ROCKET SQUAD! War Thunder Funny Gameplay

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Source: BaronVonGamez

War Thunder BM-8-24 Rocket Gameplay – Squad Tactics!
War Thunder Tanks Gameplay 1.55 BM-8-24 Tank Rockets

Thanks watching!


  1. first

  2. Hasis Montes Limon

    Prepare the Katyusha!

  3. nice vid baron… could u play some more sim battles in plane?! plzzz

  4. 2th and do t28 baron plz I hope you all had a good time in new year’s

  5. Aw geez Rick, I don’t know about this. Calm down Mo-BRRRRRP… Morty, It’s
    just a rocket tank!

  6. Do the is2 aka the “One shot wonder”

  7. Take out the P-51D-20 for America

  8. ,,Squad” hehehe

  9. 300th

  10. – Pvt. Clough: “If you ask me, Flanagan there’s a lot of very peculiar
    blokes on this beach” when I mean beach I mean this channel X)

  11. Hey Baron, T-50 in RB!

  12. I gonna tell you a story Once upon a time there was a kv2 (me) and he got
    attacked by one of these and he was like pow pow pow pow pow pow with the
    rockets kv2 was like what are you doing and was waiting to reload and
    rockets sprayed again and then kv2 was like bitch BOOM

  13. Shrimp milk. My fave.

  14. Morty I need you to turn into a tank.

  15. roblox “robloxlord234” master

    why the fuck are british tanks so op are gaigin going to rebalance them my
    zis 30 bounced ff the flat part of the comet 5 when it has more than nough
    pen for it and my tiger stands no chance aginst anything now feels bad

  16. I just subscribed to you, and I am not regretting it. Keep it up! Share
    some Shrimp milk plz. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  17. It’s the rush of the Red Russians with rockets!

  18. Was 6:02 a reference to Rick and Morty?

  19. whassup

  20. Thanks for another great Year with you . This is for You. Thank you.

  21. Conqueror pls with its new amour

  22. more Armored Warfare pl

  23. I think they smoke weed before they play.

  24. Whats funy is that he kept dieing from his own crew being knocked out,
    instead of the ammoload in the rockets! XD

  25. i don’t like this tank because it bounces all the shells in your rockets

  26. Baron how do I send you replays? I know you don’t have the top5 thingie but
    I want to show you this amazing snipe with a Panzer 3 M on a Pe-3 from 1.8
    KM OUT!!!! I’d just like to show you is all, I didn’t kill him but he was

  27. Guilherme Velhote

    Do a tank torpedus squad!!!

  28. barron, you missed your window to hook up with alley. (2mgovercsquared )
    think you 2 would’ve been great, although I’ve never seen you in the same
    games, lol.

  29. Hey do you play with your subs?

  30. Baron plz notice me

  31. Hj. Ramlee Hj. Md. Yusof

    god damn!!!!!!

  32. At 5:15 Slick was just like *FOR MOTHER RUSSIA*

  33. “I usually dip my balls in goat milk bro” -Phlydaily. 2016

  34. Sieg Heil

  35. I need a webm with sound of 5:15.

  36. don’t have time to watch right now. But liked because of the thumbnail.

  37. Yu prunaonced tovarish ruung. Go tu Gulag.

  38. Baron you shot the ROCKET

  39. “Defend the shrimp milk truck!” Thats never been said in war before. Or
    ever. Probably.

  40. Reid Fleischman, murican milkman…

  41. play the centurion mark 3.

  42. AH-6J Little Bird

    Katyusha for Stalin derp gun

  43. Why do you guys always seem to talk over slick?

  44. Must be hard milking a shrimp

  45. slick was like surprise mothertrucker .. flyng ther poor guy was wtf flyng
    tanks. the best scen ever

  46. died laughing after shrimp milk watching forest gump xD

  47. A 20 soviet tank

  48. When I saw “rocket squad” I was expecting the tank torpedoes.

  49. Hmm that’s 3×24 so 72 rockets oh wait they each fired one.. That means 69
    total rockets :P

  50. 7:47 – who farted?

  51. 11:20, I demand more salina gomez karaoke……

  52. Baron i want to see you playing in low setting and chose tir1 tank , i
    think that will be funny

  53. I like papaya milk.

  54. “Ahh man they hit my shrimp milk container” ???? I died

  55. +BaronVonGamez Play wows a bit, plox. o7

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