ROCKET ARTILLERY BATTLE 1.5KM+ (War Thunder Gameplay)

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  1. 17:30, TF?

  2. Taublknack lol you’re Canadian.
    I learned from AvE and I’m pretty sure it means “Fuck” in French Canadian.

  3. please do more

  4. the tarbarnak was funny I’m from Quebec and here we don’t say fuck we say tabarnack

  5. hey phly could you please do some katusha rocket artillery gameplay just before the kaytusha gets old. pls? for stalen?

  6. AnnihilationOnNation

    BM-13N vs bombers. I think that would be interesting.

  7. Katyusha vs. nebelwerfer


  9. Phly, stream event Idea; KV-2 line battle, Napoleonic Era musket-esk line battle, both team have a double ranked line and line up 500m away from eachother and fire, then after the front rank fires, they reverse and let the second rank move up, and then they fire, and they switch during reload again

  10. therobotscorpion

    hey fly do you remember Hawks that Tom Clancy game from 10 years ago

  11. You should have someone flying overhead recording the flights of rockets ^^ Especially for the night battle. Bet it would have looked sweeeeet.

  12. iDontEvenCareWhatYouPlay Attempt #2844075whothefuckcares

  13. Gaming with Izzy

    Is Baron there?? ?

  14. They should totally make this a game mode

  15. PixelBoss88 RadiumJeeper

    Milk Truck challenge!! Take the 29K against top tier!!

  16. Hahaha, Nice gameplay with rockets.

  17. can you do katyusha rockets vs bombers


  18. Benjamin Randall Campbell

    you should have the german 42 rocked truck vs the russian truck

  19. Dominique Martinez

    @ 17:29 that guy was just summoned before Stalin

  20. Like screaming Valkyries from hell.

  21. Phly is back, and he’s back strong !

  22. love your Opening Music !!!

  23. I’m so glad you’re back but what about tabs

  24. to many retards near eachother xD

  25. Patryk Piotrowski

    How to get Katyusha ingame? :c

  26. phly play worlds of tank pls

  27. Foysal Arifin Warasi

    It was really cool

  28. Foysal Arifin Warasi

    how about try the M3 LEE

  29. did anyone notice the truck that flew across the screen at 17:29 when phly said “nothing”

  30. Senpai noticed me. My life is complere

  31. check out my YouTube videos

  32. Иосиф Steelin

    You should have done Katyushas vs Panzerwerfers, but i think the werfer has stronger rockets….we need the Andryusha with 300 mm rockets))

  33. Struggle Gaming

    I hated the challenge to get the katayusha, the other rocket tank couldn’t penetrate anything.

  34. You should do this with scout planes, which would direct fire.

  35. Alexandru Dragan

    The sound on them sucks! I hope they add the real katyusha sound effects.

  36. Blackwood Security


  37. Badlizard Plays


  38. 17:29 WTF???

  39. eyyy cpt_bomb that’s me! 😀

  40. I thought the Rocket Artillery Battle would be Panzerwerfer vs Katyusha…

  41. what’s the song you play when someone subscribe’s?

  42. Phly, take Easy 8 and AD-2 #LovetheUnloved

  43. how about Katyusha vs Tank
    Katyusha only had 5-7 tank rest enemy team have katyusha to and u supposed to Defend the point or Helping Friendly Tank to Assault Capture point
    Attempt 1#

  44. They’re adding smoke rounds Phly! Play dev server!!!

  45. They need to make the Katyusha a screaming toy that can fart out a lot of smoke.

  46. Rounds exploding in the underworld. # Hellfire Missles

  47. Hey, when you were making your way through the trees… that’s not stalinium. That’s actually vibranium steel alloy, since the vehicle in the game carrying the rocket launcher is one of those models supplied by Lend-Lease. That truck is Studebaker US6, if i’m seeing it right.

  48. Show them the fighting Way of the Samurai! (attempts no. 12)
    – Light tank : M24 Chaffee (SDF) or M41A1 Walker Bulldog (SDF)
    – Main battle tank : Type 61 and/or Type 74
    – Tank destroyer : Type 60 SPRG and/or Type 60 ATM
    – Self-propelled anti-aircraft gun : M42 Duster (SDF) and/or Type 87 SPAA

  49. take out the M2A4 with 76mm gun and the P-61 with the bombs

  50. The Sd.Kfz. 140/1 u never played that thing so give it a try! Attempt Nr. 2#lovetheunloved And by the way my laptop isn’t working since 2 weeks so i know how that feels :'(

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