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    • Is it just me or do the type 75 rockets go “WEEEEEEEABOOOOm” when launched?

    • PhlyDaily do a keybindings vid

    • Hi phly, you probably wont read this, but im thinking of making fanart for you, dont know where to send, or how to highlight so you would see it, i would be glad if that art would reach you. If anyone knows how to make phly notice my drawing, or if there is some page where he takes drawings pls let me know , thank you !

    • Tank daily running out of ideas so he
      making more videos of tanks he already has 2 vids on 😀

  1. hung like a 🐎 9 inch BBC here looking for a white bbw only

  2. Shock and Waffles

    Attempt# 27: can you phly the xp50

  3. MLRS: “Men Living with Receding Shairlines”

  4. ATGM: *goes 85m/s*
    Me: *driving up beside it in my Volvo* XD

  5. I’m so salty how many golden eagles phly has if only

  6. can you play the leopard 2a4? I know you have but that was only the dev server

  7. Amx 30 super plzz play

  8. Take out the chi ha short gun in a squad and make artillery fire real

  9. 8 hours off saw it at 3am for NSW

  10. Soviet_onion 2005

    Pls play Type 65 attempt 3

  11. Phly can run faster than 300 kph

  12. TheChosenNoob666 YT

    I own this and I don’t know why I don’t play with it much it’s really fun though

  13. giveaway: unwashed laundry

  14. Ply 2020: I need to give my self depression

  15. This is my hill… There are many like it, but this one is mine… 😛

  16. Katyusha rockets pls

  17. Phly: *in a Japanese tank*
    Also Phly: Ni hao 🙂

  18. I have a idea
    Artillery challange
    Get a friend to go in a fast spoting tank or car
    If he finds a enemy he should mark him and you Shoot one missile from spawn to the enemy
    Then the friend Says if its good or needs correction and then
    Start the Rain

  19. Me: why phly didnt do that *i just killed you laughs* its the best thing too wait for lol

  20. Russain. Bm13 kartusha

  21. I’m livestreaming live right now”

    Plhy 2020, we love ya

  22. Should do a video on the Type 69 in the Chinese tree, good speed and good gun but the darn thing is a hand crank turret, kinda good but also kinda bad

  23. carpathians is a cancer map, and you know where is the cancer located? its at f8, you can spawn camp there and snipe at a b c points

  24. Imagine, gaijin added Grad MLRS on war thunder…. Gonna be NUTS!!!

  25. mixalakis frangeskou

    i am sorry phly i missed phlyday i am shamed

  26. the guy got shot by rocket.
    -rockets shot right to the eye-

  27. 16:58 phly got a extra +1 rocket?!?

  28. Does anyone else realize that phly plays on a really weird br, like he has main battle tanks. A crappy 4.0 aa truck, and the Italian design classic. maybe I’m wrong I don’t know what the battle ranking on his vehicle is but I’m pretty sure he is in the wrong br.

  29. Rockets have a mind of their own. At the point where you cant pen the enemy’s armor the rocket just finds its magical ways. To me war thunder’s Motto is “War Thunder its never fun” Cuz i cAn’T 3Ven Sh0ot A d4rN Thing. Just As i L0ok aR0und Me geet shoot

  30. This is another empire vehicle that the ewokes took from them. Erhooooo erhooooo erhooooo is the sound of free ewokes

  31. I paid 60$ for this well worth it. This and the Panzer 3 N best premium tanks in game

  32. MLRS=My Life Really Sucks

  33. This meme machine is one of my favorites in the game, love derping people with it

  34. 11:03 i miss this tank

  35. Hey @phlydaily, have you ever tried playing S.W.I.N.E. it’s a little fun game with tanks with a fun history, it has been remastered recently. Top down squad you can even call for air support

  36. 5:40 that background music is actually a chinese music xD

  37. Me: hits a rock when playing = RIP

    Phly: jumping entire cliffs = stonks

  38. shivdutt s. jayan

    weird. Youtube tells me this was uploaded 18 minutes ago.

  39. Gaijin: hay phly or type 75 is not selling good brother can you help us out we need more money for vodka Phly: no problem brother

  40. I saw this video yesterday and why is it back reposted

  41. Hold up, did I see a maus?

  42. 13:30 “ammo stowage” UwU

  43. can you do a video on what key-binds you use?
    Cheers keep up the good work.

  44. Attempt 2 play with the bois and Dollar

  45. I was waiting for this vehicle

  46. So phly runs faster than 306 kph souns about right.

  47. Katyusha next time?

  48. Me:what sound makes a pigeon
    The special ed kid 3:58

  49. Phly calls him self a dog but isnt russian….

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