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  1. firrsssssttttttt!!!!!!!

  2. finally

  3. i love ur vids phly


  5. can you do a nother baby and jet

  6. You want British plane, Da comrade tier 4 premium xaxaxa))

  7. so many devblogs tho

  8. Phly please take out the new premium battleship the USS Texas.
    I love your world of warships videoes and I would love to see more 😀
    Keep up the good work ;)

  9. “the hype is real”. Not really. It’s your job to review these vehicles so
    you will play them, but us who don’t want to put hundreds of dollars into a
    F2P game are SOL.

  10. Zis-30 and I-153 hieka

  11. noice

  12. bière petzouille

    please play some more wows

  13. all premium?

  14. No ATGM/ASU 85 videos?

  15. Chris “Chrispriceak12” Price

    Luv how they haven’t made a event for the fw-189 yet :/

  16. are all the fucking vehicles coming in new patch?
    probably its will bi 200 gb

  17. what tier will this be =o

  18. I’d much rather have
    Some ships then this stupid shit

  19. YES YES YES YES !!!!!!!!!!!

  20. good

  21. BlueRosse Gaming

    nice ty for info .. looks like this patch is intresting.

  22. My secret source inside Gaijin HQ has informed me that the 1.59 update will
    release on soonday™

  23. i think it’s plane will be absolutely terrible for dogfights. in tank RB
    however i think those rockets can do some damage

  24. Below 301 club! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  25. Dornier Do 635 would be amazing to see in War Thunder, even if it was never

  26. The British need the one American armored car with the tulip rockets.

  27. Jagd Kommandant


    No idiot,It’s a Wyevern.

  28. the cockpit in crossout


  30. I wonder if they’ll add the 3-Inch Gun Carrier with the snake tube rocket

  31. Going to put this on my channel when it comes out. I’ll play the sea fury
    to hype this plane

  32. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm that turbo whine OH GOD SO SEXY

  33. Oh, it’s gonna be a premium…

  34. Still waiting for the He177…….

  35. gerardo torres (fastfreeman)

    This is so bullshit where the XP-51G war thunder know that baby can out
    climb and out run any prop plane

  36. Guilherme Velhote

    the turboprob sound reminds me of the jet engine sound in il-2 1946

  37. Phly we might even get a Sherman tullip

  38. Panzerführer Chavez

    So… No new low tier’s? :(

  39. When does the 1.59 comes out?

  40. i was waiting for the bloody wyvern for ages! finally it has arrived! sadly
    its premium but the fat Russian snail Gaijin can eat my wallet anyways i
    want it now!

  41. GG Phly, keep it up. ?

  42. Swedish Armed Forces:

    Centurion Mk 10 (Stridsvagn 102/104)
    The de Havilland DH 100 Vampire.

    Both of these vehicles were introduced to the Swedish Army in the
    Make sure to use that 105mm to full affect against the Communist Soviet
    Union’s tanks! And those x4 20mm Hispano-Suiza cannons to eliminate the
    Soviet jet aircraft!
    Please use the Swedish Air Force Roundel on both the Centurion (European
    camo and roundel on the Centurion) and the Vampire! hope you enjoy this
    combo!! love from Sweden! 😉

    Attempt: Soon giving up

  43. Those rockets are tulips. Same as the rockets on the Sherman tulip. They
    are pretty decent against tanks like Tigers and Shermans, but they aren’t
    going to put a dent in someone’s Maus.

  44. we need MORE PREMIUMS!!!
    Probably this update will be named: premiumstorm.

  45. as long as there is a wyvern to grind for then im fine with there been a
    premium version

  46. One tank I want them to really add is the Skink AA Sherman, With the 4
    20mm, (blaze it) probably between the M15 and the M19. Another tank is the
    M-50 and M-51 ISHERMAN. Look it up. It’s basically a Sherman on steroids.

  47. PHLY i thinkthan allllllll ATGM’S should be in the main tree
    and know the only british one goes premium and the other onesare main tree

  48. Problem: having a fast plane makes it very hard to use rockets. In planes
    like a FW190, it is difficult to aim your rockets while you are in a dive
    because you need to pull up very quickly, and in RB and sim if you pull up
    too fast you break your wings or elevators.

