. Thanks, but no, thanks. The rewards are really not worth it.

  46. All I heard was “I cannot pen the dog”. And I was worried.

  47. Chris_Wooden_Eye

    It’s fine. But the AA arty is annoying as fuck. My one real gripe is the running commentary does not help at all. It’s just confusing

  48. Balc0ra's Gaming

    The worst part is honestly the arty, as once they go for a target. They never switch. They follow you around for a long-ass time. So if you get spotted first, and there are 3 of them. Thought shit, they will be on you now for a bit so don’t move. And sure they mostly only do 100 ish damage. But that odd 300 damage hit is what you know will come.

  49. It’s awful I’ve played 2 games wont be investing any more time into that mode.

  50. Chris_Wooden_Eye

    Yeah just forget you even have the mines. What a waste of time

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