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  1. Lol first

  2. Hi no. 2

  3. such a good thumbnail

  4. omg i wanted to show you save screen from wow Phly i watched the video on
    citadels you made and i rocked it

  5. Furth lol

  6. YOU the best phly no one si beater than you. and more Call To Arms if you

  7. First comment made from an Italian person

  8. Another great video from phlydaily

  9. nice video, pls visit my channel i make twich and yt videos..

  10. Ралица Караславова

    How to buy RBT-5 ?

  11. U wot m8s

  12. Its raining Rockets. Halelujah

  13. alright phly attempt 11! phly out the swordfish and become a ww1 ace by
    getting at least 5 kills in realistic battle!

  14. But in her butt u digg

  15. First comment made from an austrian person

  16. Alright, my challenge for you Phly is the Stallinium combo! Take out a KV-2
    And the Yak 9-T and show the filthy fascists and American pigs the stronk
    Russian power.

  17. Sjoerd “DatNLguy” Brouwer


  18. This was so fun xP (my name was _Silver_Rathalos) I have an idea for a
    custom battle…land Bombers on the sea and fight PT-76’s with the 50cals
    and 20mms ,and maybe they use their MGs …Thanks and look forward to

  19. panzerwafer is premium ? becauae i dont play this game but in future i can

  20. Phly, your next challenge video is to accurately pronounce the name of the
    flak truck at 11:00

  21. GhostOfRhurValley 1945

    you have to do this in Kursk phly

  22. Upright productions

    Why do you call the “RBT” “RTB”?

  23. Phly try to shoot down a plane with a rocket tank!!!! Even better if with
    the RBT-5.

  24. MLG Colonel Sanders

    Ok Phly here’s attempt #5; Phly an I-153 (the Tier one version) and have
    baron/slick in a jet. Survive a tier V RB in a biplane! Also: bonus if you
    get a kill

  25. Attempt #2
    In sim battles shoot down a plane with the RBT-5 rockets.

  26. Silver Horizons Productions

    I legit flinched at 9:50, shit that scared me XD

  27. challenge: destroy a tank with aircraft gunner

  28. first comment made from your mom

  29. Phly I was wondering if there are any requirements to phg or if you were
    accepting applications. I’m a 1.25 veteran lvl 100

  30. Why doesn’t he do stuff with baron and slick anymore?

  31. its not colliape its calliope

  32. Phly Phly omg! In having an amazing day! I just got a 9 kill streak with
    the Yak-1!!!

  33. MLG Colonel Sanders

    Lol my best WT friend killed Phly

  34. Da guch

  35. Ohly its called RBT NOT RTB!!! ;)

  36. Idea for tank rb series: since you did the german 37 mm combo Why not try
    the russian. Take out the zsu 37 and the il-37 and be victorious for ze

  37. shoulda kicked silver

  38. There is literally a frame at 9:51 where the head of that rocket eclipses
    most of the view xD

  39. 9:46… best part by far

  40. I suggested this! Thx Phly

  41. phly you need to do panzerwerfer 42 against bm8s at 3kms. see if you can
    kill like a true german Jager

  42. Is 48 FPS new in YouTube? Never seen it before

  43. I can’t tell if phly is intentionally saying RBT wrong… he keeps saying
    rtb even though the tank displays RBT all over…

  44. take out a plane with the rbt5.

  45. CALLENGE kill a plane with RTB 5 (plane goes boom)

  46. get a kill with the RTB 5

  47. #RBTIsfatman fallout 4 reference

  48. phly how i can join to your cousom battles?

  49. i never can hit on you

  50. i mean meet in this battles

  51. phlydaily! phlydaily! do a rocket tank anti-air custom battle next, imagine
    taking out a bomber with the panzerwerfer!!

  52. hey phly im looking for advice or if anyone could help for that matter
    would be great, im quite new to war thunder and struggling with lower tear
    planes and tanks. i perform best with the british in both air and ground
    but am really struggling to rank up the german research tree, every match i
    seem to take part in as the germans i am constantly being instantly killed
    by a single shell or burst of machine gun, for example i was using a panzer
    3 on the map poland and twice was instantly killed from across the map by a
    crusader mkII and then again by a british armoured car all of which these
    kills were in my front plate armour which is the thickest on the tank. i
    dont understand how to get around this and im getting frustrated trying to
    grind out research points

    HALP :(

  53. PLZ plz plz do a scene from red tailz with the P-51 mustangs as the escort
    for B-27s and the attackers are ME-262 PLZ!!!!!!!

    custom online battle over berlin

  54. I think we need to see PE-8 (guns only) vs. rocket artillery! or something
    along those lines???

  55. kill plane with a rocket

  56. panzer warfare 42 sim batlle kill a plane with rocket lol

  57. Kinda boring. Maybe have artillery tanks in a big ass field to shoot at
    each other? The cramp was annoying loads of people.

  58. Karolis Nosevičius

    viewer request:
    Take out the m41a1 walker bulldog and the ad-2 skyrader in RB Please 😛
    Super fun combo!

  59. keksman is in my squadron

  60. Ahem, I have a challlenge or bomb ass custom battle, for +PhlyDaily , how
    about a custom battle, shoot down a low flying Hunter with an RBT-5.

  61. keksman_96 is in my squadron

  62. Shoot a rocket out of the sky as a challenge. Yea, recommended that you do
    custom battles.

  63. scarlet the inquisitor

    silver was only doing his part as spaced armor

  64. I watched this live stream lol

  65. Noooo phly why you do dis to me lol

  66. Phly u should take out the bf 109 G6 with the 3 30mms for a mini 262.

  67. Don’t be like dogy.

  68. Hey Phly, could you tell me (+any other ppl that are curious) what are the
    basic Infantry/Tank controls that you use because I am quite new to WT and
    would like to know what are the most basic or crucial controls to have.