  49. I am absolutely sick of all these premiums. I can understand the chromwell
    but the plane? come on gaijin you’re just paywalling a very unique plane
    that doesn’t need to be paywalled.

  50. Diederick Schothans

    Fuck British attackers are sooooo cool

  51. Lol i think where the Wyvern cabin in Crossout comes from…

  52. You can clearly see that the rockets on the Cromwell are the exact same
    ones as on the wyvern.

  53. squire, yess yess yess

  54. But will they fix the matchmaking and the bugs with “physics”… That ,
    will never happen.

  55. Still no Japanese vehicles…. Gaijin always looking after their favored
    nations i.e. Every nation but Japan.

  56. anyone think that this new plane should be tier 5 and that they should move
    jets to a whole new tier

  57. Matthew carlson

    they need to put in the super Corsair and the Fairey Gannet

  58. Maaaann why the wyvern gotta be premium

  59. Oh hey look, more premium!

  60. also can someone tell me how long until the new update

  61. Why does it sound like phly has a seizure every time he says Counter

  62. hey, you realize this is the aircraft cockpit in Crossout

  63. *guys i need your help…* my Warthunder is fucked up…. i don´t know what
    i did but a few days ago outta nowhere my game always is at 0 fps for 1 sec
    every 1sec…. its really annoying and frustrating 🙁 i just want to play
    i mean WHAT DID I DO?? how do i fix it ?? even a re-install didn´t help! i
    got it working 1 time by changing the graphics and Vsync n stuff…. but
    it´s happening again :(

  64. Cool ! But It’s when the 1.59 ? Because me i don’t know when it is

  65. Phly, they confirmed all the ATGM’s on their Facebook

  66. ggrrrrrr premium

  67. Squire the Squirrel XD

  68. the fuck kind of shit update is this going to be? fucking shit aircraft and
    tanks so far except for sheridan

  69. Everyone complaining about things being premium while I’m over here with a
    job and have the money to spend on entertainment to my liking!

  70. FLOWERED or FOWLER flaps…. what’s in a name?

  71. i cant wait for the russian turbo props :3

  72. Phly they are fowler flaps….

  73. looks like gaijin is going for a money run this patch

  74. Quinton Dombrowski

    Sooner or later, Gaijin will fix their game, too…

  75. Green Lighterning

    can they add the crocodile flame tank

  76. I’m pretty sure it’s pronounced WAYvern not Whyvern

  77. is this going to be premium?

  78. Mr ZombieZlayer

    Wikipedia ?

  79. Fuck this premium shit! I use many premium planes but this is pay to win!
    All the rocket tank are insane, totally op ( i testet it) but only for rich
    people. So it is pay to win.

  80. The Soul Survivor

    I loved that Phly had Final Frontier (From Two Steps From Hell) playing in
    the background.

  81. Pay to win bitches

  82. Fucking gaijin only wants money

  83. Is it just me or is the Wyvern beautiful…? And are both of these
    premium…? :(

  84. Never mind top speed, the Wyvern had trouble getting off a carrier deck,
    even with catapult. They used RATOG assist. That would be cool to see in
    the game.

  85. 1.59 KV2-2-2????

  86. The Duke of Norton

    Good to have you back, man. Thought we’d lost you.

  87. they better add the f84 f with the nukes.

  88. 25th may ( tomorow ) will be stream of FOUR ATGM TANKS!!!!!!!!!!!! 4 pm
    Moscow time . IT-1 Rjagdpz . Sherridan and the last but not least ………
    Strv 81 (Swedish version of Centurion Mk10 with ATGM !!!!!!!! Just imagane
    Centurion with L7 gun AND ROCKETS!!!!!!!!

