rOcKeT-PrOpElLeD GrEnAdE MACHINE GUN | T114 BAT (War Thunder)

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rOcKeT-PrOpElLeD GrEnAdE MACHINE GUN | T114 BAT (War Thunder)


    • @Bigsmily2001 [aka King_Beaufort] So you mean like a spring system that pushes the shell into place ready to be loaded into the barrel via the pump? That does sort of make sense to me.

    • Challenge Request:
      German little and large challenge. Take out the Fw200C-1 in Tank RB and get three ground kills. Or if that isn’t entertaining enough, take out the Ju87D-5 with x12 MGs and get three combined air/ground kills with guns only. Have fun. Attempt #113.

    • Bigsmily2001 [aka King_Beaufort] no hell no

    • Bigsmily2001 [aka King_Beaufort]

      @Swiffer Wet Jet Yeah, exactly what i thought. If it was a large auto loader i would call it unlikely. But this thing fires RPG rounds out of a recoiless rifle, waaaaay lighter then a conventional gun, so it makes sence they added a shotgun-like mechanism.

  1. Lol the Tiger II was raging after you dipped that shot over the crest

  2. The Robloxian Countryball

    Anybody know *a U t O l O d I n G fEvEr*

  3. bruh he’s just phar sighted

  4. Phly play the (AMX-50) aka foch
    Subcribe to phly

  5. 0:20 happy wheels hobo scream

  6. Felix James Ainsley

    play the type 60. it got it’s engine buffed to 150hp and 433mm heatfs pen

  7. I had some issues with my gf, I was sad and listening to your video while I was laying down in bed and she texted me (i almost had a heart attack because of the notification sound) and we fixed everything, I would appear.

    Thanks for helping me hold the line against sadness while she made up her mind, phloppy whoppy!

  8. Yak-9B in Tank RB!

  9. When you gonna do an old school combo again

  10. Phly, I wish to thank You for cheering me up in hard time. You really bring me at least a little bit of happyness to my life.
    Greetings from Poland,

    In return I can guarantee You, that every video on Your channel that I watched got like from me in past 3 years.

  11. Jake from State Farm

    What was the song at 0:20 it sounds so familiar

  12. M1A2 Phly. Da Phuck?

  13. Phly in an alternate timeline:

    “Guys imagine if we invented some type of round that is better at penetrating armor. Imagine just how small tanks could be. We wouldn’t need to crush them with 300mm solid shots.”

  14. Pay to win hardcore fuk the other players!!!! This is a 8.0 tank……

  15. While I couldn’t find a ton of info on the T114 since it was a prototype it is mentioned that the autoloader was hydraulic and pushed the barrel forward (to load the next round). I’m guessing the same mechanism was used to reload the magazine.

  16. 11:28 I made the same scoffing sound you did at the same time as you. maybe i watch your vids too much

  17. 15:03 wuuuuu 😀

  18. Анатолий Семёнов

    Oh my, there is hidden Meat Boy advertise!

  19. Colonial Gutentägen


  20. Armando Jesus Alejandro

    BTR: Dink Phly: wtf?!?

  21. Patchouli Knowledge

    literally nobody !!
    John Cena : Are you sure about THAT?!

  22. Can you make a video wit the M4A3E2

  23. Easy. To reload T114, gunner need to press R button.

  24. Regarding potential claims, ‘Batte Of Kursk’ a vid of yours I love because of how you edited this whole section, does have some Rammstein in it.

  25. its a premium, thats why its so good, gotta make that money

  26. Just got of a field trip with my friends

  27. 106 HESH > HEAT

  28. funny wierd panzerkampfwagen 😀

  29. Got to love the in game comment ” I don’t even need that wing”

  30. 30cm gun on tanks

    Germany : Let me introduce ourselves

  31. Phly please play the m50 Ontos

  32. As if American shells didnt receive enough fucking buffs. Shermans are outright broken good now and completely stomp the low tiers.

  33. Јосиф Висарионович Џугашвили Стаљин

    Phly: “I trust my team can do this”
    Also Phly:

    *immediately leaves the match*

  34. Whats that Brrrrrrr sound at 09:27?, I have been hearing this sound in all phly recent videos.

  35. That BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRT censor tho xD


  37. 20:04 wdym with Ladies, does girls play WT and watch Phly?

  38. 12:30 yes Mr Daily it’s known as the “premium” round.

  39. So anyone who was woundering about the reload it was similiar to the AMX-13

    After the tank emptied its clip, the crew would need to pull back to cover and load it from the outside. It sounds stupid and it was kinda awkward.

    Edit: also in game both the old and new version’s reloading is messed up. It had strange semi-auto loading system. Which mean firing it and the removing the used case would move in the next shell

  40. I thought this was a re-upload.

  41. Do you want to crash an enemy armor Phlee? Just look upon Battletech universe, you’ll love it! Tanks and mechs in this universe basicaly use a huge calibre autocanons to crack armor and geto to the internals. Also lasers, missiles and Gauss rifles. Also thanks for this vid)

  42. *Phly:* “Why are you guys just sitting out in the open? I don’t understand this play!”
    Isn’t it obvious? They wanted to be noticed by Senpai.

  43. Imagine them fixing the USA mid tiers being over tiered. Or imagine them fixing the USA 90mm cannon. But nah let’s buff a premium that 7 people bought

  44. Dude! Your beard looks awesome! Don’t even think about shaving it off!

  45. American man uses aluminium can that fires pull tabs to save the world from Fascism and Communism, 1960s, colourised

  46. Can you play the su100 p again

  47. Wait wtf I thought this was like an 8.0 vehicle wtf!

  48. rise up gamers..lets 9 11 YT

  49. Without HEAT or APDS, tanks would just go the way of WH40k tanks.

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