  69. use rockets against the boat tank…. i wish i knew names

  70. 4:32, a Po-2 killed an f8f lol

  71. Panzerwefer vs bombers PLEEEEESE (5TH ATTEMPT)

  72. It would be a good drinking game to drink one whenever Phly says RTB
    instead of RBT

  73. A rocket battle with planes ? :)

  74. Hey phly what if you did a custom battle where you land pby’s and h6k4’s
    and battle on the seas against a pt76 hoard

  75. for these customs do you have to own the tanks in question?

  76. This would be very interesting if you had people lined up on flatter
    terrain — perhaps set limits to what map coordinates each team can stay
    within? I feel like it might be a better spectacle if out in the open a
    little more.

  77. +PhlyDaily is RBT-5 not RTB, just correcting lol, btw great vids :)

  78. Killerbill54 Gaming

    Like only they added the Katyhuas trucks

  79. Rozell is a Dank Memer

    that one panzer werfer 42 shot scared me lmao

  80. Rip Po-2

  81. Luis Martinez Gamboa

    Dude u should do planes against panzerwerfer

  82. Lord Nameless Of Somnium

    Oh he’s dead, great.

  83. phly is kinda afick to people he plays with

  84. RBT 5 VS Planes (No MG’s or 37mm cannons)

  85. Is anyone else sick of the fucking G-Lock/passing out bullshit

  86. Someone shot down the b57 and the wreck killed phly lol

  87. Hey Phly kill a Pt-76 with a Swordfish torpedo at least 1.3 km from a Pt-76
    while swimming if you choose to Accept or you can ignore if to hard.

  88. Out of all three available rocket tanks which is best?

  89. Get a rocket kill with the f2 sabre on a mig 15/17/ cl13 it will be dope

  90. this was so much fun, deffo should do again,

  91. @phlydaily that one was perfect it got u right in the scope lol dat

  92. I saw this live! it was amazing, i also saw laura kick ass in the KV-2, but
    not all of it.

  93. Cl-13a vrs chika custum pls, phly jet alone vrs all the russian biplanes

  94. Challenge: Fly the spitfire around the border of the map at ground level in
    realistic without dying

  95. Schylerchase Gaming

    48 fps? Wtf

  96. hey phly, why such low framerate, its usually low 100s on ground?

  97. Phly I got a challenge for you (attempt numbruh 3) that might be maybe as
    impossible as ace pilots, but fly the Ju-87 G with 37mm and get at least 3
    (preferably 5) air kills. Good luck. ?????

  98. Phly also another challenge say rbt instead of rtb5 lol

  99. Blazeninja111 Blznj111

    Try to kill yourself in the pt 76 by dropping artist in the middle of a
    lake while your on the shore and driveswim to the artist and kill yourself

  100. Blazeninja111 Blznj111

    Try to kill an enemy fighter with a bomb in a bomber

  101. “IT’S RAINING ROCKETS!” — don’t you mean the A-20 G?

  102. Blazeninja111 Blznj111

    Try to kill your self with a rocket from you own vehicle by shooting it
    across the map spawning and hiring yourself (this one I know your not going
    to do because its really hard and I don’t even know if its possible I don’t
    think its possible

  103. 0:06 when you see B17 lol

  104. That dogg kid is a little young yet don’t ya think

  105. did any one else see the po 2 get shot down lol

  106. So if you don’t have the vehicles to battle with, you can just fly around
    or “spectate” in a plane?

  107. You should make an RBT-5 AA custom battle

  108. Anyone else notice how he says rtb when it’s rbt

  109. Do the ME 163 please :)

  110. Good! We shall fight I’m the shade!

  111. Flakpanzer 1 with p-36a

  112. H6K and PBY vs PT-76 SHIP BATTLE!!!!

  113. rockets vs. Po-2

  114. What is the intro song

  115. ply can u make a video about dcs world its a real fun game pls try it

  116. I think it’s a good idea that you’ll try wargame red dragon. It’s a pretty
    good game about he war(1975-2000 aproxymativaly) and it’s a strategic game,
    better to play with friend to do tactict or TO KILL THEME xD. The game it’s
    pretty hard at the 5 fist game approxymatively but if someone help you it
    will be very easy.

  117. Gavin Brown (BirdMan9876)

    Hey Phly!! I am a HUGE fan! I was just wondering how I can be apart of
    these amazing custom battles you seem to have all the time? I would be so
    excited to know! thanks Phly!

  118. its phunday HYPE

  119. First comment from a spanish person 8)

  120. Do this again, but drive the calliope!

  121. 9:49 Needs to be in 3D

  122. Again, I ask, How do I get in on this?

  123. Is there such a thing as an RTB tank or RBT? Waaahhhtt?

  124. Isn’t it RBT not RTB?

  125. AlOhAPvP HawaiiBoiz

    Po-2 vs maus

  126. You scared me with the title i thought gajin were adding more modern rocket

  127. Wait Phly is Notch !!!

  128. 9:48 – that’s like a Syria videos, whete these peoples catch on the camera
    the armor projectiole which hit their window and smash them… 🙂

    Btw. is somewhere writen the time of these actions to catch and join into
    these events?

  129. Play WorldOfWarships please.Play out the Yamato.

  130. Kay -Saunders Team Leader


  131. How about +100mm cannon tanks like KV-2, Su-152, Sherman 105, etc. @ +1000m
    on the map?

  132. Take a KV-2 in a tier 5 match and fire nothing but HE, it can kill any tank
    in the game with no problem.

  133. ChaoticFluufyPlayz- Minecraft Pocket Edition

    plhy any tips for lvl 10 nub? here? that’s me

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