  89. fuck war thunder

  90. When I knew a new plane was coming for Britain I was so happy than you said
    it was preamum I was like ?

  91. Is the wyvern going to be premium?

  92. First time i saw the new plane i was like “OMG THE TEACHER” because in an
    anime called “The Skycrawlers” there’s a plane like this badass one (for a
    badass pilot called “The Teacher”) but after you speak about his
    performence and i’m like “well fuck”

  93. 611km/h? I thought it’ll get somewhere around 800+ like TU-95 :(

  94. White house gaming

    Isnt this the cockpit from Crossout. Gajin gave us a hint!

  95. Phly, Could you please help me. I made an American War Thunder Facebook
    page and it’s just called War Thunder – America. and I made it so that
    people could find people two play with and squad with. Could you please
    help me start this page up. I would really appreciate it. Thank You. btw
    love you videos and keep up the good work.

  96. I want a firefly with rockets

  97. Instead of fixing the problems War Thunder already has or add something
    useful(like ships) they just add this premuim things,cmon Gajin I know you
    love money but seriously fix yo game.

  98. Looks like 1.59 patch gonna be 10-20 gb. xD

  99. Counter… Counter rotating… Not flower flaps fowler they are fowler
    flaps… This video gave me a headache.

  100. William Conway-Hyde

    Omg, the Westland wyvern (

  101. looks like an upgraded f8f to me

  102. For fuck’s sake stop hyping .”

  103. Hey Phly, have you played on PS4 before.

  104. wanna have my honest opinion about premiums ?
    I think premium vehicules should be originals/few produced vehicules like
    the the wyvern is or stuff like BTD or some captured vehicules.
    What I don’t approuve is vehicules OP as fuck like D-13, Spacefire, or A7M
    cause everyone is spamming them and come at Tier IV without any experience
    which is pretty much ruining the quality of the teams and by the same
    occasion the game itself.

  105. unusial cooldood

    Hey phly try the bm-8-24 and the Zhukovsky’s I53 m62 (attempt 2)

  106. The wyvern looks so freaking sexy…

  107. Hey can you do a Iron Duke IV and either a Spitfire LF mk. 9 or FR mk. XIV
    E video?

  108. R.I.P. me i want that plane and not having to f… pay for it

  109. I better get my attacker before this shit gets in game >:(. And why they no
    add the bo fighter with the 6 pounder!!

  110. God save the queen

  111. Your next RB lineup should be the Helldiver, M36 Jackson, M4A3E2 76 & the
    T25 Baby Pershing!

  112. thank you gaijin ;;-;;. pls get the gannet in.

    hey ply its also to get you having a spare prop which for a naval plane
    it’s what you want.

  113. Claudio Alarcón

    the new airplane is very Nice

  114. BRITISH POWER!!!!

  115. what an ugly fucking plane

  116. it’s all cool, but jeez, is this patch gonna contain as little as possible
    for us non paying scrubs?
    it just seems all premiums to me :(

  117. The Random Dude “The Object 430” XD


  118. how do you get on the dev server like what time?

  119. What has happened between you and baronvongames?? Cuz you guys never do any
    more duel gameplays??

  120. Hugo Roy-Bouchard (Battledude3)

    Stop complaining about premiums in War Thunder! WoT, WoWS and WoP are MUCH
    more P2W than War Thunder is! Also their grind is 10 times longuer!

  121. Dubravko Čižmek

    If it gets 3k pounds and rockets i can bet will be BR 6.0 or something
    close to that. And it will suck just like the FR47, or they will make it so
    op that it wont fly realisticly. Dunno. We will have to wait and see :)

  122. Looks pretty cool. Probably going to get buffed to near-Stalinium levels,
    then nerfed to shit.

  123. Sawtoothchris24

    Premium this premium that. Pisses me off

  124. I just prefer an update completely based on fixes of all the problems with
    mm, rework some old planes models, rework old features and add new ones,
    make some cockpits for some heavy fighters to add balance for sb, and add
    some premium planes just to make the company running a little bit more

  125. DrVinyl Scratch

    Why is a turbo prop slower than 400mph and a normal prop plane at its tier

  126. Hey Phly why don’t you fly the Foke-Wulf D13 next with or without the Tiger
    II 105mm.

  127. Nice, more high tier

  128. TheMarineGamer IGGHQ

    “Hopefully a HE filler?” Uhhhhh its a rocket. not a sabot shell of course
    it has HE xD its mostly HE

  129. I would love to see a Tu-25 episode

  130. i’d rather have a decent matchmaking and fixed BRs than new vehicles… and
    no more norway

  131. can’t compete against Do.335

  132. Backwards and Forwards

    Sorry I took a break from this channel for like 8 months. Can anyone tell
    me why he doesn’t play with baron or slick anymore?

  133. fuck premium

  134. NeverEndingStory

    Bruh all the rocket vehicles cost golden eagles we need some rockets
    vehicles that should be re-searched

  135. And when are they putting the p 215 german fighter?? Phly pls do something
    : (

  136. Michael “nuke778” Arridge


  137. Michael “nuke778” Arridge

    Is the best

  138. Michael “nuke778” Arridge

    ???????emojis ?

  139. TheInternetDictator

    Jesus Christ, Gaijin’s entire marketing plan at this point is to release
    nothing but a steady lineup of gimmicks and milk that out for as many
    months as possible. It took over a month and a half for those bimbo brained
    fucks to realize “Hey, maybe this super awesome mechanic we thought up all
    by ourselves isn’t so awesome after all, in fact maybe it sucks cock”.
    Balance is still fucking horrid, we still have to deal with shit ass tiny
    three lane tank maps, still waiting for bomber cockpits, still waiting for
    realistic sights, still waiting for higher zoom levels for tanks, the list
    goes on and on and on.

    But thank fucking goodness we’re getting another gimmick plane like the
    Do.335 B-2 thats going to turn out to be useless, and I don’t know what I’d
    do if Gaijin hadn’t added in yet another fucking rocket tank. Thankfully
    we’ll have those well balanced ATGM’s to really turn Tier 5 tank battles
    into a fucking clusterfuck.

  140. All i want is the T29. :)

  141. 1:18 – “Secondavly”. Oh Phly… <3

  142. Phly, I wish you just did a tiny bit of research before you did videos
    talking about what type of planes it is and what it’s got on it, I can tell
    you are a smart guy but when you say flowered flaps instead of fowler
    flaps, it raises some eyebrows. You are a pretty big YouTube Chanel, a lot
    of kids Watch you, and when you get information wrong, the other kids pick
    that up and spread mis-information, so I employ you to just read up on
    aircraft and tanks, and I think the plane will be tier 5 since it is a jet,
    but maybe br of 6.7

  143. Amnesiagrunt2356

    Hehehe “ability to engage and disengage really fast will keep you alive”
    Not when there is a Vulcan X3 I can’t wait for new everything

  144. Y does wt have to make every good vehicle premium Ffs the wyvern is
    probably the best vehicle for 1.59 and it is fking premium. I hate wt

  145. almost 60% of all planes and tanks coming 1.59 are premium

  146. please come back on warship ! youre video are so amazing ..

  147. Niccolo de Luna

    What are they gonna add next? Tu-95 xaxaxaxa turboprop bias

  148. show me VADS then ill be hyped.

  149. I wish these rocket tanks weren’t all premium. Thanks gaijin.

  150. The next patch title should be called “Golden Spring” time to grab some
    Golden eagles.

  151. Looks like it has the cockpit from Crossout. It has the exhaust and the
    canopy shape.

  152. ScreamingEagles

    It’s also worth pointing out that the Wyvern Cabin in crossout is just a
    cutaway from the Westland Wyvern. It hadn’t even dawned on me that the
    cabin was based on an actual plane until I read about this thing.

  153. Marcos Allendes

    PhlyDaily, did you notice that the cockpit section of that airplane is
    exactly the aircraft cockpit from Crossout

  154. I kinda like how Gaijin doesn’t tell us when an update comes out, it makes
    the wait all the more engaging

  155. Personally I can’t wait for the Westland Whirlwind… I. love. that.
    aircraft, that and the Victor but I doubt they’ll put the ol’ Victor in the

  156. fuck gayjing

  157. Niko and Ante Gaming


  158. PHLY!!! Do you realize that the ‘Wyvern’ cabin in crossout is the
    mid-section of the Westland Wyvern??

  159. Sir Stefan Channel!

    They’re doing a stream about the ATGM tanks on the 25th at 13:00 GMT.
    British ATGM tank is the Strv 81 which is a Swedish Centurion with ATGM’s
    on the side of its turret

  160. Time to grind my Plagis Spitfire to unlock all the British planes

  161. Are you fucking kidding me….really Gaijin. Come on. We’ve waited this
    long for your shit, and you make this Premium. Im fucking done.


  163. CannibalisticCow

    Heyy that’s the cockpit from the wyvern in crossout

  164. TheTunnelSnakes

    That’s the same cabin in crossout

  165. Yes fowler flaps

  166. I was hyped until he said that the vehicles were premium…

  167. TheNecromancer6666

    The fourth reason to use twin prop is that it is impossible to fit a large
    enough single prop

  168. The counter rotating propellers also present the plane from “walking”, as
    it’s known. This means that if the plane had only one propeller the plane
    would pull to one side. The British mosquito had this problem where when it
    would be taking off, the plane would get pulled to the right side of the
    runway. So the Americans designed the 38 lighting to have one engine
    pulling to the left and the other pulling to the right to counter balance
    the effect.

  169. can you play the p 47 and the M4A3 76 fury tank?

  170. That thing should not be premium

  171. Kommandant Franz

    This plane will be annoying as fuck for German ground RB tankers for sure.

  172. 1.59 ships?

  173. First turbotrop, it’s a premium

    Fucking waste of a good looking model

  174. possibly ad2 2.0

  175. Intro sounded like a WWE ad

  176. Please play P-61 with thousand pounders and the M18 hellcat.

  177. Honestly GAJIIN should just create a complete one-time-pay game with NO in
    game purchases. I’d buy that in an instant

  178. Would be interesting to see, if navel combat ever appears in this game, if
    the navel variant of this plane has an airspeed indicator measured in
    Knots. I’m doubting they will get that authentic tho.

  179. Man, call me whiny, but I hate premium! They always are like here! awesome
    plane available. oops. too late. you, the player who could get it
    otherwise, can’t get the awesome, one-of-a-kind plane!

  180. the weslin looks like a mouse.

  181. IMO one of the most beautiful prop aircraft ever built

  182. As one of my most anticipated aircraft in the game, I am really very
    disappointed in gaijin for making it a premium if it really is to be one.
    This aircraft belongs on the tech tree without a doubt in my biased

  183. have been waiting for the wyvern for ages… but can’t afford a premium
    anyday soon, hope it’ll come out in a non-premium version some day…

  184. Plz the su100y I have killed a maus in 1 shot


  186. dear phly, has noone ever told you that you set your throttle to 100 in a
    turbo prop and then use prop pitch to control its acceleration?

  187. Was waiting for this plane for a while but…its gonna get shot by

  188. Ryan MortonStrauss

    Kill a plane with a bomb.

  189. This plane looks like it could make the role of the next transformer. The
    flaps and wing foldings are REAL

  190. Why the fuck is this plane premium? This is my FAVOURITE Plane in real
    life, now I have to pay for it. :/ Thanks again Gaijin.

  191. Gaijin should add the Ta-400 the Germans need more heavy bombers plz

  192. TheUltimateStunt


  193. Woooh its the second ever twin counter rotating blades

  194. Please do a KingTiger and/or a Junkers ju-388l

  195. richard williams

    As the wyvern is a 1950s aircraft i have put in suggestions for 2 maps one
    is the battle of inchon and the other battle of pusan both would be great
    backdrop for this craft can you please take a look and let me know what you
    think ? thank you

  196. I was really hoping for Italian & French forces…

  197. [Cough] probably premium

  198. C Lewis (PeteKaBoo)

    I think the 76mm RP-3 are the best rockets in game, a direct hit can
    destroy everything in game ATM, include the mighty Maus.

  199. Not inerested in the cromwell cause its premium -.-


  201. Rocket Cromwell?!? Better call it the Rockwell

  202. Brandon Peterson

    gaijin needs to make 2 research trees.One for preww2 and war tanks up to
    1945.The other would include post war tanks which would help balance the

  203. so whats going on with the war thunder BS phly? they still flagging your

  204. definatly cool wyvern cant wait but still waiting for whirllwind and
    hurricane mk 2c with rockets

  205. hey phly how u doin? i’d like to request that u do a fw-190 d-13 and
    panther g combo pls

  206. Terminator _Pro

    am i the only one that thinks this planes chassy looks like the wyvern
    chassy in crossout tell me guys

  207. Fowler flaps. Not flower flaps.

  208. Premiums again and again

  209. Informative Phly.Not sure what the old nintendo game “contra” has to do
    with propellers.”Counter” rotating propellers sure.

  210. Thomas Wildrabbit

    Depending on the price, I might buy that Wyvern just for the looks. The
    Cromwell definitely looks promising.

  211. I’m just wondering why cant they just be nice and let everything be able to
    be bought with silver lions?

  212. Alex Ward (DWSolaris)

    I personally think the plane should be in main tech tree – because so many
    people will want to play with the turboprop but many can’t because of money
    reasons. I also think they should add the Sherman firefly Tulip. Preferably
    as a research add on to the firefly in the tree already, since that is what
    it was.

  213. christian rivera

    Use your favorite tank and plane

  214. Screezilla (Screezilla)

    these planes sound nuts, they are so so so very loud, and high pitch.

  215. Is the rotational airflow the same as prop wash?

  216. secondavly lol

  217. 0.30, i can hear Thomas Bergersen – Final Frontier, also known as the
    Interstellar trailer soundtrack :P

  218. War thunder 1.8 HYPE!! Tricontra rotating props! :P

  219. tank and other ground vehicles armed with rockets should always be premium
    tanks. i’m Ok with that :)

  220. Phly, WT and crossout crossover confirmed! :the wyvren cockpit is in

  221. PhlyDaily I got banned from War Thunder :c pls say goodbye to me the Dev is
    banning me tomorrow and I will never get to achieve tanks you have showed

  222. Vasilis karkinos

    when is the 1.59 comming out?

  223. yay more useless updates

  224. dylan scheepmans


  225. I think mass produced vehicles shouldn’t be premium

  226. so new planes and tanks.. and what about the hacks that can still be used
    in the game? i’m done with Warthunder.

  227. TheSilva Huntsman

    Phly ies learnding niew werds 1:33 sorry Phly please dont roast me! ;)

  228. Hi PhlyDaily and community can anybody tell me how to download War Thunder.
    Thank You for Your Answers.


    looks like update 1.59 will be one of those updates mostly with premium

  230. hey phly i want you to do a challenge

    set your graphics movie( you can keep it normal if your comp keeps on
    crashing )

    ok so load out any aircraft in war thunder with tiny tims then go head on
    with any plane in a nykind of match (arcade allowed ) the dont shoot
    only shoot with small calibre guns (max 8mm) then just as you get as close
    as 100m or a little more, roll by 180° on anyside and fire the tiny tims so
    the enemy plane explodes right when you pass under it so it looks really
    epic (only shoot your tiny tims when you are inverted .

    if you upload this on youtube in a cinematic veiw that would be great

    and you pronounce my name sa-kate (no dirty minds pls)

  231. Great description of the Wyvern. Very informative. Thanks.

  232. What’s the music at the beginning of the video?

  233. Planes make playing tank RB frustrating. They interfere with your immersion
    and kill you with ease if they have bombs. They should be harder to get or
    not in at all. Most of all my recent deaths are all from the sky.

  234. do maus and me 262 narwhal

  235. phlydailyfan yeah

    phly you rock please reply pls pls pls I love ur videos

  236. im so sick and tired of the “special” tanks and planes and the shitty
    premium only tanks and planes.

    how about give the players more content , and not make this game pay to

  237. Im british and i love my british aircraft but my god this aircraft is ugly

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